Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (October to November'96)

Weekly Bunshun

Nov. 28, 1996 issue

  • There was an Aum sympathizer in the Security Investigation Agency who retired the office last August
  • Toru Odashima, a designer who disguized an abduction by himself -- the lost 800 million yen and two conspirators
  • A Ginza hostess talked about the life and personality of suspect Izui
  • Series 1: the confession by an exhiled North Korean scientist -- The night I escaped into the Japanese Embassy in Beijin
  • Let's abondan disturbing traditon of nengajo, or new year's post cards
  • The 2002 World Cup Soccer -- these prefectures will be rejected to host the games
  • The inside of Yomiuri Giants -- how do you want to treat Ochiai and Kiyohara?

Nov. 21, 1996 issue

  • The hell of a slave situation that an elite father cleared by killing his master, or his son, with a metallic bat
  • The 2002 World Cup Soccer and Emperor's visit to Korea that annoys Japan
  • The new Minister of Health and Welfare, Junichiro Koizumi and his predecessor, Naoto Kan, talked about administrative reorganization
  • "The reason why we constructed a light house in the Senkaku Island", told Mr Eto, the chairman of Nihon-Seinen-sha
  • Yen's depreciation led price hike of imported brands
  • An impact of Mariko Hayashi's new sexual novel, "Displeased Fruit"
  • A camouflage to pretend the seizure of guns is lectured at the Police College
  • Hisahi Yamada, the former pitching coach of Orix Bluewave, was fired but not retired by his own will
  • A memorandom of arrested Izui that terrifies big names in the political world -- where his 6 billion yen went?

Nov. 14, 1996 issue

  • The Hashimoto cabinet's touchy "faction bomb" in the LDP -- struggles between Kajiyama vs Kato, former Keiseikai and anti-Keiseikai
  • The "Shadow" Derector of the Metropolitan Police Office's Security Department who ordered to hide the confession by a police who admitted to hit the commissioner-general Kunimatsu
  • The maneuvers of the stalkers who aim at popular singers and entertainers
  • "A sorrow princess Masako who keeps silent" reported a major Italian newspaper
  • A camouflage to pretend the seizure of guns is ordered by my boss -- a former Nagasaki Police confessed
  • Satoru Nakajima: it's my pride and will to come back the F1 car race
  • Soka-Gakkai's Daisaku Ikeda got mad about the First Order of Merit to Mr Takeiri, the former chairman of Komeito

Nov. 7, 1996 issue

  • The accusing letter of the commissioner-general Kunimatsu shooting case and the power struggle in the Metropolitan Police
  • The Kuramae police office's achievement to seize guns was just a fake
  • Double blech of Daisaku Ikeda whose Soka-Gakkai boasts the victory in the election despite the trouble in NFP
  • The poisonous spiders in Sakai city still alive in the shadow of O-157 trouble
  • Increasing self-bankruptcy among middle aged salary men
  • The calculation of pro-golfer Jumbo Ozaki who moves from Bridgestone to WOSS
  • Why an Order of Culture went to Hanae Mori ?
  • A petro-marchant Junichi Izui, famous for his donation to LDP's Takuya Yamazaki, is an well-known patron
  • Mr Kumagai, former Chief Cabinet Secretary, reveals all about Ichiro Ozawa's scandals of money and personnel

Oct. 31, 1996 issue

  • Ichiro Ozawa will become a president of a venture enterprise -- his way after the complete defeat by Ryutaro Hashimoto in the election -- NFP is almost collapsing
  • The Soka-Gakkai's last three days in the general election
  • The fight of women in the election -- Makiko Tanaka, Tamaki Sawa, Yuriko Koike, Akiko Santo ...
  • A story of an owner of a Pachinko shop -- "How I fought with yakuza and evil foreigners"
  • How cheap can it be ? -- a new price competition of domestic airline tickets
  • Does Shunji Iwai's film "Swallow Tail" steal its idea from a comic ?
  • Akira Tsumura's suspect of 7 billion breach of trust and his sweet childish life
  • Extracurricular activities by a homosexual teacher who sold video tapes of the play with his students

