Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (December '96)

Weekly Bunshun

Dec. 26, 1996 issue

  • A strange death of a big fixer who had entertained top MITI bureaucrats with as much as 10 million yen a night
  • Who is the indecent politician that showed terrible manner in Shinkansen train?
  • Arrested former MHW top official, Masaru Wada's big party in Mukojima where even Mr Shigeo Nagashima attended
  • Muryoju temple in Kyoto, Prince Mikasano-miya and a prophet with a die
  • Incredible 3,073 hours overtime work last year by a bureaucrat in Takaeaduka city
  • A fight of women -- new chaiman, Hisako Higuchi v.s. former chairman Takako Kiyomoto in Japan Ladies Pro-Golfers Association
  • The scandal of Kabuki star and Fuji TV cute announcer
  • Fear of Alzheimer dementa in your 50s and 60s -- self diagnosis

Dec. 19, 1996 issue

  • How can we give money to evil-doer? -- former vice health minister Okamitsu gains 3.2 million yen bonus while his wife would not move from the official house
  • 18 years life of love with Okamitsu, a Shinjuku club hostess told
  • Tsutomu Hata's decision to establish another new party that was triggered by 600 million subsidies to political party and the encouraging wife
  • Series: the confession by an exhiled North Korean scientist -- a man who died of a shock by a phone call from Kim Jong Il
  • The complete record of the press conference of Princess Masako by herself
  • Makiko Esumi's sudden divorce and her personality
  • The Unification Church's "study" in Uruguay that even made an woman to kill herself -- 4200 Japanese ladies joined
  • There were two snipers for commissioner-general shooting case -- the arrest of Yasuo Hayashi may solve this incident

Dec. 5, 1996 issue

  • Former vice health minister Okamitsu's sponging, and his secretary and wife who took advantage of his privileges
  • So many political donations from health and welfare related organizations to Prime Minister Hashimoto and Health Minister Koizumi
  • Series 2: the confession by an exhiled North Korean scientist -- The discrimination against returnee from Japan that his brother experienced in an entrance examination
  • Computer panic of elders in Yamada village where PC's are granted to most of its 460 houses
  • Hard battle between two popular women's weeklies around the issue of Ms Sachiyo Nomura
  • The ambition of a lawyer who rejected to pay a fine for his speed break
  • A confession by a drug marchant -- "I made those sudents durg addictive"
  • The Asahi Shimbun's plan to establish "Tezuka Osamu Award" and angry publishing houses
  • Kiyohara gains and Ochiai loses from recent trouble over Free Agent

Weekly Shincho

Dec. 26, 1996 issue

  • What are you doing ? Takeshima is already occupied by Korea
  • The newly listed stock of Oriental Land Co., Ltd., the operating company of Tokyo Disney Land, recorded 8,800 yen high, but Tokyo Stock Exchange anticipates a sharp drop all over the market
  • How about the 6th year of the "hea nudo", or nude picture with under hair ?
  • Mrs Ochiai told all about the slugger's idea on Yomiuri Giants and Nippoh-hum Fighters
  • The confession of former vice health minister Okamitsu and inspection of his wife
  • U.S. born new one-day contact lenses come to Japan -- its progress and price

Dec. 19, 1996 issue

  • A mistery of the Unification Church's four thousands travel to South America where a Japanese woman committed suicide
  • A curious "Buyout Organization" that subsides useless golf club membership by our tax
  • 450 million yen subsidies to a small villege of only 199 population
  • Three and half years' tactics and trial to realize the single press conference of Princess Masako
  • The explodinig camplaint of Yomiuri Giants players who lose their allotment by the 700 million acquisition of Kiyohara
  • Tokyo Government's Housing Corporation will make even more houses even though 10 thousands apartments have no residents and 3 thousands left unsold

Dec. 5, 1996 issue

  • The order to stop business against Hanwa Bank -- How well is Bank of Japan able to treat this situation?
  • Swelling 100 billion budget for Nagano Olympic and heavy burden of citizens
  • The scandal of former vice health minister Okamitsu made the heavy reliance on University of Tokyo so obsolete
  • A swindler Odashima and people who were defrauded by him and who were not
  • The high paid ANA pilots' strike that ignores passengers
  • The sentence in Osaka says that entertainment with bureaucrats should be at most 6,000 yen per person -- how to make your menu to meet this restriction

