Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (since August '96)

Weekly Bunshun

Sep. 26, 1996 issue

  • The Weekly Gendai's report on the Unification Church that ruined Mr Ueda who resigned the director of pro baseball team by the family trouble
  • Comparison of their wives and funds between Naoto Kan and Yukio Hatoyama
  • Shameless LDP who asked bankers for 5 billion donation despite of thier declaration of self-restriction
  • Cheking the homepages by famous people -- critic Takashi Tachibana, novelist Yasutaka Tsutsui and Haruki Murakami, singer Kyoko Koizumi etc.
  • What is the "thirteen constellations" horoscope ?
  • The dark side of Pachinko industry -- the addictive "CR" machines are the enemies of salarymen
  • The murder of a university sutudent and seven doubtful persons
  • Weird and cruel murder by Etsuo Ono

Sep. 19, 1996 issue

  • The plot to cut off Hashimoto that is hidden behind the October dissolution -- Kajiyama and Kato's five hours secret meeting triggerd the game
  • The fiction of the grand chorus against US base in Okinawa that has been fanned by governor Ohta -- only 53% support* in local vote was a big misculculation
  • A trick of "the policy to protect the gamblization" of the pachinko industry
  • Don't you think it's curious Japanese, Mr Yukio Hatoyama's favorite phrase sasete-itadaku, or "I am happy to be allowed to do such and such" ?
  • The prostitution by three ko-gyaru, or young girls, in Osaka and three hundreds clients
  • Tow families that anny Fuji-TV -- Akao clan of Obunsha and Shikanai clan, foremer owner of Fuji-Sankei group
  • The bloody death of Keio-graduate president of an SM club

Sep. 12, 1996 issue

  • The authority of Mrs Yasuko Hatoyama, the god mother of the distinguished politician family
  • A mask of a hypocrite -- the chief of nurses talked about Mr Yamanaka, the director of a hospital in Kyoto, who had been leading his cancer cases to easy and painless death
  • The dark side of Pachinko 30 trillion industry (9) -- it sacrifices widow employees
  • Mr Taisaku Ikeda's plan to take over Japan -- the network of Soka-Gakkai penetrates the politicians and breaucrats
  • Three hours exclusive interview with Ms Yoshiko Mita, an actress who has recovered from her cancer
  • The gorgeous "super brand" life of an office ladiy who embezzeled 100 million yen
  • An miserable murder of high school girl -- a 17-year-old "elite" criminal and his unfettered mother

Sep. 5, 1996 issue

  • The complete forecast of the comming general election -- 300 seats for the single-member constituency and 11 electoral districts to propotional representative
    • The Hatoyama's new party may come arise depending on it strategy
    • Neither LDP nor NFP will achieve the majority
    • SDP and Sakigake will be suffer serious defeat
    • JCP will gain significant support with 40 seats
    • The list of big names who will lose their seats
  • The weakest point of Hatoyama's new party that was denounced as a "soft ice cream party" by Mr Nakasone
  • The first reveal of women scandal of Mr Taisaku Ikeda, the honoraly chairman of Soka-Gakkai
  • The discord between imperial family and royal families over Princess Masako
  • Wide special -- midsummer misteries: Headless corps of the boss of a yakuza family; semi-professional pachinko player who left her child to death; Belgian House of Terror, etc...
  • Three directors of competing Central Baseball League denounce each other
  • The 6.4 billion yen waste of Tokyo governmenta tax for Tokyo Metropolitan Television which fired its vice president

Aug. 29, 1996 issue

  • The awful reason why the investigation of the kidnapping of Sanyo America's president
  • Thirteen ladies who have related to the Soka-Gakkai honorary chairman, Mr Taisaku Ikeda
  • The recommendation of retire for these famous people: Takanohana (sumo champion), Katsuya Nomura (director of pro-baseball), Hiroshi Kume (newscaster), Seiko Matsuda (singer), Yasuhiro Nakasone (foremer Prime Minister), and so on...
  • Those who made a big money by the O-157 panic
  • Tora-san, or Mr Kiyoshi Atsumi, one of the most popular movie actors in Japan who recently passed away -- his unknown private life
  • A miserable scene where a giant bear attacked the photographer Hoshino
  • The misterious lady in the Imperial House whom even the bureaucrats at Imperial House Agency do not know

