Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (March to April of '97)

Weekly Bunshun

Apr. 24, 1997 issue

  • The murder suspect Tsutomu Miyazaki's letters from jail for seven years that showed his quadruple personality
  • Prime Minister Hashimoto sings a parody song at a party while the govenment goes almost disunion
  • The murder of young school girl in Osaka and its criminal
  • The most efficient way to enjoy Tokyo Disney Land
  • Series (final): photographer Shigeki Miyajima's Antarctic journey -- I came back from Antarctic
  • Series: complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- Victims of Shigeo Haruyama's disorder management of his hospital
  • Three trillion yen tax has pured into "liar" Donen, or the Power Plant and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp.
  • Is your property OK ? -- the apartment house which is marketable and which is not
  • 16 freshmen are fired just the day of their entrance -- Crown Leasing, a non-bank subsidiary of Nippon Credit Bank , went bankraptcy on April 1st

Apr. 17, 1997 issue

  • An awful private life of Kyodo News Serveice's "hemp" writer that is shown on a neibourgh's diary
  • The Ozawa-Hahimoto private-interest-oriented discussion over Okinawa issue, and furious counter attack from opponents
  • Not only financial firms, but your company will become a foreign-owned (i.e. not life-time employment) after the "Big Bang"
  • Four men who have supported the international strategy of Tiger Woods
  • Series: complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- all evidences of the illegal acts by Shigeo Haruyama
  • Incredible nonsense of the mayor of Nerima-ku (Tokyo) who couter-filed citiznes who pointed the grey sightseeing tour by the ward bureaucrats
  • Pity middle age's shameful actions...
  • Did the father really kill his little cute daughter in Colorado?

Apr. 10, 1997 issue

  • The star producer of Fuji Television was arrested in charge of a violation against high school girls
  • A strange conversation between Ozawa and Takeshita who stayed at the same hotel on an anniversary of a Kanemaru's death
  • 14 letters that murdered Tokyo Electric Power's elite woman manager sent to her father-in-heart
  • Tokyo's 22 best tea houses
  • A dangerous possibility that Tiger Woods might be shot at the Masters
  • Series: complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- the maneuver of the illegall request of the insurance payback ordered by Shigeo Haruyama
  • Your "written guarantee" for your diamondas may be just a scrap
  • An abuse-murder of a baby and the criminal's sad life
  • Anonymous discussion by workers of Nomura Securities
  • Asking Moody's Japan about another dangerous banks

Apr. 3, 1997 issue

  • A "lover" of the murdered elite woman manager confessed about her
  • All about the secret speech of Kim Jong Il that admitted the current disastrous situation of North Korea
  • A dictatorship by "Futarikko", or only-two children, Kan and Hatoyama, in the Minshuto (JDP)
  • Series: complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- A confession by a doctor -- "I was an accomlice of Shigeo Haruyama"
  • A complete analysis -- dangerous housing developpers that real estate information magazines cannot mention
  • An executive member of Soka-Gakkai became the general manager of international cultural exchange of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • The rumor that SMAP (popular singers group) will break up in October, and the power of the father of Kimutaku, or Takuya Kimura, a super star member of SMAP
  • The crimes of policemen that the police office has hushed up

Mar. 27, 1997 issue

  • Takao Ishigami, the arrested Ajinomoto's ex-manager in charge of Sokaiya (company extortionist), was a famous bluffer in Ginza -- two loves and a billion yen entertainment budget
  • The good insurance and the bad insurance -- choose the best one among some two thousands varieties
  • Is Weekly Gendasi's scoop, wchich accused the Asahi Shimbun as leaking the investigation info on Orange scandal, wrong ?
  • An ellegant pleasure of gardening
  • Take away metal head clubs from pro-golf tournament that spoil the real challenge of the sports
  • Series 4: photographer Shigeki Miyajima's Antarctic journey -- a disaster of digging snow under 60 c. degrees below zero
  • The removal of Fuji TV to its new building in Odaiba, Tokyo Bay subcenter, and retirement of its popular lady announcers
  • Heartbroken Ichiro Ozawa's secret behavior when he came back to his home country
  • Cathrine Deneuve's super willfull visit to Japan
  • Troubled Japan soccer team just before the Asian preliminary of the 1998 World Cup

Mar. 20, 1997 issue

  • Dangerous banks and their incredibly heigh salary -- they get 7 trillion yen benefit from current super low interest rate
  • The secret name of the owner of Nomura Securities' VIP account that the company insists to hide even with the sacrifice of its president
  • Late multi-artist Masuo Ikeda and ladies in his life
  • 21 restaurants where you can enjoy the Japanese traditional taste, onigiri or rice ball
  • Five hours long interview with Shigeo Haruyama: Part II -- the complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution"
    • The weekly Bunshun's view on weekly Shincho's articles that criticised this campaign
  • The X day when Yomiuri Giants director Nagashima gives up unsuccessful Kiyohara
  • The doubtful conclusion of the investigation on Izui scandal
  • A letter of attempted deserter-condemned crimainal in Fukuoka prison
  • Mr Nakatomi, 91 year-old chairman of Hisamitsu Pharmaceuticals, married 47 year-old love in Hawaii

Mar. 13, 1997 issue

  • The complete investigation of "Inside Brain Revolution" -- five hours long interview with Shigeo Haruyama
  • The Orange scandal -- a secret memo that Morihiro Hosokawa passed to Noboru Takeshita -- Ichiro Ozawa also approaches former boss of LDP's largest sect
  • 400 pages of paper bomb that defection North Korean Secretary Hwang writes in Beijing
  • The ranking of public library in metropolitan area
  • An awful scenario that Hong Kong mafia 14K will launch into Japan on occasion of the death of Deng and Hong Kong's restoration
  • Sorrow consultations about the devorce from men
  • Japan Amway and an accusation by attempted-suicider's father to the magazine
  • Don't be deceived by a trap of the benefit of early retirement system
  • The names of J-League and pro-baseball players who are taught about their tax evasion by a management consultant in Nagoya -- total a billion yen by about 30 person

