Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines.

Weekly Bunshun

Mar. 28, 1996 issue

  • A war over Jusen dissolution between Ozawa vs. Hashimoto-Kajiyama
  • At last, the criminal investigation to Mr Kagiya, foremer chairman of collapsed Kizu credit union, and Mr Sueno, the president of king Jusen debtor -- a paramour, a palace and luxuary cars
  • Dialogue between Mr Tachibana, a critic, and Mr Fukukawa, chief of think tank Dentsu-Soken -- the condition to win in the era of Internet
  • The fear of HIV infection is not limited to hemophiliacs -- unheated blood products had been used for many other cases such as liver disease

Mar. 21, 1996 issue

  • Stop nonsense "Jusen Diet"! -- all inside stories which you cannot read on newspapers
    • The grey donation to Koich Kato, LDP Secretary-general
    • The probability of dissolution which Ozawa intends
    • Suspicious rumor of "Clinton cancels Japan visit"
  • Isn't 7 years' imprisonment too light for US marines who raped a young Okinawa girl ? -- they would be imposed 25 years' if in the US court.
  • A hemophiliacs accuses betrayal of Mr Kitamura, former chairman of Japan's hemophiliacs patients organization

Mar. 14, 1996 issue

  • The murder "dominoes" of AIDS caused by medicine -- 731 bacteriological force, Midori-Juji and MHW highhanded officials
  • Why not arrest Dr Abe, foremer chief of AIDS research team, and Mr Gunji, foremer manager of MHW who was in charge of pharmaceutical policy immediately ?
  • MOF is a house dog of politicians -- Top bank managements strongly repel MOF vice-minister Ogawa's "advise of resignation".
  • Upper house by-election in Gifu prefecture focuses on censure vote against Jusen

Mar. 7, 1996 issue

  • The unforegiven sin of MHW, which as a result served to let hemophiliacs infected with HIV
  • The Asahi Shimbun's misleading article which reported in 1988 that heated blood products had caused AIDS in the US
  • Top managements of mother banks of Jusen earn 100 million yen annually
  • The editor in chief of the Japan Times Weekly was fired just after the interview with Mr Taisaku Ikeda -- is this another example of oppression to freedom of speech by Soka Gakkai?

Feb. 29, 1996 issue

  • A memorial special for late Ryotaro Shiba
  • The planned bancraptcy of Sueno Kosan, the king borrower from Jusen -- Sueno family may hide their assets and intend to liquidate the company
  • Reveals behind the curtain story of North Korea
  • How genius he is -- friends and colleages talk about 7-crowned Shogi master Yoshiharu Habu

Feb. 22, 1996 issue

  • The gray link between Fuji Juken, the largest debtor from Jusen, and the murder of the vice president of Hanwa Bank in 1993
  • Don't be cheated by an easy reconstruction plan of MOF -- the new "Agency of the Money Market" might make MOF richer after this fire
  • Learn the US liquidation action by RTC -- six years ago, 4 thoudands bankers were sent to jail and 300 billion yen personal properties were confiscated
  • Farewell, Mr Ryotaro Shiba -- one of the most popular historic novelists in Japan passed away on Feb 12

Feb. 15, 1996 issue

  • Annual income 60 million yen, retireing allowance 200 million -- do highhanded Jusen managements deserve this high salary ?
  • A slumping reputation of Ichiro Ozawa for poor performance at Jusen Diet
  • An incredible disgrace of the Asahi Shimbun that introduced a "Emperor's" short verse as a commoner's posthumous work.
  • An appalling lynching case of Teikyo London School

Feb. 8, 1996 issue

  • Secret 90 days in the US of foremer MOF officials who goes to strip show under an assumed name
  • MOF highhanded officials of Jusen were easy to attack with woman -- lenders are as terrible as borrowers
  • A hard battle between Ozawa and Hata -- a complicated situation of the NFP
  • Noisy mass-media over Princess Masako