Oct. 24, 1996 issue

  • If Hashimoto's LDP wins, Ozawa would retire from the political world
  • Good and bad for these disturbing candidates -- Sachiyo Nomura (a wife of director of Yakult baseball club), Kenzaburo Hara, Yasuko Ikenobo, Yasuhiro Nakasone (foremer PM), Kyokudozan (a sumo wrestler)
  • The corporate programs that encourage early retirement, in Sony, Mitsubishi, Matsushita, Honda... -- are they worth considering ?
  • Haruki Murakami talks about a truely terrifying book "Shot in the Heart"
  • A marifana-holding employee at TV-Asahi is a son of foremer executive of the Asahi Shimbun
  • Complete analysis of baseball Japan Series by Yutaka Enatsu -- Ichiro vs. Matsui, which is more powerful ?
  • The successive murder cases by a taxi driver in Hiroshima -- victims are streetwalkers

Oct. 17, 1996 issue

  • The complete simulation -- Hashimoto, Kan, Hatoyama, Kajiyama -- Who will become next prime minister ?
  • Reportage from hard battle fields of general election -- Okayama IV (Hashimoto vs Kato), Kyoto IV (Nonaka vs Kamine) and Tokyo II (Kunio Hatoyama vs Fukaya)
  • The level of Prince Akishino-no-miya's doctoral thesis about chickens
  • A manuscript by the "fox eye" man who has been marked by the police as the leader of Glico-Morinaga case (3) -- his days with bubble money
  • Unfair? Umpires seem to have helped the Yomiuri's championship in the Central League pennant race
  • The list of doubtful people who aqcuired the non-public stocks of Takefuji

Oct. 10, 1996 issue

  • A manuscript by the "fox eye" man who has been marked by the police as the leader of Glico-Morinaga case (2) -- his university days as a sutudent activist with Makiko Tanaka, Hiroshi Kume and so on
  • Kimiko Date and Kiichi Nakai -- a hot couple
  • Impudent lie about her age by a 52 years old murderer and her cheating life
  • Ichiro vs Matsui -- two key players of Japan Championship League of the professional baseball
  • The complete forecast of coming general election -- LDP loses current seats, Minshuto holds 70, SDP 3 and Sakigake 4, Shinshinto has advantage but cannot reach 200, JCP doubles
  • The police is a parasite of the pachinko industry

Oct. 3, 1996 issue

  • Two North Korean submarines had disappeared -- an important top secret behind the envasion and gun-fighting in Korea
  • A secret communication between Hatoyama brothers and Soka-Gakkai that is a key to the "policy of exclusion" of the Minshuto (Democratic Party of Japan)
  • "I'm not a member of Soka-Gakkai" said Mrs Sachiyo Nomura, who is the wife of the director of Yakult baseball club and was approached by Ichiro Ozawa as a lower house candidate of NFP
  • Series: a manuscript of a "fox eye" man who has been regarded by the police as the leader of Glico-Morinaga case 12 years ago
  • The Shinjuk department stores discounting war that is blasted by the entrance of Takashimaya
  • A misterious Taiwanese secretary who accompanied Ichiro Ozawa's visit to China
  • Another story about counterfeit Pachinko card
  • The reason of the delayed notification of the Nagaoka city mayor's trouble

Weekly Shincho

Nov. 28, 1996 issue

  • Anachronistic rice policy of Hashimoto government which boasts the administrative reorganization
  • Early sexual education in Kamakura city and reaction from parents
  • Anxious about princess Masako who has been taking rest for four months
  • The infamous chief of Horyuji temple, Mr Takada, who now requests to return the temple's treasures that were presented to Emperor for 10 thousand yen (14 billion as present value) almost 100 years ago
  • Article is small but the situation is serious -- Nissan decided its withdrawal from China
  • Almost deceiving ad of paid homes for aged which are investigated by the Fair Trade Committee

Nov. 21, 1996 issue

  • Yukio Hatoyama's love affairs scandal -- a recording tape of their negotiation has appeared
  • A father who killed his son as a result of violence in house and his mother
  • Even prime minister Hashimoto questions the member of the Order of Culture selection committee
  • The rumor about a trouble at the exective meeting of Nomura Security where president got a blow
  • Politicians and high government officials whose names are listed on the notebook of Izui, who earned 6 billion grey money
  • A surprising fact that one third of 3,700 temporary retired teachers have mental problems