Aug. 15-22, 1996 issue

  • Inside the Imperial House Agency, which have allowed maltreats against empress Michiko and princess Masako
  • The secret of Yuko Arimori's tear -- her parents talked about her life and efforts
  • The debaucheries of the Akao family, the owner of Obunsha, the media and education complex -- The labour union of Bunka Hoso radio station declares the challenge against the owner of its parent company
  • Nobody can stop the march to dissolution and general election in October -- the candidates almost go mad for the hard campaign
  • An anonymous talk session of foreign players of Japanese professional baseball that reveal hidden stories about players, directors, money and women
  • The way my Pachinko parlor went bankrupt -- The dark side of 30 trillion industry (7)
  • The reason of resignation of Meitec's president was a race horse
  • The true story of Unabomber -- his younger brother tald

Aug. 8, 1996 issue

  • "Our daughter was dead, bleeding at her lung", writes the parents of fifth-grader O-157 victim
  • O-157 panic throughout Japan -- house wives roast and broil even vegetables -- Internet plays an important role to provide the latest information
  • 189 officials and coaches in Japan's Olympic team are all assholes -- charge of the miserable result in Atlanta
  • The latest information on rape in Hawaii, where many Japanese ladies are in danger
  • Ken-ichi Mikawa, a popular singer, strikes back against Weekly Post's article that reported he commited a fraud
  • Pachinko makes even Yakuza, or Japanese mafia, crazy -- The dark side of 30 trillion industry (6)
  • Hogen Fukunaga, the leader of troubled religious organization, and his land property of 957,000 sq meters in Shizuoka
  • The Director of the Imperial House Agency, Mr Kamakura's career at JAF(Japan Automobile Federation), which was pointed its 7 billion yen omission from tax report

Aug. 1, 1996 issue

  • Hajime Funada, a prince of NFP, excuses his scandal with Megumi Hata, another Dietwoman of NFP
  • A pandemonium between Kimijima's half brothers
  • Worst 25 Japanese corporations in their loss that Fortune magazine reported
  • Japan's miracle victory over Brazil in Olympic soccer game
  • A list of stay-in-hotel trainings for PC beginners
  • The dark side of Pachinko industry -- the worst player is the police (5)
  • Tracing a suspicious message on Friday night BBS, which says "I will sell receipts..."
  • The Atlanta rhapsody -- too hot opening ceremony caused death -- bad operation made a lot of troubles
  • The class A criminals of the O-157 panic in Sakai city, Osaka.

Weekly Shincho

Sep. 26, 1996 issue

  • Tactical allocation of their faithfuls' votes by Soka-Gakkai which aims to controll the politics
  • Saddam Hussein and his family's ambition
  • China and Taiwan's threat over the Japanese national flag on the Senkaku Islands -- timid MOFA makes the matter worse
  • Is it such a heart warming story that 14-year-old boy crossed the Pacific alone by a yacht ?
  • It's not over yet -- the cause of E. coli O-157 is still not specified
  • The tunnel crash in Toyohama, Hokkaido in last February and the responsibillity for huge compensation

Sep. 19, 1996 issue

  • The anticipation of Hatoyama new party's victory in the general election causes unrest among coalition government
  • The former director of MHW, Mr Mochinaga's responsibility for the medicine-HIV -- he might be worse than Dr Abe
  • A bit of shame in the publication of "50 years history of Social Democratic Party" which does not reconsider its "way of against everything"
  • 200 million yen lawsuit by the family of a housewife who died from a failure of lipo-suction
  • The relationship between E. coli O-157 and Aum Shinrikyo that was warned by the US investigation office
  • The last mistery of the popular mistery writer, Ms Misa Yamamura who passed away this month

Sep. 12, 1996 issue

  • The dark attraction of "poison" that captured the Abe and his personal connections
  • The ugly text books that have been examined by the Ministry of Education -- a question about "Japan was totally wrong" argument
  • 38 medical cases that cost over 10 million yen per month and the results
  • The embarrassments of the mothers in Sakai city to prepare "safe" luch box for their children because the school lunch is suspended by O-157 trouble
  • What if the overwhelming majority of Okinawa people say "No" against US base in the inhabitants' vote on September 8 ?
  • The forecast of general election -- LCP would get as much as 40 seats by regretting its former "fault"

Sep. 5, 1996 issue

  • Comparing the after-WW-II history of Japanese Imperial Family with that of British Royal Family which has achieved the economic independence and reduction of the size of member of royalty
  • Can Hatoyama brothers, the intellects without demonish power, hold the reins of government ?
  • The criticism from the US to the largess money that Sanyo paid for its kidnap incident
  • The information that came in for a million yen price for the murder hostess and her run away with plastic surgery
  • The another situation that Hong Kong fears despite the report on the massacre in Tibet
  • Finally it will be unveiled by the inspection of Midori Juji corporation what the dietman Mr Muchinaga, former director of the MHW medicine office, has done