Feb. 1, 1996 issue

  • Complete forecast of general election - early dissolution will be favorable for LDP - only few chance for New Frontier Party
  • The Jusen typhoon will attack Hashimoto - high support rate is just a gratuity for the beginner
  • Yasushi Yokoyama's liquor, girls and loan - a comedian who passed away at the age of 51
  • Examples of the worst troubles from excessive diet

Jan. 25, 1996 issue

  • The dark side of Ken-ichi Sueno, the largest debtor from Jusen
  • Which would win, Ichiro Ozawa vs. Hashimoto & Kajiyama?
  • "Live" report of conversation between Hashimoto and Nakasone, where they consulted about Secretary Kajiyama.
  • Kubo is a time-bomb of MOF - could he survive the Jusen congress?
  • So sorrow will of former deputy manager of Donen, Japan's development agency of nuclear power plant, who killed himself by jumping

Jan. 18, 1996 issue

  • A loud laugh of Ichiro Ozawa - "Prime Minister Hashimoto" is a losing lot set by Murayama and Takemura
  • Accusing the 'A' rated criminals of Jusen, or failed houseing loan companies
  • Exclusive! A love letter of Lady Diana

Jan. 4/11, 1996 issue

  • "Drag" lady whom top prosecutor loved
  • Where would Ichiro Ozawa lead Japan? - interview
  • MOF is a tax robber - Objection against the bill for Jusen, or failed houseing loan companies
  • How much did Weekly Gendai paid for Asahara's prosecutal recods?

Dec. 28, 1995 issue

  • Why not accept Ichiro Ozawa if he insists cutting income tax and residential tax half?
  • US Army watches over North Korea for its 200 Mig on 38 latitude line.
  • The origin of "New Capital" which enriches only politicians and constructors

Dec. 14, 1995 issue

  • A large scale survey on 3,300 seceders from Soka-gakkai - How they are annoyed and troubled ...
  • Ichiro Ozawa (Secretary of NFP) will be cut off by Mr Taisaku Ikeda - the fate of the tough politician now is under control of the honoraly chairman of Soka-gakkai
  • Toshio Yamaguchi's "problematic phone call" to the president of the Supreme Prosecutor - Tokyo Public Prosecutor's Office got angry about that
  • Three kitchen knives penetrated the face and breast of 15-year-old girl
  • Rie Miyazawa (actress) stepped down from principal - this man shold be in charge...

Weekly Shincho

Mar. 28, 1996 issue

  • The Aum trial revealed the critical faults of TBS, which is alleged to have shown video tape to Aum, Kanagawa Police Office, which is questioned about its first investigation on Mr Sakamoto's murder case, and next chairman of Japan Lawyers' Association, who could not stop Aum's registration as a religious organization
  • With his Jusern logic, it took one hour and half for Kajiyama to give a satisfactory explanation even to his own wife
  • Akita prefecture's ugly realities of kan-kan-settai, or entertainment service to national bureaucats by local bureaucrats -- manageres of the local gvernmant are forced to pay back 870 million yen by next May
  • Will the Ligget Group tobacco company's deal to pay huge money for settlement affect Japanese industry and smokers?

Mar. 21, 1996 issue

  • A tug of war betewwn the Prosecutors Office and lawyers over transfer of Shoko Asahara (Aum guru) to Tokyo penitentiary
  • A firm evidence that reveals the defect of Soka Gakkai's negative campaign against the ex-officer who accused its honorary chairman
  • Shadow of Takeshita and Nakasone behind the scandal of Koich Kato (LDP Secretary-general) and summons against Soka Gakkai's honorary chairman Mr Taisaku Ikeda
  • Only 150 thansands yen per month to HIV victims caused by medicine -- incredible small amount for crucial crime by the nation, pharmaceutical companies and some academicians

Mar. 14, 1996 issue

  • Another ex-officer of Soka Gakkai accuses its honorary chairman, Mr Taisaku Ikeda
  • The ultimatum to giant banks -- resignation or cash -- fight between government parties and banks yielded an incredible addtional solution for Jusen problem
  • Can princes who were left behind by Lady Dai become the King of the UK?
  • UK's The Independent reported that the Imperial Husehold Agency would send its staff to Denmark in order to research the possibility of Queen in Japan -- though the officials denied the fact

