Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (since June '96)

Weekly Bunshun

Jul. 25, 1996 issue

  • The foremer mayor of Komae city, who now stays in a temple, told that his crazy gamble was accompanied by a member of local parliament
  • The evil omen for Hashimoto who returned home town in triumph for the first time since he became the Prime Minister
  • Victim children who lost their life because of parents' Pachinko fanaticism
  • Chinese boss of the counterfeit Pachinko card tells the inside story (4)
  • Will Japan Tranck and Field Federation spoil athletes? -- It called them back from the US for the Nambu Memorial Game right before the Olympic
  • The daytime gun fight between two big Japanese mafia, Yamaguchi-gumi and Aizu-Kotetsu
  • A story by the interviewer with actress Yoshiko Mita, who recently confessed her cancer
  • The plot of Queen Elizabeth against Lady Diana

Jul. 18, 1996 issue

  • Shintaro Ishihara, a novelist and foremer LDP Congressman, wrote a book on his younger brother, Yujiro, late movie super star
  • Yasuo Hariki, the editor-in-chief of Keieijuku magazine, who is bold enough to mock at princess Masako
  • Yoshiaki Tsutsumi and IOC chairman Samaranch -- people who made Olympic money oriented
  • Chinese boss of the counterfeit Pachinko card guild earns 50 million yen a month
  • The reputation of a foremer manager of Fukuoka sotck exchange who ran away with 3 billion yen
  • The fearful rite to cut female's sexual organ is still performed in more than 40 countries
  • Hijacker Tanaka's note of nostalgy written in Thailand

Jul. 11, 1996 issue

  • Unusual open investigation of disappeared Okinawa girl
  • Hashimoto's shameless performance at Lyon, frolicking with camera in his hand
  • Gorgeous entertainment with public money by the governor of Akita prefecture who was requested to resign by the local parliaments
  • "I'll smash Mitsubishi and Sumitomo" -- The true purpose of counterfeit Pachinko card -- it's against the huge profit generated by the Police-NTT-trading companies sysytem
  • How Mr Hirooka, the general manager of Lotte baseball club, is hated by the players
  • The impact of the best selling book "Patients, do not fight with your cancer"
  • The hell of heat -- isn't Atlanta too hot to play Olympic games?
  • "I loved Mr Kubo (the foremer secretary general of Reiyukai)" -- the Ginza lady ,who caused the inner trouble of the religious organization, confesses the story

Jul. 4, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive: "It's me who developed the machine to produce counterfeit Pachinko cards" -- the dark side of 30 trillion yen industry
  • The crazy gambler, foremer mayor of Komae City in Tokyo, disappears with 3 billion loans
  • The ambition of Mr Murdoch who put the Asahi Shimbun to a big shame by becoming a major stock holder of TV Asahi
  • Mr and Mrs Kubo, foremer Secretary General of Reiyukai, answer to the questions of its inner trouble and woman scandals
  • Child victims of colon bacillus, O-157 -- three were dead while 1500 suffered
  • Interview with the author of "Jack and Jackie" -- The exposure book from a prestigious US publisher that tells about the relationship between Kennedy and O. Hepburn

Jun. 27, 1996 issue

  • The real face of the biggest shame of Sumitomo Corp., Mr Five, or Yasuo Hamanaka, who made a record 200 billion yen losses in copper trading
  • You may fall cancer with a cellular phone
  • An imitation doubt over Channel's poaches on TV shopping of TV Tokyo
  • North Korea makes opium near the border of China to gain the dollar, a high official of China said
  • I'll tell you the finale of popular TV program "The Long Vacation"
  • Shibetsu city in Hokkaido is anxious about its trouble with Mad "Sheep" Disease
  • Underhand intensions of Japanese corporations which have visited Prince Charles
  • Diaries of a mother and her son in Ikebukuro who died from starvation

Jun. 20, 1996 issue

  • The chariman Yamamoto of KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club or Economic Revolution Club) and an woman who was cheated of 100 million yen
  • The Sankei Shimbun's shocking report that North Korea's missiles will attack Tokyo if it cannot be aided in rice and nuclear system
  • Actress Etsuko Nami accused an orthopedist for her lost nipple by surgery
  • Comedian Hitoshi Matsumoto, who just published his new book "Matsukaze '95", talks about woman, money and art of entertainment
  • The real lives of popular women dramatists
  • Dark side of the murder of an old man in Denenchofu, the Japan's most prestigious living district
  • "I followed what I believe" said Mr Yamanaka, the director of a hospital in Kyoto, who has been leading his cancer cases to easy and painless death

