From Poll: 1995-1996

This is an archive of excerpts from opinion pall by major journalism.

Eyes on Japanese Bureaucracy

 [chart:rely on bureaucrats fairly=30%, not very much=50%, never=15%] The Asahi Shimbun conducted telephone survey on Dec. 8 and 9 asking about the bureaucracy and governmental reorganization (1,163 responded out of 1,535). Because of repetitive corruption of governmental bureaucrats, majority of people think bureaucrats are not reliable. Only 32% answered "fairly rely" or "rely very much" this time while 44 said so in 1994. 65% think that Bureaucrats Ethics Act should be established.
The cabinet support ratio was 55%, same as November's result.

(Dec. 12, 1996, The Asahi Shimbun)

New Hashimoto cabinet

The Asahi Shimbun conducted telephone survey on Nov. 8 and 9 asking about the new cabinet (1,157 responded out of 1,525). The cabinet support ratio was 55%, up from 48% in September. But 41% said the selection of the cabinet member is too faction oriented. 42% said sole LDP cabinet is favorable while 38% said not. See more detailed report.
(Note: surveys in Jan, Mar and Nov are via telephone. Rest are face to face survey)

(Nov. 10, 1996, The Asahi Shimbun)

Japanese view on Asia

 [chart] How do we think about Asia? The Asahishimbun asked 3,000 adults on September 16 and 17 (2,307 responded). Well, still high attention on economy (23%), but it was lower than that in 1994 (29%). People think environmental issue (19%) and security (14%) more important compared to the last survey. Here is more detailed report.

(Nov 9, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

'96 General Election results

 [chart] General election in 1996, the first one since the introduction of new single member - proportional combination systems, resulted in the victory of LDP. NFP went back, DPJ (Minshuto) kept its seats, JCP nearly double, SDP and Sakigake disaster. LDP seeks to continue its coalition with SDP and Sakigake, at least at this moment.
Its 59.65 % voting rate was the poorest in Japan's postwar Lower House election history.

Seats of each party before/after the election
LDP NFP DPJ JCP SDP Sakigake Others
After 239 156 52 26 15 2 10
Before 211 160 52 15 30 9 34

(Oct 21, 1996)

On terminal medicare

 [chart] The Mainichi Shimbun asked 4,236 people about aged society and terminal medicare in the end of August to the beginning of September (67% answered). Generally speaking, 67% accepted "easy and painless death", while 63% said they would hope their death with dignity (to close the life prolongation care). 66% wanted to be notified their cancer if no hope of restoration.

(Oct 2, 1996, Mainichi Shimbun)

Party support in the next general election

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted a quick telephone survey on September 29 and 30 asking about the coming general election (to 1,534 people, 1,174 responded). The support for newly formed Minshuto (DPJ) reached 9%, which exceeded 7% for Shinshinto (NFP) and just next to 28% for LDP. Support for Minshuto is generally high in urban area, such as 18% in Tokyo. 66% thought the consumption tax would be important issue to decide their vote.
See related surveys.

(Oct 1, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Upcoming general election

 [chart] The new Minshuto (Democratic Party) ,put together by Health Minister Naoto Kan and Yukio Hatoyama, is viewed with high expectations by about a third of the voters, according to an Asahi Shimbun poll (Semptember 16 and 17 with 2,307 responses). While 30% will vote vote for an LDP candidate, 6% chose Minshuto, next to 7% of NFP (Shinshinto). However, only 53 % said they were interested in the upcoming election.
Hashimoto cabinet gained 48% high support, even up from July survey.

Similar survey by the Nihon Keizai Shimbun showed that 22.4% would vote for LDP while 7.8% for Minshuto. Cabinet support was 41.0%.

(Sep. 19, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Consumption tax and Hashimoto cabinet

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted face to face survey on July 7 and 8 asking about the Cabinet, party and politics (to 2,277 people). Especially, for question on raise of consumption tax to 5%, which the cabinet decided last month with only a week of discussion, 76% answered NOT support. 91% said the government's explanation was poor.

Although people does not satisfy its policy, support rate of current cabinet reached 47% (see recent survey for chart), thanks to steady support for LDP.

(Jul. 10, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Party support and Hatoyama's new patry

 [chart]  [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted a regular survey over the opinion of 919 voters in Shizuoka city, which the newspaper consider has the typical structure of political balance of Japan. According to the poll, 55% answered they do not support any party, dramatic increase compared to 17% in 1993. Liberal Democratic Party has 24% support while New Frontier Party has 10%. Social Democratic Party gets only 3%, continuous drop.