Nov. 14, 1996 issue

  • LDP's plot to confer the the First Order of Merit to Mr Takeiri, the former chairman of Komeito
  • Will a demagogue become truth ? -- the long standing rumor about the marrige of Yohei Kono and Ryoko Sakuma
  • Almost dying Tokyo Metropolitan TV got troubled by broadcasting Soka-Gakkai sponsored programs
  • The in-depth reason why the Police department cannot yet arrest the policeman who confessed to shoot the commissioner-general
  • A "write-and-play" by the J-League sponsors who cannot withdraw from the soccer business despite its significant decrease in visitors and TV ratings
  • Mr Shigeo Nagashima's decision who fired his son, Kazushige, from Yomiuri Giants

Nov. 7, 1996 issue

  • An accusation by an insider that revealed the commissioner-general shooting case that the Metropolitan Police Department kept secret
  • The Nichiei Finance's 1 trillion yen bankruptcy -- 10 thousands "non-bank" finance firms to follow
  • Yukio Hatoyama's 10 years complications with his love in Muroran
  • An exiled dancer who disclosed the Kim Jong Il's secret parties night after night
  • Soka-Gakkai chaiman Akiya and Ichiro Ozawa who stitched up the almost splitting NFP
  • Asahara's defense team seaks the "hundred year" trial by a psychiatric test
  • Will the Order of Culture to Hanae Mori boost the fever of ladies goods at department strores ?
  • The value of Kiyohara, the Seibu Lions' slugger, who declared the excercise of FA, or free agent right -- Will Yomiuri Giants that experienced disastrous defeat in Japan series want him ?

Oct. 31, 1996 issue

  • The defence plan for the Sea of Japan that is within the scope of North Korea's missile
  • Mr Kinhide Mushanokoji, former vice president of the University of the United Nations -- his women problem and the suicide of his wife
  • The inability of the earthquake forecast program that has spent 100 billion budget
  • After all, the outcome will be only the rise of the consumption tax...
    • Please, new voters rather than new candidates
    • Japan Series baseball game gained higher rating than the election report by NHK
    • Where will Ichiro Ozawa go?
    • Soka-Gakkai allergy and the independence of former Komei
    • It's too Japanese way -- the gainer and looser by the system of "the marginal loss rate"
    • No former MOF bureaucrat new candidate won the election
    • etc...

Oct. 24, 1996 issue

  • A crazy battle for votes that devastates Japan at the end of the century : Part 3
    • Unexpected top-heavy for Minshuto and JCP
    • The true story why Kyokudozan (a sumo wrestler) and Yasuko Ikenobo run from Soka-Gakkai
    • LDP 2 billion, NFP 3 billion -- the reputation of their TV campaign
    • Timid LDP candidates who fawn on Soka-Gakkai
    • etc...
  • Intelligence battle of Japan Series that lies under the too-much-praise to Yomiuri Giants
  • Two Nobel economists of this year committed to establish the Japanese tax systems just after the World War II
  • MHW sacrifices only ex-manager Matsumura (arrested this month) and tries to hide everything else
  • 30 million pensioners who cry on the super low interest rate -- Bank of Japan president Matsushita does not care the market

Oct. 17, 1996 issue

  • A crazy battle for votes that devastates Japan at the end of the century : Part 2
    • Where is the source of fund of LDP and NFP, which give their candidates 10 million and 20 million budget respectively ?
    • Labour union and Soka-Gakkai may become the fetters of Minshuto
    • LDP may lose all seats in Tokyo and Osaka
    • Will PM Hashimoto really be elected ?
    • etc...
  • North Korea's revenge already started
  • Curious university that confered a doctoral degree on Prince Akishino-no-miya
  • A total lie that 700 thousands hard Pachinko machines were removed
  • The popularity of the ladies brands designers whose cloths illuminated the grand opening of the new Takashimaya department store in Shinjuku -- 250 thousands people purchased one billion yen goods on the first day

Oct. 10, 1996 issue

  • A crazy battle for votes that devastates Japan at the end of the century : Part 1
    • The fear of LDP and NFP by the expectations of 100 for Minshuto and 40 for JCP
    • Anticipation for candidates in question
    • Soka-Gakkai's unification of religion and politics
    • The level of "talent" candidates
    • The end of SDP
    • Nonsense promises on consumption tax and gyokaku, or government's reorganization
  • Incomprehensible behivor of Mr Daisaku Ikeda after his brother's death
  • Another O-157 case and crazy report by MHW that accuses radish sprouts while not mentioning suspicious beef
  • Analysing the ability of the new devices that can detect huge earthquake
  • The cheating report by Miyagi prefecture that is expected to unveile the substances of breaucrat-bureaucrat entertainment services