Jun. 13, 1996 issue

  • The hell of co-host of 2002 World Cup Soccer -- Will the Emperor visit Korea?
    • Three incompetent officials of Japan who wasted 7 billion yen
    • Korea would bring two thirds of the games
  • A "bubbly" private life of drug poised man, son of the secretary general of Keidanren, who was fired by Dentsu
  • An immorality of NHK's Beijin correspondent
  • An interview with Sharon Stone
  • Emergency dial for Ijime, or maltreat at the company
  • Dumn it! Banks are evil! -- Kajiyama, the Chief Cabinet Secretary, attacked the chairman of National Bankers Association
  • Soka-gakkai's radio wave jack
  • ASCII corporation's trouble

Jun. 6, 1996 issue

  • Mrs Saito, the wife of murdered professor in San Diego, claims to be quite innocent
  • The desperate maneuvers behind the scene for 2002 World Cup Soccer
  • There were more victims of rape by US soldiers in Okinawa
  • The Japan Sumo Association counter-attacks the Weekly Post
  • Ladies of anxiety -- Yoshiko Mita, Yoko Shimada, Kyoko Okazaki ....
  • The exhiled MiG-19 jet fighter and anticipated big purge in North Korean military
  • Men's jealousy -- the Cabinet members always backbite minister Kan

Weekly Shincho

Jul. 25, 1996 issue

  • A miserable food crisis in North Korea, reported by an exile
  • An untouchable phantom indiscriminate harm in Kokura station, Kyushu -- a psyciatric test may lead not-guilty result
  • Foremer chaiman of Yamato Transportation criticised bureaucrats of Ministry of Transportation who disturbed the company when it applied to begin Takkyubin, or the home deliverly service
  • Calculation of alleged dissolution on October 7 which will be triggerd by Okinawa issue
  • Will 0.5% raise of official rate recapture the lost vote by Jusen failure?
  • Curious trial that requests a 40 million yen compensation for dead extremist of Narita airport fight

Jul. 18, 1996 issue

  • Is it truely so bad what Takashimaya did ?
  • A bad rumor about Nomo who missed All Star game this year
  • A rebelion in Komae City, where foremer mayor ran away and citizens elected Japanese Communist Party candidate as new mayor
  • An excuse that police office gives seven wanted Aum suspects plenty of rope until the application of the Anti-Subversive Activities Law
  • The reason why Mitsui Corp. paid a 90 million yen settlement for the family of its new employee who died of Ikki-nomi, or crazy drink at a draft, at the company's dormitory.
  • 30 Japanese, including Mr Nagashima (director of Yomiuri Giants), who newly appeared the Who's Who International

Jul. 11, 1996 issue

  • The truth of Taisaku Ikeda's rape incident reported by foreign correspondents
  • The "Zero" audience rating of Tokyo Metropolitan Television and fire of the general producer -- is it worth 4 billion yen subsidy from Tokyo government?
  • One hour question at the Asahi Shimbun's shareholders meeting that made president Nakae stand speechless -- piled problems in the giant newspaper company
  • What SDP's Mr Tsuruo Yamaguchi has achieved, who walks on air with honor to confer a decoration
  • The first permissionof sex-change surgery in Japan
  • The logic that gave murder suspect Hoda a probation -- "It's Shoko Asahara's order, not this suspect's will, that played the main role in this case" -- this can be applied to other Aum trial

Jul. 4, 1996 issue

  • Check the Bill! -- Our tax will be used for Colins, the real estate developer which as incredible loans from Jusen -- they do the town with ten sexy ladies
  • The largest 500 delegates in the history from Japan to Olympic that aim at only seven gold medals
  • The black success of new singer Tomomi Kahara who made a sales of 6 billion yen in a week
  • How will Murdoch's reach to TV Asahi change the television in Japan?
  • Front line of the battle between Ministry of Finance and Bank of Japan to raise the interest rate in July -- Current rate is so low that it threatens the life of annuitant while it helps just large banks
  • Is it true or fake? -- The series of articles on "Shincho 45" magazine that have unveiled the scandals in the Metropolitan Police Board that led the delay of the investigation into Aum