Mar. 7, 1996 issue

  • Ex-officer of Soka Gakkai's Hokkaido branch unveiled its crazy activities at elections
  • Election of Kyoto mayor, where the communist party was very close to win, shows the anger of the people against government plan for Jusen problem
  • The suspects at MHW who tried to save "Midori-Juji" at the cost of 2,000 victims of AIDS by unheated blood products
  • Takeshima, a small island over which Japan and Korea dispute, is already occupied by Korea

Feb. 29, 1996 issue

  • Soka Gakkai attacks ex-officer of its Hokkaido branch who accused its honorary chairman last week
  • Nobody will be arrested? -- a farce at the Jusen Diet swindles 685 billion yen out of taxpayers
  • The compensation issue over the disaster of Toyohama Tunnel crush in Hokkaido
  • The jail break by 7 criminals exposes careless guard at Tokyo penitentiary
  • LA Times' report on North Korea where many political refugees raise the tension

Feb. 22, 1996 issue

  • "I was raped by Taisaku Ikeda " -- ex-officer of Hokkaido Soka Gakkai accuses its honorary chairman
  • Takemura's "political judgement" means 685 billion yen expenditure to rescue Nokyo, or farmers' cooperatives, the influential political pressure group
  • The bankruptcy of usurer Aichi will trigger the collapses of ten thoudands non-bank financiers
  • High tension between Japan and Korea -- Foreign Minister's speech "Takeshima is Japan's own territory" irritated Korea, but easy conclusion is not welcome
  • The disaster of Toyohama Tunnel crush in Hokkaido

Feb. 15, 1996 issue

  • The terrible root of problem is Takeshita, who proposed the pass-but-freeze compromise of Jusen budget
  • How willthey treat the 80 trillion yen loans of no-bank financiers which would be the next trouble ?
  • 88 billion yen financial aid for Kobe earthquake is still suspended due to "fairness" concern
  • A scandal of Shiga prefecture's free-handed super lady who had been promoted by Mr Takemura, foremer Finance Minister

Feb. 8, 1996 issue

  • Eventually, the Diet will be dissolved by Jusen problem
  • The behind the curtain story of "the separation of religion and politics" revealed by Sokagakkai Dietman, Akira Takada.
  • So foxy tax evasion by Hukuko Ishii, a big name TV producer
  • Sympathy of the Asahi Shimbun for "homeless people" in Shinjuku, who were excluded from thieir roost by police

Feb. 1, 1996 issue

  • Hey, do it! What will happen if you do not spend any money for Jusen?
  • Nonsense of Yeltsin's rescue operation that was revealed by a news reporter
  • People who bet the George Soloth's lecture of "Buy the Japanese stock"
  • The flickering figure of Sokagakkai behind the thefts of the mandala in Kyoto.

Jan. 25, 1996 issue

  • Offense and defense over "release" of Shoko Asahara for vindication to the Anti-Subversive Activities Law
  • The pressure of "responsibility" of Donen officials triggered by the suicide of a deputy manager.
  • Piling corps of "venture" enterprises despite the call of promotion by MITI
  • Hikaru Genji, a hero prince of Japanese ancient tale, is lectured at the biggining of the year in the Imperial Palace

Jan. 18, 1996 issue

  • On Janyary 22th, the representative question of Ozawa at the Diet will change Japan
  • List of criminals who kicked Jusen into bad loan of 8 trillion yen
  • An awful story of a jeweler who was was rabbed of 1.5 billion yen by Aum
  • The win and loss of rating race of New Year's holiday TV programs

Jan. 4/11, 1996 issue

  • World watching Lady Diana after the suggestion of divorce from Queen
  • Makiko Tanaka's failure of tax saving on 20 billion yen inheritance
  • A suspicion over Soka Gakkai's money which was sealed by dispappeared vice chairman Hosoya.

