Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (January to February of '97)

Weekly Bunshun

Feb. 27, 1997 issue

  • Revealing the secret video tape that recorded a counselling interview with Police Office Chief shooting suspect, Toshiyuki Kosugi
  • The NFP's general conference is postponed for fear of the rebelion of five young members
  • Awful situation of Wakayama Prefectural Medical College Hospital where stimulant mingled in pot for babies and milk was injected into a baby's vein
  • Recomendation of 34 wine shops in Tokyo, Osaka and Kobe
  • Special interview with Banana Yoshimoto, following the publication of the conversation between Takaaki Yoshimoto, a philosopher and her father, and herself, a popular novelist
  • The reason why many women's manazines are so enthusiastic about Princess Masako's pregnancy
  • A confession by an agent of Hong Kong's international robbers group who have stolen many Bentzs from Japan
  • The defection of the closest brain of Kim Jong Il
    • Hashimoto Cabinet's concern -- the possibility of simultaneous terrolism in Korea and Japan
    • North Korean Air Force's plot to shoot the carrier plane when it crosses over North Korea

Feb. 20, 1997 issue

  • The DPJ (Minshuto) manager Mr Banri Kaieda's scandalous rumor about the relationship with his love and his secretary
  • The complete survey -- the time when even banks will bankrupt -- the savings which is protected and which is not
  • Tokyo's rich spots -- five palaces to enjoy sofisticated Yudofu, or hot tofu cake, and selected local sake
  • Series 7: complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- Shigeo Haruyama pushes unauthorized sleeping drug and health foods
  • Anonymous discussion by sports writers about Yoiuri Giants' Miyazaki camp
  • The educational career and reputation of eight children of Ryutaro Hashimoto and Kunio Hatoyama, who debated about education in the Diet
  • The proof that ten Japanese have been kidnapped by North Korea

Feb. 13, 1997 issue

  • The Peru Crisis -- a carte blanche for the armed rescue operation that Hashimoto granted for president Fujimori
  • Which of Ozawa or Hashimoto will be gave up ? -- Orange Mutual Aid problem for NFP and Izui problem for LDP
  • Surprising witness on the international Bentz theif group
  • Series 6: Even respiration termination occurs in the human dock (medical checkup) of Shigeo Haruyama's "Inside Brain Revolution" hospital
  • Unclear future of announcer Mitsuyo Kusano who made NHK mad
  • Series 2: photographer Shigeki Miyajima's Antarctic journey
  • Famous gourmet writer Mr Masuhiro Yamamoto's apartment house goes to sell
  • How to protect your personal account under decreasing wages and zero retirement payment

Feb. 6, 1997 issue

  • Hashimoto cabinet, which forces 4 burdens - increasing consumption tax, stopping tax reduction, increasing insurance charge and liability of former National Railways - on Jpanese people, will collapse in March
  • Don't be deceived by banks and real estate dealers -- super low interest rate may lead you bankraptcy on mortgage
  • Yoji Wakui, the Chief Secretary of Ministry of Finance and key person to restuructureing of MOF, was presented a 400 thausands yen picture by suspect Izui
  • Series 5: Shigeo Haruyama's threatning phrase to his staff, "I'll send you down to the bottom of Tokyo Bay"
  • Good bye, Shuhei Fujisawa, a novelist who passed away on January 26 -- homages from Saburo Shiuroyama and Hisashi Inoue
  • An evidence of "dual" love of Makiko Esumi
  • The true figure of "snake head" that has organized illegal immigration to Japan

Jan. 30, 1997 issue

  • The worst oil contamination in the Sea of Japan -- the Hashimoto "pancake" cabinet that refused the aid from overseas and negrects local fishers
  • A secrect report -- a Russinan atomic-submarine invaded the offshore of Yokosuka US base
  • A killing expression of the fraud on the entrance exam of Keio's Yochisha elementary school
  • A map of common dishes at famous department stores in Tokyo and Osaka
  • Series 4: patients escape from Shigeo Haruyama's hospital
  • NHK's poll showed that Kanagawa, Chiba and Nara are tolerant to immorarity
  • Ichiro, don't be deceived by a woman of mysterious power, Riona Haduki
  • An English conversation schools group NOVA's gaudy business
  • Complete analysis -- the list of dangerous banks under current slamp of stock price

