From Poll 2003

Here are some excerpts from opinion poll by major journalism.

No War, Please

 [chart: Approval of Iraq-attack ... No:84%; Yes:11%]

Most Japanese do not support the U.S. war against Iraq. NHK, the national broadcasting station, reported on March 10th that 70% of respondents not support the military attack even though UN Security Council resolution would be approved, and 80% oppose it without UN support, according to the poll conducted on March 7 through 9. Koizumi cabinet support dropped to 45% (down from 52% last month) and unsupport reached 46%, first time turn over since last July.

Many polls by other medias have shown similar results. By the Mainichi Shimbun's poll on March 1 and 2, 84% said no to the war (see chart). By the Asahi Shimbun's survey on February 23 and 24, 78% opposed a U.S.-led military attack on Iraq.

However public opinion goes against war, prime minister Koizumi said, 'If political decisions are made based on public opinion, mistakes may be made. That has been demonstrated by history', and Japanese government just follows the U.S. path, without explaining its rationale to the people. We are very unhappy to have such a poor leadership.