Dec. 15, 1995 issue

  • Tormenting students laugh at my son's death - the father of young boy who commited suicid from bullying talked
  • Purplexed professor who is protested by women's organization for his book on women's genital organs
  • How to read the will of politician that Mr Yamaguchi wrote just before [the expecte arrest]
  • Pro-wrestler-dietman Hroshi Hase reveals the "foul" of The Guardiner of Ikeda
  • Internet huckers look at naked Japan

Dec. 14, 1995 issue

  • Nobody knew the first-aid of 24-hour strik at NHK
  • If it were impossible to summon Mr Ikeda, then attack with "Tax Impose"
  • Big crime at Hokkaido municipal office whose cost of faking business trips has accumulated to 1.1 billion yen
  • Kohaku song festibal anxious about its rate down by Beetles program
  • Skyscrapers around Tokyo municipal office are the moset dangerous district in case of earthquake

Weekly Asahi

Mar. 29, 1996 issue

  • Worst ranking of Japan's giant banks which are parents of troubled Jusen companies ... journalists rated them, and no one got 50 points out of 100
  • Is there any possibility of China's missile attack against Taiwan?
  • Inside criticism in Tokyo Broadcasting System which is alleged to have shown Aum officials its video tape of interview with attorney Mr Sakamoto just before he had been murdered
  • All about Japan's hea-nudo, or nude pictures which exposure model's public hair

Mar. 22, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive interview with the high official of Aum's Russian brunch-- all about Shoko Asahara and Fumihiro Joyu
  • The ex-president of Midori-Juji's US subsidiary unveiles the structure of "AIDS murder"
  • Interviews with successive Ministers of Health and Welfare -- why you couldn't be a Naoto Kan, current minister who admitted the government's responsibility for the first time?
  • The fraud and power of Miyagi farmers' coop finance unit, which won zero charge for Jusen restructure
  • Can barbers take advantage of comming de-regulation to attract young guys? Those admirers of Kimu-Taku, or actor Takuya Kimura, favor beauty parlors so far.

Mar. 15, 1996 issue

  • AIDS by medicine -- The method of MWH minister Kan who broke through the high wall of Japan's bureaucracy
  • The arrogance of Takashi Abe who was the chief of AIDS research team and is accused of a class A criminal for the disaster
  • The insider trading suspicion of foremer president of Nihon Jutaku Kin-yu (a Jusen company)
  • An enigma on the old scandal of Koich Kato, LDP Secretary-general -- why NFP picked again a grey donation which had been questioned several times for 6 years

Mar. 8, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive interview with the wife of late Ryotaro Shiba
  • The last talk of Ryotaro Shiba with critic Naoki Tanaka - part 2 -- Can we entrast MOF with the future of this country?
  • An ultimatum of Sokagakkai to NFP -- the key organization to the election might abandon Ozawa's party.
  • Another scandal of Nihon Jutaku Kinyu, a Jusen company -- it tried to hide huge illegal loan case, including 100 million yen to a colledge student.

Mar. 1, 1996 issue

  • The last talk of Ryotaro Shiba with critic Naoki Tanaka -- Jusen problem is an econimic defeat
  • Why professor Gunji, the foremer manager of Ministry of Health and Welfare who was in charge of AIDS issue, does not feel awe of "truth"
  • Are giant banks allowed to be unhurt while all other financial firms go panic? -- LDP Secretary Koichi Kato speaks
  • The logic of revenge of those who are bullied -- Shonen Jump, the largest comic magazine with 6 million circulation, listens to vocies of young sufferers by Ijime problem

Feb. 23, 1996 issue

  • Even Japan's mafia ridicules the hopelessly poor plan for liquidation corporation, or Japanese version of RTC
  • Reports on famous people who were haggard by risky business with Jusen
  • An intrigue of 10 years freezing out of the single-member constituency system -- the ultimate plot to bury Ozawa and Soka-gakkai -- foremer PM Murayama and LDP Secretary Kato support it
  • The fear of 30 thousands Fujitsu employee who are assigned to take TOEIC (English exam for business)
  • A perfect life of Yoshiharu Habu -- a genius professional Shogi master