Jan. 23, 1997 issue

  • A slump in stocks, and then bankraptcies, unemployments, lost savings... a collapse of the MOF's scenario of the low interest rate and yen depreciation
  • A word of their daughter Sayaka that made Seiko and Masaki to decide the divorce
  • A rumor that Kan and Hatoyama of DPJ will break up in March
  • Series documentary 3: The imperial education of Showa Emperor and the responsibility in the war-- the dance party in his youth days
  • Series 3: Shigeo Haruyama's alchemy in medicine that lead Nomura Securities and consultant Yukio Funai by their noses
  • 500 million transfer fee of Maezono, a J-League soccer player, that prevents him from joining another team
  • Tatsuo Tomobe used 2 billion in politics and his son wasted 1.5 billion in dissipation out of 5 billion grey money of Orange Mutual Aid
  • A purple shorts of a fraud who call herself as a daughter of a president

Jan. 16, 1997 issue

  • CONFESS -- a manuscript by Toshihide Iguchi, the former Daiwa Bank's NY staff who was arrested for its huge loss
  • The confession of the father of a murdered scholl girl in Okinawa
  • Wide --: Advices of retirement to: Shigeo Nagashima (director of Yomiuri Giants), Mari Watanabe (newscaster), Air Max (shoes), Yukio Aoshima (Tokyo governor), Yukio Hatoyama (Minshuto leader), Shunji Iwai (movie director), Ryutaro Hashimoto (prime minister), Kazuhiro Kiyohara (Yomiuri Giants), etc...
  • Series: Shigeki Miyajima, a photographer, goes to the Antarctic Zone
  • A 100 books that help you to look at death -- chosen by Kunio Yanagida
  • The disappearance of the president of Nisseki House
  • Series 2: Shigeo Haruyama's deceitful claim that he masterd the Oriental Medical Science
  • Series documentary 2: The true face of Showa Emperor -- the story of the royal marriage of Princess Michiko

Jan. 2 & 9, 1997 issue

  • Series 1: Big sin of Shigeo Haruyama who deceived 5 million people with his best selling "Inside Brain Revolution"
  • Occupation of officeial residence of Japanese Ambassador to Peru
    • The Japanese way of "human life first" that made the US State Department mad
    • The hell of jam-pack and excreta that hostagers experienced
  • Japan perishes and olny new Shinkansen lines prosper -- untorerable betrayal of Hashimoto's gyokaku or governmental restructure
  • New Year Wide: None of our business -- 16 gossips
  • A reportage on the wild sexual life of housewives
  • A cursed family, Gucci
  • The Yomiuri Shimbun's president, Tsuneo Watanabe's assumption of the Giants Owner position and the Asahi Shimbun's column
  • A shameless plastic surgent doctor who had raped his customers with antesthesia
  • Series documentary 1: The last face of Showa Emperor

Weekly Shincho

Feb. 27, 1997 issue

  • The defection of North Korean Secretary Hwang made the tense situation of revenge from the north
  • The counter strike of Shigeo Haruyama against Weekly Bunshun that has been attacking his best selling book "Inside Brain Revolution"
  • The trouble in Iwaki city where the third doughter of Shoko Asahara lives and requested to enter the local elementary school
  • Hiroshi Kato, chairman of the government tax survey committee, presses Hashimoto to realize the privatization of special corporations
  • The argument over the human right of Toshiyuki Kosugi who is suspected of shooting Police Office Chief
  • The scoop by a local newspaper that Peru Army was planning to attack the embassy