Jun. 27, 1996 issue

  • Replying to the protest by the Imperial Household Agency against last week's article about prince Akishinonomiya
  • The plot to a self-ruin of KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club or Economic Revolution Club)
  • The myth of "safty air bag" begins collapsing in the U.S.
  • Yasuo Hamanaka, who shakes Sumitomo Corp. by the scandal of 300 billion losses
  • The mechanism that insurance companies do not have to pay any money for Kobe Earthquake
  • Sin of a mother who had her child died in the car while she plays Pachinko for three hours

Jun. 20, 1996 issue

  • The rape lawsuit against Mr Taisaku Ikeda, chairman of Soka Gakkai, and shrinking mass media -- why Asahi, Yomiuri and Tokyo Shimbun did not report this scandal?
  • The money suspicion of Futagoyama stable of Sumo which was inspected by Tokyo Tax Agency
  • Which do you think is better choice, law or humanity? -- think about the terminal case and easy-and-painless death
  • A sudden rest of Emperor and his anxiety of prince Akishinonomiya
  • MWH's easy punishment of bureaucrats in charge of medicine caused AIDS -- real responsible persons are not included in the list

Jun. 13, 1996 issue

  • Not only 600 thousands yen Magritte -- many local government have paid incredibly high price for famous paintings
  • The letter of encouragement to Mr Matsushita, the next president of Asahi Shimbun, from foremer exective at the newspaper, which states the dark era of its political department and favor of North Korea
  • The immoral scandal of NHK's Beigin correspondent who was orderd for withdrawal from China
  • The foremer sponsor of Aum Shinrikyo accuses Eriko Iida, an Aum high official, for leading the murder of Mr Kariya
  • Why not give up World Cup? Co-host may bring disgrace and its bill will be too much

Jun. 6, 1996 issue

  • A shocking advice to Princess Masako by the Newsweek magazine
  • A sensation of the view of two dummy generals for Kim Jong Il
  • The secret of high profit of Takefuji, the popular moneylender, while number of personal bankruptcy will reach a record high this year.
  • Story about highjackers 26 years ago -- Okamoto who failed to escape and Tanaka who was arrested for recent counterfeit dollar bills
  • When will the defense team request the trump card to prolong the trial for Shoko Asahara -- the psychiatric test -- ?

Weekly Asahi

Jul. 26, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive interview with Shintaro Ishihara: untold story of his brother, Yujiro's life and death
  • Jun-ich Watanabe's series of sexy story on Nikkei Shimbun, that excites office ladies every morning
  • Vietnamese bike robbers in the early morning of the capital
  • Another steal ride on Shinkansen train -- reuse tickets book for ten times by erasing the "used" stamp
  • A senario when the super food crisis hits Japan
  • Who put a stimulant into the milk at hospital?
  • The way PHS's sacrifice sale will go -- does "zero" yen PHS have a future?

Jul. 19, 1996 issue

  • A hell of the single-member constituency system -- betrayal, secret information and bribery -- the agony of election staffs
  • "That's why I want to become male" -- confession of a sex-change applicant
  • The women 4 crowns champion of Shogi, Ichiyo Shimizu, is beautiful, cool, traditional and steady
  • Treasure in the field -- tractors in notheast Kanto area that Vietnamiese thief group aims at
  • The ultimate steal ride on Shinkansen train -- using Japan Rail Pass that is issued only for foreigners
  • The woman power in Asahi Brewing company whose Super Dry took the top position in the Japanese beer market for the first time
  • Kimiko Date and her staff
  • The loss from counterfeit Pachinko card is not limited to 55 billion yen...