Oct. 3, 1996 issue

  • Will the sentence on two Asahara's pupils be reduced by their testimony against the master ?
  • The final stage of Central Baseball League -- both Japan and British betting houses are looking at which team will win the pennant
  • Why many forecasts of general election are in favor of the Minshuto, whose foreign policy is the questoinable "apology diplomacy" ?
  • The target of the 26 guellira from North Korea that is said to send a thousand agents to South Korea already
  • The dark history of Midorijuji (Green Cross Corp) that was established by former leaders of Japan army's 731 unit that was known for its medical experimentaion on living persons
  • Which book is better -- one recommends not to fight against cancer, while the other urges readers to struggle against the desease

Weekly Asahi

Nov. 29, 1996 issue

  • From the star of middle age to the enemy of them -- a history of degradation of Tatsuo Tomobe, the patron of the Orange Mutual Aid which was accused as the illegal fund rasing
  • Exclusive interview with Kazuaki Karasawa, the most favorable actor and the the author of the best selling autobiography,"Futari (Two of Us)" which will appear on a high school textbook
  • Black list of 25 grey politicians at Nagatacho, the political district of Japan -- the grand refutation by "Izui Money" dietmen without fear
  • Giants' "old shop syndrom" -- Does Ochiai become super madogiwa, or useless veteran, by its call for Kiyohara?
  • Those who are pleased and who are not with revolutionary new phone system that displays the number of the caller
  • How pornographic is the "complete" Chatterley ? -- examined by experienced "sexual" writers
  • The hypocratic life of a designer who disguized an abduction by himself
  • The impact of the information by the arrested Aum cult member that "shooter" Hirata was already dead

Nov. 22, 1996 issue

  • Surprising human connection map of Naniwa (Osaka) political marchant, Izui, who was arrested by tax evasion -- from sumo, baseball to politics and government
  • At last, the state of art of global crime -- your credit card number might be stolen on the Internet -- dangerous software, CreditMaster
  • Conversation between Nobuo Ishihara, former Vice Secretary of the Cabinet, and Soichiro Tahara, a journalist -- Will new Hashimoto cabinet really achieve the administrative reorganization?
  • The way an ideal father decided to kill his beloved son
  • The reputation of the editor-in-chief of the SDP's organization paper that seriously critisized the party
  • Fire the court assigned lawyars who are played with by Shoko Asahara
  • The true figure of the company which acquired Ibaraki Country Club that has issued 52 thousands of membership against normal capacity of 2,800 -- golf club crisis, vol.9
  • The dark side of the assault of Gifu Mitaka-cho mayor who was former NHK commentator

Nov. 15, 1996 issue

  • The secret information about the commissioner-general shooting case that the Security Police leaked -- a former Aum official confessed
  • The dark side of the Security Police that is revealed by the dismissory of the Derector of the Metropolitan Police Office's Security Department
  • Full of blunders in the new book of Iwanami Shinsho series, "The common sense of Wine"
  • The restart of Mr Kazushige Nagashima who is fired by his father from Yomiuri Giants
  • Kiyohara's declaration of free agent annoys Yomiuri Giants
  • The traffic accident and its questionable legal judgement
  • Advices from their own experiences -- the way to get back your deposits of golf clubs
  • The Japan Space Guard Association -- how they are serious ?
  • The second scene of the turmoil in Shinshinto, or New Frontier Party, that even Ichiro Ozawa's counter attack cannot stop

Nov. 8, 1996 issue

  • The true character of the "Aum sniper" police officer that the Metropolitan Police Department kept secret -- a misterious letter to the presses that informed the criminal who shot the commissioner-general of the National Police Agency
  • The whole story of the failed anti-Ozawa revolution in NFP by Hata, Hosokawa and Kumagai
  • Is "Doi's private guard" a good treatment for the SDP's "wanna be a minister" syndrome?
  • What's the "Akitsuhara method" that claims the warranty even if it bancrapts -- golf club problems
  • Secret stories about Yomiuri Giants' "counter-make-drama" in the baseball Japan Series
  • A hundred ventures launched the new business to forecast horse races -- check the dangers
  • Ten ways to distinguish stalkers
  • The ultimate anti-cancer miso soup!