Aug. 29, 1996 issue

  • Will the Emperor officially visit Korea where former president is to be sentenced to death?
  • The pressure from 100 thousands live-on-school-lunch which prevents local governments from suspending it even under current O-157 panic
  • A wife of the governor of Nagasaki prefecture who caused a traffic accident by private leisure on the very day of Atomic Bomb memorial
  • The true story about Nintendo which was reported to experience the significant reduction of profit and stop of the marketing of its stocks
  • The disposition of those who are responsible to the desasterous results in Atlanta Olympic despite of huge budget
  • Aum's plan to reconstruct its organization

Aug. 15-22, 1996 issue

  • Summer Special: The good fortunes and bad fortunes for those who ran across the red lights
    • Okinawa governor Ohta's smell of liquor that struck Difence Secretary Perry dumn
    • A big target of National Tax Agency in the case of Futagoyama-beya's 300 million yen evation
    • A rejection sympton of Kisarazu elementary school where the daughter of Shoko Asahara has attended for 4 months
    • The bloodstained shoes of Junko Asari at Altanta Olympic, and the embarassement of Asics which offered the shoes
    • A re-election of Mr Akitani as the chairman of Soka-Gakkai and the maneuver of the eldest son of Mr Taisaku Ikeda for the heredity
    • The picture of "Japan's Invasion" on the New York Times (July 16) was a total fake

Aug. 8, 1996 issue

  • The seamy side of Atlanta Olympic that has been reported with flowery words
  • The 3,000 salesmen of Sony Life Insurance who pushed away seiho-obasan, or life insurance sales ladies
  • Panic of 40,000 Yakiniku (Korean barbecue) restaurans from O-157
  • The anti-US-base land owners in Okinawa and witness of unsolved kidnapping
  • Mr Miyauchi, the president of Orix corp., accuses the Ministry of Construction that wastes national money by using tax for flower gardening in the streets
  • The analysis of this summer's 3.3 million overseas tourists by their occupation

Aug. 1, 1996 issue

  • A taboo that prevents anybody from declaring that the cause of O-157 is school lunch
  • The true character of misterious massagist who was at the scene of Mr Ichiro Kimijima's sudden death
  • The reason why the sale of government land is so popular
  • Three sanctuaries of the national budget that the promiscuous cabinet cannot cut for reduced finance -- ODA, defence and social security
  • Maneuver of Takeshi Abe just before the summons for AIDS problem at the Parliament
  • The complete edition of "Chateley" will be published comming fall, which has been banned as an indecent pornography

Weekly Asahi

Sep. 27, 1996 issue

  • The complete forecast of General election -- East Japan version -- Can Mr Kan (health minister who recently joined the Hatoyama's new party) become the Prime Minister ?
  • Incredible irresponsibility of MHW where a factional strife led the HIV disaster
  • How arrogant is Mr Kunio Hatoyama, the younger brother of Mr Yukio Hatoyama and another core member of the new party ?
  • The fate of bankrupted golf clubs over which the members fight for their interests
  • Your credit card number is hucked quite easily -- Japan is a paradise for card crime -- 30 billion yen loss a year
  • Exclusive interview with Mr Ueda, the former director of Nippon-ham Fighters baseball team, who retired the position to take back his family from the Unification Church
  • A memory of late mistery writer, Misa Yamamura, by Kyotaro Nishimura

Sep. 20, 1996 issue

  • The former manager of MHW medicine department, Mr Matsumura's crime, to which I committed also -- confessed a retired MHW medico-crat
  • Unknown part of diet plastic surgery that was unveiled by the death of a house wife who experienced the lipo-suction treatment
  • A sudden boom of Hesse's "The Joy of Gardening" among those in their 60s in the aged Japan
  • A manager in the sexual industry who graduated from University of Tokyo explains the business that Keio-graduate president of SM club had fallen
  • A competing report on the next director of Hanshin Tigers, the spoiled popular baseball team
  • General election in October will result in the coalition between LDP and JCP, and the LCP's secretary Mr Shii will become the prime minister..... a nonsense future novel by Terry Ito
  • A surprising report from the US -- will husbands of beautiful wives die 12 years earlier than others ?
  • Ten laws by which you can distinguish financially "dangerous" golf clubs