Feb. 20, 1997 issue

  • The revealed scene in which former prime minister Hosokawa received 30 million from Momoo Tomobe, an arrested director of Orange Mutual Aid
  • No more aid to financial firms by our tax! Government is planning to help bankrupting banks without natinal people in its mind
  • US version of KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club), or enormous fraud case, by an executive member of Soka Gakkai in L.A.
  • Unexpected hiding palce of ten thoudands illegal imigrants from China
  • The Japan's post modern intellect, Shigehiko Hasumi became the president of the University of Tokyo
  • A fever around Yomiuri Giants' Miyazaki camp

Feb. 13, 1997 issue

  • Japanese newspapers, do you think the destruction of Aum Shinrikyo is against your conscience ? -- checking their argument about Anti Subversive Activities Law
  • The past record of Tatsuo Tomobe that started with the 60 million fraud to his friend in Navy School
  • The suppression on freedom of speech by Kanagawa Human Right Center that made the lecture of Yoshiko Sakurai cancelled
  • The chairman of Kyocera, Mr Kazuo Inamori, worries about the nation in his lecture on January 29
  • Is it the time to use armed forces to rescue hostigers in Peru ?
  • The anger of NHK that was suddenly betrayed by its popular announcer Mitsuyo Kusano

Feb. 6, 1997 issue

  • A confession by Irabu -- "A pitcher who gave up the Japanese baseball"
  • Finally Ayako Sono got mad on Ministry of Transportation which troubled former chairman of Yamato Transportation by not admitting him as the new coumcil member of Japan Foundation
  • Arbitrariness of the wife of Nagano governor who decided the promotion of the prefecture staff by onomancy
  • An woman committee member who forced to cancel the unofficial nomination of Natsuhiko Yamamoto to be awarded the Tokyo Cultural Prize
  • The critical point of Peruvian hostages crisis on which local paper reported that a ransom is already paid
  • Recent popularity of MaxFactor's SK II among middle to elder woman is attributed to the advertising by Kaori Momoi

Jan. 30, 1997 issue

  • An impact of the Newsweek's article which reported that the center of Peruvian hostages crisis is leader Cerpa's determination to rescue his wife form the jail
  • Japan will be defeated again -- the scenario that is described in former US Defence Secretary Casper Weinberger's new book The Next War
  • The calculation of MK Taxi that will enter Tokyo taxi market with low fare
  • The sequela of the Hanshin Great Earthquake that is embarrassed by 230 illegal residents
  • Heaven and Hell -- the contrast of Ichiro (Orix) and Ohata (Yomiuri) who were joined a professional baseball team as the No.4 candidate of the draft conference
  • The bad reputation of Nintendo's president Mr Yamauchi that is revealed by the transfer of super hit game Dorakue, or Dragon Quest, to Sony's Play Station

Jan. 23, 1997 issue

  • The drain of heavy oil from a sunk Russian tanker -- enormous damage and problem of compensation
  • An interview with the mother of president Fujimori who escaped from the occupied ambassador's residence in Peru
  • The real figure of the accuser of the Kagawa Medical College's scandal in its entrance exam.
  • The biggest question of Orange Mutual Aid that might choke Ichiro Ozawa
  • An miscalculation -- two hundred middle managements rushed to the early retirement premium system in Sakura Bank
  • Can Seiko Matsuda's divorce be the honour of a media star ?

Jan. 16, 1997 issue

  • Unknown life of Deng Xiaoping who is said to fall into a dangerous conditon
  • A report about the sexual life of house wives
  • ROGUE TRADER, a manuscript by Nick Leeson who broke Baring Bank, will be published also in Japan
  • The Peruvian Hostage Crisis: Is it possible to release all hostages without any money?
  • The weak points of LDP that cannot cut wasting budget for agriculture, shinkansen trains, ODA and so on...
  • The attack against former defence minister Keisuke Nakanishi and the behind history

Jan. 2 & 9, 1997 issue

  • Wide Special: Destiny pulls those who oppose
    • Grandmother of princess Masako at paid house for elders
    • Fired but not arrested ex-police who confessed to shoot the Director General of National Police Agency
    • The defense team of Asahara
    • A mother and her doughter who still live in elementary school after Kobe earthquake
    • Difficulties of Tokyo Soka-Gakkai's election fund raising
    • Matsui of Yomiuri Giants and his girl friend
    • Green Cross Corp.'s reconstruntion plan
    • Daisaku Ikeda and his rape trial
    • O-157 and Sakai City where school lunch is still rejected by many stutdents
    • Narita struggle and unpublished compensation for farmers
    • Nintendo to sell Seattle Mariner
    • Isolated Ichiro Ozawa
    • Peru president Fujimori's firm belief
    • etc....