Another question about new party plan of Mr Hatoyama (New Party Sakigake) indicated many people expect much of this possible restructure of the politics. Its 38% support is much higher than that of SDP's new party plan last year (26% yes).

(Jul. 2, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Hashimoto Cabinet and Political Parties

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted face to face survey on May 12 and 13 asking about the Hashimoto Cabinet and Political Parties(to 2,351 people). The Cabinet support is 44%, back from 36% on March. Although people are still unsatisfied with its Jusen policy, active diplomatic positions help its comeback.
At the same time, the survey asked the favourable party. LDP wins 47% high support which is the same as that of April '93 just before it was torn apart. NFP's 14% and SDP (foremer Japan Scialist Party) 11% are worst in this poll records. Sakigake gets 7% while JCP receives 6% support.

(May 15, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Quick report on Hashimoto Cabinet support

The Asahi Shimbun conducted telephone survey on March 10 and 11 asking about the Jusen Diet and the Hashimoto Cabinet (to 1,528 people). The cabinet support was 36%, sharp down from 46% of last month (and 61% when it started). Only 12% agree the government budget proposal while 54% said to cut 685 billion Jusen expenditure (21% said to "freeze").
70% thought current Diet situation is abnormal and 46% wanted complete discussion over Jusen liquidation issue. On the other hand, 65% critisised NFP's blockade of parliament.
Similer servey by Nihon Keizai Shimbun also showed that support for Hashimoto cabinet had fallen to 36.7% from 54.3% of January.
*See recent survey for the chart.

(March 12, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Jusen and Hashimoto Cabinet

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted face to face survey on February 24 and 25 asking about the Jusen problem and the Hashimoto Cabinet (to 2,296 people). The cabinet is supported by 47%, down from 61% of its starting time. As people get angry about government's plan for Jusen, 87% disagree with the budget expenditure. Also, 65% think that MOF should be restructured so that its too strong power be divided.
In question of party to support, 46% says LDP while 16% NFP and 12% SDP. 43% expects the dissolution to clear current situation.

(Feb. 28, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Hashimoto Cabinet

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted telephone poll on January 13 and 14 asking about the Hashimoto Cabinet (to 1,163 people). At starting point of the new cabinet, it gets 61% support, much higher than that of Murayama's at its launch in July 94. 58% expects Hashimoto's strong leadership.

According to other surveys, the Cbinet's support ratio is 54% (by Nihon Keizai Shimbun) to 63% (by Kyodo News Service).

(Jan. 15, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Post Murayama

 [chart] "Sunday Project", TV Asahi's popular debate program, made a real-time telephone poll on Jan. 7 about policital situation of post Murayama. The leaders of major political parties joined TV station and debated with Soichiro Tahara and other journalists. Randomly selected audiences were called during the program, and 1,106 answered how they thought of politics.

(Jan. 7, 1996, TV Asahi)

About communication...

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun's regular poll focused on communication this time. Since it was a gift season, the newspaper asked about the way to express people's thanks for the gift. While 73% answerd they express their thanks by telephone, 25% thought it may be discourteous.
Another interesting question is how many "New Year Card" people send. The answers are:

< 20 21-50 21-100 101-200 201 < None
26% 33% 19% 9% 4% 9%

(Jan. 1, 1996, Asahi Shimbun)

Do you support the Cabinet?

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted a survey over the support for Murayama Cabinet. The percentage of "Support" droped to 33% from 35% of October reseach, hit the lowest since its stat of last July. Among the reasons of the support, highest was "Because it is coalition cabinet of LDP, SDPJ and Sakigake" (10%). Top reason of NOT support was its policy (20%). Especially 22% said unsatisfactory with its policy on prices and business.

(Dec. 20, 1995, Asahi Shimbun)

*Mr Murayama announced his resignation on Jan 5, 1996

Which party do you support?

 [chart] The Asahi Shimbun conducted a survey over the opinion of voters in Shizuoka city, which the newspaper consider has the typical structure of political balance of Japan. According to the poll, 54% answered they do not support any party. Liberal Democratic Party has 28% support while New Frontier Party has 12%. Social Democratic Party of Japan, home of prime minister Murayama, gets only 4%.

(Dec. 13, 1995, Asahi Shimbun)