Sep. 13, 1996 issue

  • Five deadly sins of Dr Takeshi Abe who was arrested for the medicine caused HIV problem
  • Not only Abe, but also MHW and pharmaceutial companies are to be charged as "intentional" murder
  • The backstage of the fabricated business trip in Aichi Police Ofiice
  • Unknown virtue of ginkgo leaves
  • The Tsukuba style apartment houses -- 21st century's method to buy your home in resonable price
  • The failure of childish Hatoyama -- Mr Takami, a dietman of Sakigake, explains the critical last 24 hours
  • Background talk about competing Central Baseball League

Sep. 6, 1996 issue

  • Will 500 golf courses disappear ? -- Those may be bancrupt by runs of 9 trillion deposits for the membership
  • In memory of late Sadako Sawamura -- by Tetsuko Kuroyanagi
  • The reason why many famous jounior colleges have been closed -- even Gakushuin and Toyo-Eiwa women's college are not exception
  • The computer, that found all weak points of Ichiro, tried to analyse Matsui who is the eye of the storiming Central Baseball League
  • The will of late Masao Maruyama, the Japan's intellectual giant -- there is no more politics in Japan
  • Unprecedented setting a price on a "murderer hostess" who has twenty different names -- her life of run away
  • Now getting in! -- the roots of the trendy B grade gourmet Tako-Raisu, or tacos and rice
  • Ryotaro Shiba's unpublished lecture notes -- Fransisco Xavier and "God" of Japanese
  • Japanese animations are so popular in Korea

Aug. 30, 1996 issue

  • Seven curious stories about O-157: misterious specific medicine; O-157 related stocks; disappeared station luch-box; menu of school lunch; reputation of Health minister Kan and those who gloat it...
  • 22 questions and answers about O-157
  • Summer special: Self virtual "obituary column" by some ten of famous people
  • A sneaker rhapsody of young people
  • Unknown Kiyoshi Atsumi -- a manuscript by Rokusuke Ei

Aug. 16-23, 1996 issue

  • The Pachinko dependency syndrome that makes housewives crazy
  • Thorough report on national discount battle places -- beers in Kawasaki, gasoline in lake Biwa, sports gear in Gifu, etc...
  • Special section in mid summer -- adventurers in neighbourhood who deserve "gold" medals
  • A ghost story in Nagata-cho (the political district of Tokyo) or Janne d'Arc for SDP -- how realistic is the new party by O-Taka-san, Ms Takako Doi, the chairperson of the Lower House ?
  • Four cynics select: The ranking of damn things at Atlanta Olympic
  • Special: The encounter with Ryoma Sakamoto, my beloved Japanese -- 17 pages unpublished record of late Ryotaro Shiba's lecture

Aug. 9, 1996 issue

  • The World's worst food poisoning, O-157 -- a disaster that the over-reliance on antibiotics has yielded
  • The future of Yoshikatsu Kawaguchi, the Japan's hero at Atlanta who kept its goal from 28 shoots of Brazilian soccer team
  • The price of the exclusive TV broadcasting rights of their weddings -- Futagoyama, the popular sumo stable, was pointed out its omission of income report by the tax agency
  • The background stories of Atlanta Olympic
  • Young boys, why do you show your shorts?
  • How to change the ideal organization into the dull team -- study the decline of Seibu Lions that used to be the champion of Jpanese professional baseball league
  • The reasons why late Ichiro Kimijima might carry his regrets beyond the grave
  • The best 40 homepages that four "net experts" (?) selected -- part 2

Aug. 2, 1996 issue

  • The Kimijima's empire began to collapse with the disrupted funeral of Mr Ichiro Kimijima, the founder of the brand
  • Does Tsutomu Miyazaki, who was prosecuted in charge of child abuse and murder seven years ago, really have multi-personality? -- that is the point of this trial
  • The real face of chief of karate school who was arrested on suspection of kidnapping
  • Foremer prime minister Mr Nakasone was driven out from his own Gumma electoral district to propotional representative
  • The best 40 homepages that four "net experts" (?) selected
  • The tric of the dream recycle machine that is said to change waste plastic into lamp oil
  • A reporter challenged the ultra hot marathon course at Altanta