Nov. 1, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive: Two unpublished study works by Ryotaro Shiba in his twenties-- the origin of the later masterpieces
  • An ambition of Ryutaro Hashimoto who began to seek the fame of "the great prime minister"
  • It's just a nonsense to reduce government offices by half -- bureaucrats doubt the seriousness of gyokaku, or reorganizing, government
  • An obsession of 61 years old "stalker" professor who calls three times a day and writes 70 love letters to his sutudent
  • Three difficulties for HIS that announced the half priced air line services
  • Strange speach of Shoko Asahara at the court who suddenly admired his pupil
  • "Do you say my rectum cancer was also false ?", professor Kuroki refutes Mr Kondo's "don't fight against your cancer" theory

Oct. 25, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive: Mr Naoto Kan talks "All about my plan for taking political administration"
  • Election wide special: those who experience winds against them -- Makiko Tanaka, Tomiichi Murayama (SDP co-leader), Kunio Hatoyama, Hajime Funada, Yuriko Koike and so many "talent" candidates etc....
  • Series 6: the problems of Golf Club memberships -- some cources are sold at auction without notifying thier members
  • The successive murder cases by a taxi driver in Hiroshima -- huntings in midnight amusement spots
  • Exclusive interviw with ex-general manager of Lotte baseball club, Mr Hirooka -- the true story about the trouble with Mr Vallantine and Mr Irabu

Oct. 18, 1996 issue

  • Behind the curtain of single member districts in election '96
    • The power of Soka-Gakkai that makes PM Hashimoto's face pale -- the key factor to gather ballots
    • The election professional takes chance in Aichi IV district to win Minshuto's victory
    • JCP's Kyoto dream where it aims at landslide
  • The tax saving to protect yourself from the loss of Golf Club deposits
  • The cry of "PC refugee" and the business that rescues them
  • Learn from much talked-about new TV drama that takes the "sexless" couple
  • The joy of world tour cruise that captures aged people -- fully booked until two and half years ahead
  • The last words of late novelist Shusaku Endo
  • The reason why the father of a boy, who was accused of teasing his class mate to death, decided to kill himself

Oct. 11, 1996 issue

  • Scoop: 2002 Soccer World Cup co-hosted by Japan and Korea would show 10 billion yen deficit, according to Japan Soccer Association
  • Kimiko Date's retirement and heat-up report on her wedding
  • Japanese Dream -- A strange hit chart program on FM Saitama where king Komuro cannot get the top rank
  • Takeshi Kitano -- his high reputation as a cinema director and declining popularity as a commedian
  • Gang in Shibuya who blackmail oyaji, or elder people, in the street
  • How to make international call 90% discount by call back services
  • Memorial of Fujiko F. Fujio: the secret sotry on his Doraemon creation told by his partner Fujiko Fujio A.
  • Behind the curtain of a school festival which was cancelled by a letter warning a suicide

Oct. 4, 1996 issue

  • Scoop: late Mr Ichiro Kimijima's fraudulent brand business
  • An interview with Mr Naoto Kan -- how will he establish the government to reform the bureaucrat systems ?
  • The complete forecast of General election -- West Japan version -- the story behind Hatoyama brother's "exclusive" policy on new party's admission
  • Can a love overcome baldness? -- an Italian magazine reported that 49% ladies answered they like baldheads
  • Behind the curtain of the confrontation at the court between Aum's master and pupil
  • An interview with the fired director of Hanshin Tigers baseball club, Mr Taira Fujita
  • Q & A for the trouble on deposits to failed Golf Clubs

Sunday Mainichi

Nov. 24, 1996 issue

  • The winter battle to protect our life as Yen unexpectedly goes down
  • The ultimate brain training method -- try this to prevent your senility
  • Seven "bombs" that the Hashimoto cabinet holds on
  • Entrance exam '97 -- data for 200 private high schools in the metropolitan area -- part 9
  • A decision that made University of Tokyo graduated father move to kill his son with a metallic bat
  • A report on sexual harassment professors
  • The age problem of pets that 20 million families live together
  • Karel van Wolferen talked to Kazuo Inamori, the chairman of Kyocera -- the courage to elect unconventional politicians
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- Part 4 -- "I saw my previous existence"