Jul. 12, 1996 issue

  • The last words of late Keiji Shima, foremer chairman of NHK -- the dark side of NHK
  • The black deal between Pachinko cards maker, Japan Leisure Card System, and the counterfeit guild
  • The unfetterd life of the model of Tanizaki's famous novel, who passed away recently at the age of 94
  • Rokusuke Ei, the author of the best selling "Dai-o-jo" series, played an imaginary talk with his late friend Hachidai Nakamura
  • The reportage on foreigner gangs that plunder many places in Tokyo metropolitan area
  • The struggle of NHK's proud Hi-Vision against digital broadcasting systems
  • The gamble and loans of foremer mayor of Komae City

Jul. 5, 1996 issue

  • The amazingly bold "sexy" speech by the first lady Kumiko Hashimoto was well received
  • A loard-like easy business of Waseda University to capture students, at which the top-three prep schools sneer
  • A disgusting dissipation of 31 super prestigious golf clubs -- why can they be the public services?
  • The fear of killing colon bacillus, O-157 -- how you should preserve yourself from it
  • The scandal of women and money that were revealed by the inner trouble of a religious organization, Reiyukai, which top sumo wrestlers Wakanohana and Takanohana belong to
  • Surprising services of tere-kura, or "telephone-dating-club" by high school girls, which is a side business of the principal of a prep school

Jun. 28, 1996 issue

  • "Takashimaya made use of Yakuza as the conspiracy throughout the company", said the foremer exective, who arranged the marriage of the yakuza family
  • The widow of professor Saito, who was murdered in San Diego, told "Our family were kept watch by a man in a car all day."
  • Actress Yoko Shimada answers to all scandals -- loans, nude, man and love to old parents
  • The drama of escape from the cabin which distinguished safe from death -- the plane crash in Fukuoka
  • Debunking the secret coup d'etat plan of Tsutomu Hata in July -- the final war against Ichiro Ozawa in NFP
  • The popular TV illicit love romance "Age 35, I'm so loving"

Jun. 21, 1996 issue

  • The Queen of Diet, Ms Michiko Miyamoto fell into illness -- isn't her method dangerous?
  • All fathers' must read -- seven young men who captivate your daughters -- Kimutaku is already obsolete ...
  • The truth of Funada's Dutch-rolling (always changing) statements -- is it too difficult for a greenhorn to establish a new party?
  • Three lessons that high school students learned from the "investment game" classes
  • A TV set for just 1 yen, a microwave range for 80 yen -- Super discounts fever before the summer bonus season
  • Ryusaburo Kaku, the chairman of Canon, will start lecture series in the universities -- "Go away these politicians and managements!"
  • Asobouzu -- the computer aided baseball analyser systems tell the weak points of sluggers

Jun. 14, 1996 issue

  • The shocking fatal day when it was decided to co-host the 2002 World Cup Soccer with Korea -- the reality is evident defeat of Japan
  • The reason why Princess Masako connot come to the front
  • The fear of diabetes and its complication by which the famous singer Hideo Murata lost his right leg
  • The ASCII's super one-man president, Mr Kazuhiko Nishi's lack of virtue -- four out of sixteen exectives quit the company
  • A technique of high school hacker (or cracker) who has picked up many passwords and card ID's
  • A report from the secret factory of counterfeit Pachinko cards
  • Argument over JAF, or Japan Automobile Federation, which reserves 63 billion yen

Jun. 7, 1996 issue

  • Special: the front of the education at the fin-de-siecle -- "Why I revenged on students and the school" told the father of a student who killed herself because of the ijime, or maltreat, by the classmates.
  • The mistery of the dispute over rescue operation in Everest -- did Fukuoka party leave Indian party in the lurch?
  • The forgers' guild of Pachinko prepaid cards -- the Chinese mafia ridicules at the technology of card companies
  • The battle between the Weekly Post and Japan Sumo Association over got-up affairs
  • The LDP's foolish act of bashing minister Kan, which lead the way to the new party by Funada and Hatoyama
  • Foremer vice president of TBS told that all exectives at TBS should resign and give up their retiring allowance
  • The "radical thin" syndrome of young ladies

Sunday Mainichi

Jul. 28, 1996 issue

  • All survey on 300 electoral districts under the single-member constituency system
  • The golf courses crisis -- they must refund 9 trillion yen deposit
  • Keep the route -- a report about the logistics at the time of Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • Ranking of universities in job opportunities (4)
  • Current life of seven committee members to judge the application of the Anti-Subversive Activities Law against Aum
  • Patients, fight against your cancer with courage! -- a refutation against Mr Kondo's book
  • The decision of Kirin's president to appear its advertising -- dead heat between Kirin and Asahi in Japanese beer market