Sunday Mainichi

Sep. 29, 1996 issue

  • A top secret report unveiled a major bank's deceptive announcement on its bad loans
  • How to apply the booming EQ, or emotional intelligence theory, to your management
  • A panic among LDP and NFP on the anticipation of JCP's victory in the comming general election
  • University entrance examinations '97 -- utilize the special system for those who returned from foreign countries
  • How to discriminate young men who would not marry at their marriageable age
  • Unusually curious conventions in some famous Japanese companies
  • The fear of "stalkers" which would assault the intelligent beauties

Sep. 22, 1996 issue

  • Watch out these pit falls of life insurance that will bring you a serious loss
  • The next target of the Nationa Tax Agency that has accused several famous people's omissions from their tax reports
  • Hussein's revenge to Clinton's missile, even against Japan that supports the US attack
  • The registance of 80 years old suspect Abe in Tokyo prison
  • "My thirteen persons that were born by rape" told a lady with multiple personality
  • You can live in central Tokyo with as low as 80 thousands rent for 2LDK, 70 sq meters apartment
  • Early autumn election:
    • The plan for the grand alliance of the third pole
    • PM Hashimoto's difficulty by the "rebellion" of Okinawa people
    • Yukio Hatoyama rebuts the criticism as a childish new party

Sep. 15, 1996 issue

  • Seven failures that Hatoyama's new party made before its launch
  • The list of MHW bureaucrats who are frightened by the arrest of Dr Takeshi Abe
  • LDP looks early dissolution
  • How to overcome annoying office ladies
  • The unusual change in TV programs -- will three big comedians - Takeshi, Sanma and Tamori - desappeare from autmn new time table?
  • The fabrication of the incitement that you should buy your house in this September

Sep. 8, 1996 issue

  • The danger index of region by region, country by country which only Japanese do not know -- rich Japanese are ideal target
  • Ten methods to save your securities overseas
  • The secret of the companies that earn high profit per employee -- plus top 100 ranking list
  • The decision of "Hamlet" Yukio Hatoyama
  • The O-157 panic is just the beginning of the fight with bacterium -- an interview with Mr Masakazu Hatanaka, the author of The Challange to the Killer Virus
  • Which team will laugh at the end of penant race of professional baseball leagues?

Sep. 1, 1996 issue

  • How far will this O-157 panic continue?
  • The coomplete check of surprising reorganizations of the industry -- banks, car manufactures, department stores....
  • The secret meeting of Yukio Hatoyama against Mr Takemura's tactics to disturb his new political party plan
  • You can't do any business without knowing the desire of ko-madamu or young lady consumer
  • Step down the defence team which is at Shoko Asahara's beck and call
  • 48 stories of Tora-san, or Mr Kiyoshi Atsumi

Aug. 18-25, 1996 issue

  • Complete forecast table of 300 electoral districts under the single-member constituency system -- LDP and Soka-Gakkai might collaborate in 100 districts
  • Spreading pay-for-ability systems among the leading companies and how your salary is determined
  • '96 Summer human wide:
    • The dock for breaucrats who have regarded epidemic O-157 as just a food poisoning
    • The attitude of Dr Takeshi Abe toward the X-day who accused this magazine
    • Arimori, Tamura, Maezono... The second start lines for Olympic fighters
    • An obscure AKIA brand got the first place in the PC market share -- the second PC war begins
    • Mr Satsuki Eda's run for election of govornor of Okayama prefecture -- Hashimoto and LDP's calculations and miscalculations
  • A guide to Tokyo's new subcenter in bay area

Aug. 11, 1996 issue

  • The critical points to survive from O-157
  • The academic cliques in the major corporations
  • The latest report on 1997 universities entrance examination
  • Keep the route -- series of reports about the logistics at Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • A report on Japan's soccer team at Atlanta by Etsuko Komiya, a popular newscaster
  • Hard lives of the salesmen at newly entered life insurance companies
  • Can PHS (personal handyphone system) survive the serious dumping race this fall?
  • Full text of the report of legal examination of Tsutomu Miyazaki's sanity

Aug. 4, 1996 issue

  • All survey on 300 electoral districts under the single-member constituency system - part 2
  • The complete trace of the cause of E. coli bacteria O-157
  • Ranking of universities in job opportunities (part 5)
  • Keep the route -- a report about the rescue of cultural properties at Great Hanshin Earthquake
  • The stimulant-in-milkpot scandal in a hospital in Wakayama and misterious tape of concealed recording
  • Inner trouble of Kimijima family whose leader Mr Ichiro Kimijima suddenly passed away.
  • The anticipation of the ranking of corporate profit this year