Weekly Asahi

Feb. 28, 1997 issue

  • Peter Tasker analyzes -- how to read the current "Sacrifice Sales of Japan" under double low price of yen and stocks
  • A complete analysis of dangerous banks:local banks version -- the worst ranking of 129 banks
  • Who is responsible for the latest University Center Examination that resulted in big disadvantage for the "retry applicants" in its mathematics course
  • Yomiuri Giants' director Mr Nagashima's record of unreserved talks in Miyazaki camp
  • The business of "Snake Head" that arranges illegal immigration and collects the compensation by whatever means
  • Solitude of former prime minister Hosokawa who is said to have received money from Orange Mutual Aid and expresses "I want to go to Peru to be a substitute for hostages"
  • The inside of the report that revealed the relationship between the kidnap 30 years ago and North Korea

Feb. 21, 1997 issue

  • A complete analysis of dangerous banks -- seven ways to distinguish bad banks
  • A life of fraud -- the chairman of KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club, or economic revolution club) Ichiro Yamamoto whose common phrases are "I'll save earth","I'm a saint arriving once a 2000 years"
  • Mr Oh, the director of Daiei Hawks, is drawn into the problem around the new history text books
  • The Secretary General Kajiyama's surprising plan to make Okinawa Hong-Kongnized
  • An introduction to the weekend country life for metropolitan residents
  • The new recruiting war in '97 without agreement not to start too early
  • Tragicomedies over e-mail in some excellent companies
  • A controversial straight talk by Kochi governor Hashimoto (younger brother of prime minister) that Kimigayo (national anthem) is not match the contemporary society
  • The tradition of inner conflict of Gucci family

Feb. 14, 1997 issue

  • The detailed confession report by parents who paid money for the teachers to win the entrance competition to the Keio's Yochisha elementary school
  • The NHK's trial to control information triggered the operation to panish its popular anouncer, Mitsuyo Kusaso who is scouted from another broadcaster
  • A never released poster of MHW on which Naoto Kan appeared with a diaper on his head
  • The aftercare of troubled 24 hours bath that is contaminated by bacteria
  • High school girls' business
  • Tokyo's new mysterious popular class C gourmet, abura-soba, or chinese noodle without soup
  • Memorial of Shuhei Fujisawa -- "my recommendation" from several famous enthusiasts
  • The philosophy of NFP and LDP that have palyed the "proxy war" for Soka-Gakkai vs Shinchosha in the diet
  • All Nagata-cho watch the X day when Japan Comunists Party will change

Feb. 7, 1997 issue

  • Corrupting Kasumigaseki
    • The former president of Kansai International Airport as well as the boss of Ministry of Transportation (MOT), Tsuneharu Hattori -- his bribe, money and lovers
    • Bureaucrats of MOT are inferior to elementary school kids -- Masao Ogura, the former chiarman of Yamato Transportation and who was rejected by MOT to be nominated as a member of Japan Foundation, talked about his 20 years fight with MOT
  • 30 million Japanese will be infected by the killer influenza
  • The perferct guide to PerfecTV -- should we sbscribe now or wait until next fall?
  • Series-4: a reportage from Hollywood -- the Japanese who devote themselves to movie -- a god mother who got her success by being "perfect Japanese"
  • Scenario writer Shizuka Ooishi talked about the secret of popular drama Furtarikko
  • Series 12: Golf Club problem -- some golf club declared the personal bankraptcy of their members

