Photo Gallery

I'm glad to introduce several photographs taken by my father, Kazuyuki Kanzaki (1930-2010), who started this hobby just recently. These art works were successfully awarded certain prizes at some photo competitions. And I hope they will show you some aspects of (relatively traditional) Japan.

* Maiko -- 舞妓
Maiko is a Japanese traditional dancing girl with incredible talent of various artistic performances
* Old Woman Divers -- 老海女
These divers are called Ama or women of the sea. He perticipated a photo competition in Shima area, which is famous for pearl and other sea products collected by these divers.
* A Modern Girl -- 近代娘
This is a bi-product of the above work. He went to the competition to take divers shot. But because everybody rushed to the sea shore, he gave up to join the circle and turned to another party on land. This picture was better appreciated by the judges...
* Prayer -- 祈り
This is a scene in the hadaka-matsuri of Kofunomiya, Inazawa city. Three-generation naked men are praying in the preparation of the festival.
* Gaze -- 視線
This is an old woman hand crafting an umbrella with paper. Here eyes look so serious that attracted the photographer.

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