Feb. 16, 1996 issue

  • A contribution to the Asahi Shimbun in 1991 from foremer PM Hata's younger brother, who is the director of a Jusen company.
  • A criticism against Japan's Bill Gates, Mr Shigeta, president of Hikari Tsushin
  • Does Mr Yukio Hatayama, who is ranked the No.1 hope as future PM by active political writers, really deserve to be called as "Japan's Kennedy" ?
  • The right interpretation of Yomiuri Giants' personnel change -- a rumour of "post Nagashima"

Feb. 9, 1996 issue

  • Revealing the account rigging of Jusens with secret documents
  • I borrowed money and will not pay back -- those who benefitted byJusen
  • 57 Hata's samurais launced new group within NFP, aiming at the overthrow of Ozawa's realm
  • The dangerous aspect of best selling book "Super Study Method" -- it might be applicable only for bright students
  • I wanna be beautiful, too -- a reportage of an "aethetetic salon" by an aged male writer

Feb. 2, 1996 issue

  • "Jusen will bring a slump in stock", untold prospect of Mr Soloth
  • The reason why "Mr Bunshun" chose the Asahi Shimbun
  • A demon in Heisei? Foremer PM, Nakasone plots the grand coalition between Ozawa and Hashimoto
  • The digital communication revolution will sweep out exam genius

Jan. 26, 1996 issue

  • The number of seats at congress which Hashimoto PM would lose by Jusen bomb
  • If you use our tax for Jusen, then purge criminals in charge of the issue.
  • 10 check points whether your house will be safe against degree 7 earthquake
  • "Irresponsible medicine" which made liver desease AIDS
  • The "distinguished" Mitsubishi's "order of banishment of Koshikake OL (office ladies working only for a time)" which gave a finish stroke to the freezing recruit.

Jan. 19, 1996 issue

  • Anticipation of next general election which will reflect the resentment between Hashimoto and Ozawa
  • "Well, it's time to give up"... The collapse of Murayama Cabinet after 555 days struggle
  • The backstage of delayed Asahara's first trial
  • It was Jomon people who established Yayoi civilization - an ancient mystery

Dec. 15, 1995 issue

  • Tormenting students laugh at my son's death - the father of young boy who commited suicid from bullying talked
  • Purplexed professor who is protested by women's organization for his book on women's genital organs
  • How to read the will of politician that Mr Yamaguchi wrote just before [the expecte arrest]
  • Pro-wrestler-dietman Hroshi Hase reveals the "foul" of The Guardiner of Ikeda
  • Internet huckers look at naked Japan

Sunday Mainichi

Mar. 31, 1996 issue

  • Another list of those who passed entrance exam of famous colleges / universities
  • The worse his crime, the faster he runs away -- the list of MWH ex-officials who gained high position in pahrmaceutical companies
  • A loud laugh of Norin-zoku, or a group of congressmen who have close interest in agriculture related organizations -- they are the cause of government's reluctance of withdrawing 685 billion budget for Jusen problem
  • So many abnormal murder scenes in the United States -- from corpse video to an appalling film "Seven" to real life crimes

Mar. 24, 1996 issue

  • All list of those who passed entrance exam of famous colleges / universities (an annual event)
  • A voice of family of the first HIV victim who passed away 13 years ago
  • Don't be cheating, Mr Koich Kato -- an interview with the foremer chairman of his supporters' association
  • The '96 ranking of companies which students respect -- Sony, IBM, Honda, NTT Data, Matsushita ...

Mar. 17, 1996 issue

  • Unforegivens on AIDS by medicine -- Midori Juji and Takashi Abe (the chief of AIDS research team) link to 731 bacteriological force in World War II
  • An underground negotiation between Ozawa and Kajiyama -- the budget will be approved on March 6 -- politicians just look for "post Hashimoto"
  • An illegal loas case of Fuji Bank, a dark spot of Hashimoto -- a OMF official worked to hush up
  • Do Aum suspects escape to Thailand? -- Thailand's police and media heated up while Japan's officials keep silent

Mar. 10, 1996 issue

  • A secret talk among Ozawa, Kajiyama and Nakasone -- a grey deal behind diasppointing Diet discussion which barters the approval of the budget for no summons of Mr Taisaku Ikeda (honorary chairman of Sokagakkai)
  • The link between Jusen bail-out and increase of consumption tax
  • Movie "Shall we dansu (dance) ?" won sympathy of middle aged
  • The Keio Hospital's Mr Kazemoto tells the way to live 30 years longer.