Jan. 31, 1997 issue

  • Frauds over the entrance exam of Keio's Yochisha (elementary school) -- some parents have paid 300 million to the preparatory school
  • The former general manager of Lotte Marines, Mr Hirooka checked Irabu who decided to go to the major league of the US
  • Why 140 oil collect vessels do not come to help the disaster by a Russian tanker in Sea of Japan
  • The abolition of the recruiting guidelines between universities and companies made everyone confused
  • Series-3: a reportage from Hollywood -- the Japanese who devote themselves to movie
  • Japan-Russia joint project to revive a mammoth by putting the frozen sperm into an African elephant
  • The future of Nintendo that was intercepted its biggest hit game, Dragon Quest by Sony's Play Station
  • The life of the new US golf star, Tiger Woods
  • Self portrait of Yu Miri who was awarded the latest Akutagawa prize

Jan. 24, 1997 issue

  • A book will be published that accuses the best selling novel, Daichi no Ko, or A Child of the Earth, by Toyoko Yamazaki, as stealing contents
  • The Upper House dietman Tatsuo Tomobe's second son is so thriftless with money gathered by Orange Mutual Aid
  • The true reason of the divorce of Seiko Matsuda and Masaki Kanda
  • The crisis after the double drop of Yen and Stock -- the day when Japan will surrender at the economical war
  • Series-2: a reportage from Hollywood -- the Japanese who devote themselves to movie
  • The golf club problem -- survey of the managemt of 19 golf clubs which will soon have to pay back their deposits
  • The "one-man play" of the Nagano governor over the winter Olympic Game next year
  • The bribe around the entrance exam of Kagawa Medical College

Jan. 17, 1997 issue

  • Who is the most efficient user of PC among Japanese presidents? -- 31 out of 160 companies replied the enquete
  • Nippon the Drug Paradise: part 2 -- The fear of "fashionable stimulant" among high school students
  • Peru incident -- inside of the intelligence war between Guerrilla and President Fujimori
  • Series: a reportage from Hollywood -- the Japanese who devote themselves to movie
  • '97 new year's wide special: making scandals -- Kimijima family, Hanada ladies, Asahara's daughter, Saru-Ganseki , etc...

Jan. 3 & 10, 1997 issue

  • A sacrifice of MHW, Masaru Wada, who was fired as a punishment due to his acceptance of a million yen bribe from Aya Welfare Group
  • Nippon the Drug Paradise: part 1 -- an Iranian drug marchant revealed the evil crime group that works in Japan
  • Tsutomu Hata talks about his departure from NFP and plan for the new party
  • The recent report on Aum suspects
  • A telephone survey about good politicians and bad politicians
  • The Exodus of the men who have accomplished Japan's technological rise in the world

Sunday Mainichi

Feb. 23, 1997 issue

  • That's why anpan (pancake) prime minister is so awful -- the discussion by young members of opposition parties
  • How to make money by making your children "genius", learning from T. Woods and M. Hingis
  • The trump card of Kajiyama and Kato when Shinshinto is almost dead
  • Series: Fighting against cancer -- a long interview with the president of National Cancer Center, Kaoru Abe -- "There is a way to live with cancer"
  • Twelve method to prevent cancer
  • A memory of Ryotaro Shiba by his wife Midori
  • How to save your telephone expense
  • My method to avoid pollen allergic -- the trouble season is comming
  • The pride of housewives wavers on the massive argument to abolish the tax deduction for spouse
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with Masao Ogura, the former chairman of Yamato Transportation -- kick out bureaucrats who help the strongs and oppress the weaks

Feb. 16, 1997 issue

  • We do not admit the "vested rights" budget diriven by zoku-giin, or diet members who represent the interests of specific industries, declared the two wise old men in the business world
  • A warning by Ted Arai who had grown the Peruvian military's special forces
  • The perfect method of final return to get back your tax
  • Ranking of the successful recommendations to private colleges
  • Karel van Wolfren talks to Hidemasa Tanaka, former director of Economic Planning Agency -- do not let MOF play rough that is the target of the governmental reorganization
  • An invitation to the literature of iyashi or care of heart by late Shuhei Fujisawa
  • A revolutional method to become 10 years younger
  • Interesting comoarisons between Tokyo and Osaka -- even the way to wear "looose" socks is different
  • The increase of "courting girls" makes change in love front
  • The effect of the restructuring of the Housing and City Bureau over the 2 million residents -- how rents and price of house will be ?