Weekly Asahi

Dec. 27, 1996 issue

  • Another interpretation of the press conference of Princess Masako by herself
  • Price destruction in housing industry -- Is 200 thousands yen per 3.3 sq meters house a good choice?
  • Mr Atsuyuki Sassa's new book about "Asama mountain house incident", one of the biggest case by revolutional activists in 1972, is full of mistake
  • The 15th Portrait Painting Award by Weekly Asahi
  • A DNA determines how you will become happy and unhappy !?
  • Series 10: Golf Club problems -- my experience of fighting to get back the deposits

Dec. 20, 1996 issue

  • The sin of the teasing wife and punishment for the husband -- finally former vice minister of MHW, Okamitsu, was arrested
  • I was betrayed by Okamitsu -- Naoto Kan is penitent
  • A never told story -- What my brother Akira has done -- Ichiro Kimijima's eldest son wrote a book about his father and told about his own plan to rehabilitate the "Kimijima Imperial"
  • The true story of Makiko Esumi's "too beautifu" divorce
  • Awful "cats hunting mafia" in Kansai region
  • A night when Hideko Obora, who has given a shelter to Aum Shinrikyo's final weapon Yasuo Hayashi, raged at a snack

Dec. 6, 1996 issue

  • The crime of the boss of MHW -- an arrogant sponge life of former vice health minister, Nobuharu Okamitsu
  • Hiroshi Koyama's Aya Welfare Group and bureaucrats in MHW that exploit subsidies for welfare
  • The common sense of doctors is nonsense of our world -- Kyoto University Hospital's corruption
  • Five pitfalls of dual currency foreign bonds which quickly became popular under current low interest
  • Heisei era's condition of old-age homes
  • Hiroshima's lawyers challenge the speed regulation
  • The internet "mail bomb" that destroys your computer ... macro virus and junk e-mails
  • The Kobe's "survival condominium" which can resist giant earthquake
  • The back stage of draft meeting of the pro-baseball

Sunday Mainichi

Dec. 29, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive: the list of policemen and related workers who are the believer of Aum Shinrikyo
  • The Pichinko players are deceived in many ways, told a former manager of a Pachiko center
  • The hard competition in the 3 trillion yen "Funeral Market" where even hotels and railway company entered
  • Hot dialog between two professional players -- Habu, the Shogi champion, v.s. Hirao, rugby football star
  • Why wine now? Ladies rush into the sommelier school
  • A mistery of Gajoen Kanko Hotel where it is said to have opened the Rwanda Embassy and a casino in that embassy...
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- death is not the termination
  • Buy this ticket for the Arima-kinen horse race

Dec. 22, 1996 issue

  • Mr and Mrs Okamitsu, arrested former vice minister of MHW -- "The child is father of the man"
  • The big companies where Japan's Secretary of CIA goes after his official retirement
  • Don't put your precious bonus on these computers
  • The best CD's in 1996 -- from classical to world music
  • A complete guide: how to cure your cold without going to a hospital
  • Karel van Wolferen talked to former vice secretary of the cabinet, Mr Nobuo Ishihara -- the reform should start by enforcing the power of the prime minister
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- refute from scientists
  • The decline of Waseda University, the old day's leader of private school

Dec. 8, 1996 issue

  • Licenses that can make money and that cannot
  • The corruption of bureaucrats that exploited the welfare systems
  • The reason why scientific graduates are so welcomed as future husband among office ladies
  • The dark side of horse race industry
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- an university professor traces the way of reincarnation
  • Sayuri Yoshinaga, a popular actress, gets angry about Kiyohara's move to Yomiuri Giants
  • A mistery and intrigue at an old nunnery in Kamakura

Dec. 1, 1996 issue

  • The trump how to utilize your bonus in order to survive the super low interest period
  • The shrewd way of the horse race forecasters that are regarded as fraud by JRA
  • The crisis of Ozawa's NFP that is derided by Hashimoto's LDP
  • Entrance exam '97 -- private colleges that give unique way to enter -- part 10
  • An 50 hours interview with Ms Yoshiko Mita -- Toast for the third life
  • Series: the research on the world after the death -- Part 5 -- the latest science trys to descover the secret
  • Ah Giants, you do that again! -- even fans get angry about its arrogant hunt of Kiyohara
  • The true faces of "fathers" who got together to apply to the Japan's first sperm bank