Mar. 3, 1996 issue

  • The list of life insurance companies which will run into danger by 800 biliion yen liquidation of Jusen
  • The live broadcasting of rescue operation for tunnel crash revealed poor risk management
  • Minister of Health and Welfare apologized to AIDS victims for the ministry's fault -- what had spoiled the bureaucracy ?
  • Kajiyama's skillfull way to win Soka Gakkai to his side, which resulted in Ozawa's disappointing fight with Hashimoto

Feb. 25, 1996 issue

  • Much more terrifying than Jusen -- the hell of 62 tirillion yen bad loan of "non-bank" financial firms
  • Arrogant, peevish, angry -- isolated Hashimoto might desperately dissolve the Diet
  • Question on easy punishment on a manager of a secretariat of Upper House who used violence against a female employee
  • Scoop -- The big figures of the byway Showa history who appeared on the 400 pages manuscript of an agent of Manchuria

Feb. 18, 1996 issue

  • Investigate these questions, otherwise what the Jusen Diet is worth ?
  • The trick how to hide their bad loan of 50 billion yen devised by Jusen and its big clients
  • Kajiyama's tactics of Japan canvassing tour kicked off the trend of April Dissolution.
  • The '96 "super" technique to win the position of station announcers.
  • Will 50-thousands-yen network PC's be good buy or not ?

Feb. 11, 1996 issue

  • 67 Dietmen who are suspected to receive donations from Jusen money
  • There is Takeshita (former PM) behind the landing point of Ozawa vs Hashimoto fight over Jusen
  • The scandal of gray money which links Sueno-kosan, king of loans from Jusen, with colappsed credit banks.
  • I'm fighting with cancer -- experience of artists/entertainers who announced their diseases public
  • All wrong your selection of softwares

Feb. 4, 1996 issue

  • A downlight lie that throwing tax into Jusen will help Jpanese monetary system
  • The seacret reason why the autority forces vindication to the Anti-Subversive Activities Law without Asahara
  • Telling you the best saving, "stock, deposit and insurances"
  • We cannot be patient with these bosses!

Jan. 28, 1996 issue

  • The Hashimoto's Weak Points
    • The serious reason for "April Dissolution"
    • Ozawa's plan for turnover by "bringing" Hashimoto over his side.
    • True character of the power which had Jusen out from the gross regulation of loans.
    • What? "Kubo Minister of Finamce"! What can he do at all?
  • One year after Hanshin Earthquake

Jan. 21, 1996 issue

  • Murayama resignes. Then, how will Ozawa move?
  • Revealing Asahara's prosecutal recods for his first murder
  • The heart of the rezignation of Deputy Secterary of MOF
  • "We believe The World Cup of Soccer will come to Japan" -- a tripartie talk

Jan. 7/14, 1996 issue

  • Political situation looks dissolution with possibility of a split of NFP, attributing to summons of Mr Ikeda and Jusen trouble
  • Public Security office's information on Aum which made Prime Minister Murayama decide to apply the Anti-Subversive Activities Law

Dec. 17, 1995 issue

  • Okinawa Governor Ohta's glow and gloom - his "past" behind the rejection of sign
  • Poisonous spider has arrived - danger comes to Nagoya, Yokohama and Tokyo - you will be safe with this knowledge
  • Summon of Mr Ikeda postponed and then next means of "Party Leader Ozawa"
  • "Calculatin" of Toshio Yamaguchi who does not quail at the Prosecutor's reserved weapon - the request of arrest
  • 10 ways not to be called "damn dotard" in the year-end-party