Jul. 21, 1996 issue

  • Look at this real figure! Comming huge tax increase and severe life
  • Does the Internet really end? Checking the article of the Newsweek
  • The report about the logistics at the time of Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • Ranking of universities in job opportunities (again ...) and how to promote yourself at the interview
  • How female become male
  • How to detect counterfeit brand items
  • The secret of Kimiko Date's power
  • Dischord in the weak professional baseball teams

Jul. 14, 1996 issue

  • Look at this nonsense! -- an official of Sumitomo Trust Bank accuses his company
  • An emergency situation of corporate pension fund
  • To cpmpare summer bonus among the top companies
  • Ranking of universities in job opportunities for 650 companies
  • Gossips of famous TV stars...
  • Foremer mayor of Komae City at casino
  • The Hatoyama family's super method to enter the Todai, or University of Tokyo

Jul. 7, 1996 issue

  • Scoop:the secret connection between Toitsu-Kyokai (Unform Church in Korea) and KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club, or Economic Revolution Club)
  • The background of TV-Asahi jack by Murdoch and what comes next
  • The woman trouble which is shaking a giant religious organization Reiyukai
  • "Do you understand, Mr Aoshima?" -- Mr Suzuki, the foremer governer of Tokyo, laughts at Aoshima's treachery
  • European cars or US cars -- which is the better choice?
  • The pitfall of optimism for Yeltsin's re-election and the anticipated worst situation
  • To buy or not to buy in this summer -- PC's, digital camera, membership of resort club, log house, my own house, recreational vehicle and so on....

Jun. 30, 1996 issue

  • All about Takashimaya and Japan's mafia -- everything is all company's conspiracy
  • Revealing the whole story of rebellion against Ozawa in NFP
  • Emergency report: Girls who sell their sex -- "I'm gonna talk about my parents"
  • Finally, it's time that golf clubs may go bancrupt
  • Employees of Midori Juji reveal the inside story of the company after the AIDS case

Jun. 23, 1996 issue

  • Scoop: I helped Aum leaders to escape abroad -- a note by an Aum conspirator from jail
  • Hajime Funada's "clear in words but ambiguous in meaning" statements -- what does he think after all?
  • More confusion by the idea of "World Cup in Tokyo bay area"
  • A "scientific" book that carries 800 pictures of woman's sexual organs is finally prosecuted
  • NTV's poor attitudes of program making -- you may not criticise TBS
  • The true character of KKC, Keizai Kakumei Club or Economic Revolution Club, and its chariman Yamamoto which collected 50 billion yen in two years from ordinary people

Jun. 16, 1996 issue

  • 2002 World Cup Soccer, the truth behind the curtain -- do you hear the loud laugh of Korea?
  • All about long underground battles between Japan and Korea over World Cup
  • The miscalculated expectaion for 2002
  • Super personal finance method in the time of super low interest
  • Gossips:
    • Mrs Saito, the wife of the murdered professor in San Diego
    • Mr Kazushige Nagashima, the junior of the director of Yomiuri Giants
    • Suspect Inoue of Aum Shinrikyo
    • Mr Nonaka, the acting secretary general of LDP
    • Nintendo which was taken over the top position by Sega

Jun. 9, 1996 issue

  • Why did late Ryotaro Shiba write that Jusen should be solved by official fund?
  • Unintentional confession of suspect Matsumoto (real name of Shoko Asahara) about Matsumoto Sarin case
  • TV stations watch for opportunities while TBS announces stopgap self restriction
  • Unveils the "real" income of big talents and entertainers -- top tax payers do not necessarily earn most
  • The decadance of sexuality in Japan -- from high school girls to professors
  • What will happen on June 1st over invitation of 2002 World Cup Soccer -- serious battle between Japan and Korea

Jun. 2, 1996 issue

  • A loud laugh of the man who tempted Shoko Asahara to dream of becoming the King of Japan
  • An interview with the mother of Hatoyama brothers who are said to be seeking a joint new party
  • American dream of "dieting" eye drops
  • Economic Planning Agency's index of affluence of prefectures and reactions from local government
  • Late Professor Masataka Kosaka's dandism
  • Ojisan, or upper middle men, and personal computer -- its limitation and the way to breakthrough
  • An intrigue of politicians and bureaurats to fire Minister Naoto Kan