Feb. 9, 1997 issue

  • Hashimoto "pancake" PM is almost torn by recession, Peru crisis, scandals.... so many basis for the rumor of March crisis
  • Protect your life: part 2 -- the ultimate restructuring of your personal finance
  • 1997 entrance examination -- a quick report
  • 1997 entrance examination -- current condition of applicants to the popular private colleges
  • The "ability" of men is in danger?
  • The fear of unknown influenza AX
  • And then, Yomiuri Giants, which has spent 3 billion yen to get new players, is still not strong this year
  • A scandal in a traditional temple in Shizuoka
  • Dietman Tatsuo Tomobe's coldhearted greed that is accused by the agents of Orange Mutual Aid

Feb. 2, 1997 issue

  • The choice list of the ways to protect your life recommended by 50 economists
  • The "price" to enter the Keio Yochisha elementary school that was revealed by 600 million fraud
  • 1997 entrance examination for metropolitan private junior high school
  • The popular NHK program Futarikko, or "only two children" and the analysis of contemporary mentality to search one's own happiness
  • Series DNA: the "genetic idea" makes you happy
  • The sex and calculation of Seiko Matsudas who becomes bigger by preying upon the man
  • Unexpected effect of a shampoo for throughbred
  • Two years since the Hanshin Great Earthquake
  • A 73 years old man who has acted indecency to a hundred young girls
  • An interview with the second son of ther Dietman Tomobe who is responsible for the collapsed Orange Mutual Aid

Jan. 26, 1997 issue

  • The capacity of the prime minister -- question about his leadership on Peruvian hostage crisis -- can we rely on the pancake prime minister?
  • The capteve ambassador Mr Aoki's chivarly spirit
  • An emergency symposium on this year's entrance examination
  • How will Hong Kong be changed?
  • Series DNA: does gene generate your anexiety?
  • Unseen danger of an electromagnetic wave
  • Pitfall of super discounted air tickets
  • An interview with former director of SDF Keisuke Nakanishi -- "The reason why I was beaten by a Japanese mafia"
  • Can "waving fountain pen" be good for health?
  • Department stores make aggressive business on people's funaral

Jan. 19, 1997 issue

  • Forecasting the in-coming words in 1997:
    • Teasing of computer users -- counter strike by elders
    • Conservative the standard
    • Nostradams syndrome
    • Loose socks for comuting
    • Guro-Suta, or global and standard men
    • Anonymous murders
    • Asian run awy
    • Fast walking health method
    • Kokoro, or heartful sounds
    • Baseball league by kakaa, or wives
  • The new right wing critic, Kazuya Fukuda talks his vision against current dull Japan
  • Karel van Wolferen talked to former prime minister, Yasuhiro Nakasone -- we need revision of our Constitution after the governmental reorganization
  • Entrance exam information -- difficulties of newly established schools
  • An invitation to the aromatherapy
  • Series DNA: the super method to utilize your DNA

Jan. 5 & 12, 1997 issue

  • Human wide: the "super-ism" of those people -- Tsutomu Hata, Matsu-Kiyo, Tetsuya Komuro, Uno Kanda, Makiko Esumi, Junichi Ishida, Emi Wakui, etc.
  • The next target of "shadow PM" Kajiyama who made NFP and SDP-Sakigake split
  • Special: The Brain -- from prevention of dementa to education of a genius
  • Karel van Wolferen talked to former prime minister, Morihiro Hosokawa -- we need contemporary equvalent of Meiji Revolution
  • New Year's cards to those famous people
  • The refute from president of Waseda University against the report of "The decline of the old day's leader of private school"
  • You make most of these prizes on the Internet
  • The mis-step of the International Social Dance Championships in Japan