Nov. 17, 1996 issue

  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- Part 3 -- the Shusaku Endo's vision on life and death
  • Karel van Wolferen talked to Junichiro Koizumi -- the determination to accomplish Gyokaku or administrative reorganization
  • All about Hashimoto government's maneuvers to get majority
  • University entrance exam '97 -- part 8
  • You miss the signal from ladies at your office that tells she would accept illicit love
  • The terrifying future report by the Economic Council that forecasts the bankraptcy of Japan
  • An unexpected target of the investigation over the mysterious "all naked" murder in a hot spring of Aizu Eakamatsu
  • Hey Kiyohara, don't go to the Yomiuri Giants if you are a real man
  • The National Police Agency vs the Metropolitan Police Office

Nov. 10, 1996 issue

  • Special: The Brain -- for your health, long life and brain power
  • The calculation and miscalculation of LDP -- unrealized dream of the new party by Hosokawa and Hata
  • The plot of LDP behind the argument to reorganize the single-member election system
  • University entrance exam '97 -- part 7
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- Part 2-2
  • What is the SONY's ESPER laboratory ? -- that is not occult, but stands for Extra Sensory Perception & Excitation Research
  • Unprecedented crisis of zene-kon, or general construction firms
  • The circumstances of the Metropolitan Police Department that has concealed an officer's participation in the Director sniping case

Nov. 3, 1996 issue

  • Special: the research on the world after the death -- reading many thesis -- Part 2
  • The final decision of these people after the election -- Ichiro Ozawa, Takako Doi, Kan and Hatoyama, and Masayoshi Takemura
  • The true story about the many girl babies in the offices with full of PCs
  • The impact of the renovation of the judical examination -- Chuo University lost its position as the best school to prepare the exam
  • Desaster of the "great restructuring" which will fall upon the "mass generation", or the fourties
  • Now how about your tomb ?
  • The aggressive criticism against Mr Kondo at the Japan Cancer Academy

Oct. 27, 1996 issue

  • Special: the research on the world after the death -- reading many thesis -- Part 1
  • Karel van Wolferen's proposal to the Japan's coming election -- take this chance to change the Japanese systems
  • The Kasmigaseki bureaucrats' battle for the election -- they assess the candidates
  • The No.1 Hong Kong "Fusui" fortuneteller predicts the future of Japan
  • Which department store is the Japan's No.1 ? -- comparing their goods, brands, areas etc...
  • Three sports critics talk how to enjoy pro-baseball Japan Series
  • The cruel successive murder cases by a taxi driver in Hiroshima
  • The unexpected scenario about electoral fight in Okayama IV between PM Rytaro Hashimoto and NFP's Mutsuki Kato

Oct. 20, 1996 issue

  • The final complete forecast of the general election -- LDP might fall into oposition party despite it keeps the leading position -- the critical moment of NFP -- Minshuto will gain but has possibility of disruption...
  • Shrewd calculation of bureaucrats who hold their breath under the chorus of gyokaku, or administrative reorganization
  • Entrance exam '97 -- ranking of junior colleges
  • All data of the life expectancy by the occupation -- how long can you live with your job ?
  • Terrible contents of BBS that is filled with sexual lust
  • This is the EQ criminals at your office
  • The new guru of Heisei era:
    • Mr Yukio Funai, the cunsultant and the author of best selling business books, whose followeres finally made his Analects
    • Mr Kazuo Inamori, the former chairman of Kyosera corporation, decided to devote his rest of life to Buddhism

Oct. 13, 1996 issue

  • The survival war of the general election -- the crossroads for chandidates
  • Personal businesses on the Internet by which you can earn as much as 400 thousands yen per month
  • Entrance exam '97 -- take the advantage of admissions through recommendations
  • Today's detectives that work for companies which look for their employee's attitude to find the reason of "restructuring"
  • The reasons why piercing eardrop is so dangerous
  • The true reason why Kimiko Date decided to retire just at her 25 years old
  • Dialogue between Karel van Wolferen and Naoto Kan -- how he will reorganize the Kasumigaseki bureaucrats world

Oct. 6, 1996 issue

  • Pitfalls for Mr Kan and Hatoyama who launched the new party Minshuto
  • Frightened bureaucrats at ministries which would be accused of the unintentional fault
  • A hush-ups of e-mails about piracy of thesis at Tsukuba University
  • Can green tea help baldheads ?
  • Anticipation on the finale of Jun'ich Watanabe's popular series-novel on the Nihon Keizai Shimbun, Shitsuraku-en
  • Fearfull way of the restructuring the managements at Japanese corporations
  • Dialogue between Karel van Wolferen and Ichiro Ozawa -- about Japanese politics that does not make people happy