4.3.14 UTC Offset

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Basic Definition

Value Name
This value type is used to identify properties that contain an offset from UTC to local time.

Formal Definition

The data type is defined by the following
  utc-offset = time-numzone  ;As defined above in time data type

  time-numzone       = ("+" / "-") time-hour time-minute [time-


The PLUS SIGN character MUST be specified for positive UTC offsets (i.e., ahead of UTC). The value of "-0000" and "-000000" are not allowed. The time-second, if present, may not be 60; if absent, it defaults to zero.

No additional content value encoding (i.e., BACKSLASH character encoding) is defined for this value type.


The following UTC offsets are given for standard time for
New York (five hours behind UTC) and Geneva (one hour ahead of UTC):