Mar. 6, 1997 issue

  • Which is more faulty ? Strike back against Weekly Shincho's attack on the series of reports about Shigeo Haruyama
  • Even though Ozawa's NFP collapses, there is an unreasonable movement to pull down Hashimoto in LDP set by Nakasone and Kan
  • The offense and defense around whether five members of Japan Red Army should send back from Lebanon
  • Series 3: photographer Shigeki Miyajima's Antarctic journey -- I found a bunny girl in the Atlantic
  • The cold war between Ichiro, a slagger in Orix Blue Wave, and reporters of sports journalism
  • A stupid bureaucrat in Ministry of Foreign Affairs who send a love letter to all users of e-mail
  • The latest report on the recruiting front
  • Does Metropolitan Police Office hide the gun that Chief shooting suspect, Toshiyuki Kosugi, said to throw away in Kanda River ?

Weekly Shincho

Apr. 24, 1997 issue

  • Those unreliable golf courses at the time when the redumption of total 10 trillion yen deposits arrives
  • The evil business of Asahi Solar which is famous for its TV advertising with popular actors
  • A map of invasion by foreign banks that looks at Japanese Big Bang
  • The serious deadlock of Peruvian hostages crisis that cannnot be solved by "peaceful" way
  • The emergency shift of press on the information of the Princess Masako's pregnancy
  • The genious Tiger Woods who changed the golf at the Masters where Japan's Ozaki failed again

Apr. 17, 1997 issue

  • The Asahi Shimbun's hypocritic report that does not admit the fabrication of the "forced" war comfort women
  • Enthusiasm of mothers on their children is stired up by the popularity of juvenile parts in TV dramas and CM's
  • "I do not trouble anybody" -- an enjo-kosai, or young prostitution without any sense of sin, diary of a high school girl
  • The secret organization of North Korea that appealed "Uprise, people!"
  • The Nomura Securities' sokaiya scandal now comes to involve other companies
  • The meaning of a message of Cerpa to his wife in prison -- the critical stage of the Peru crisis

Apr. 10, 1997 issue

  • The central member of Okinawa's grassroot anti-base movement is a believer of the North Korean ideology
  • Hideki Irabu talks "I'll definitely join Nwe York Yankees"
  • An undergoround movement of Takeshita-Ozawa grand alliance at the first anniversary of a Kanemaru's death where 50 parliament members gathered
  • The names of "giant banks" that will come after the crisis of Nippon Credit Bank
  • A continuing "relationship" between the president and "queen" of the Teikyo Heisei University
  • A rumor about an Asahi Shimbun's woman writer who died unnatulally in her apartment

Apr. 3, 1997 issue

  • Japanese government's hidden maneuver to solve the Peruvian Crisis by money
  • The divorce of the third daughter of the Nichido Garo, the Japan's top gallery
  • The Tokai Great Earthquake may be comming soon -- if prediction fails, the 130 billion yen budget is just a waste
  • The boss of Ootori-kai, a group of Soka-Gakkai members in MOF, became the manager of international cultural exchange of the ministry
  • Nonsense investigation on Orange scandal in the parliament that allowed former dietman-in-suspect Hatsumura to escape overseas
  • The prostitution by the murdered elite woman manager of Tokyo Electric Power.

Mar. 27, 1997 issue

  • The credibility of a secret memorandom that revealed the plot of Ministry of Foreign Affairs on the treatment of Mr Owada, the ambassador to the UN and father of princess Masako
  • The Asahi Shimbun's inner trouble that a writer in the social affairs department criticised senior writer's column on the paper
  • A bulk of withdrawal of the international members worried the Soka-Gakkai and its honorary chairman, Daisaku Ikeda
  • Newspapers instigate the "danger" of the accident of the Power Plant and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp.
  • Not only Tomobe -- the grey diet members who are suspected to bribe for the upper house's proportional seats
  • The story of kangaroo court against Ms Masako Oya whose golf club went bankruptcy after loose finance

Mar. 20, 1997 issue

  • Doubtful wedding engagement of Mr Tomabechi and former Aum sisters
  • Mr Nakatomi, 91 year-old chairman of Hisamitsu Pharmaceuticals, married his love despite oppositions by his relatives
  • The fault of the juridical system which is in qustion at the Asahara's troubled trial
  • Boss Ohsawa's grand forecast of the pro-baseball pennant race 1997
  • Finally Nomura Securities admitted its dubious deals -- unreasonable arrest of the accuser
  • The true aim of the tunnel digging in Peru Japanese Embassy was the armed inrush
  • The "victims" of Russian spilt oil that rush the 22.5 billion compensation

Mar. 13, 1997 issue

  • Again, we laugh at the Weekly Bunshun's poor campaign against "Inside Brain Revolution" and its author Shigeo Haruyama
  • The Soka-Gakkai's defense team which tries to prolong the Daisaku Ikeda's rape trial with prescription
  • The relationship between Dr Tomabechi, who presented the "confession video" of the suspect-siniper Kosugi, and elder sister of ex-Aum-sisters
  • Is Health Minister Koizumi's "privatization of postal business" theory so stupid ?
  • The source of information of the Fuji Television which reported that Russian oil withdrawal ship was an espionage
  • The true face of the man who taught 30 pro-baseball players the billion yen's tax evasion method

Mar. 6, 1997 issue

  • The real image of Deng Xiaoping who had surveived in the power struggles and purges
  • A thousand policemen were mobilized in a week to subjugate sexual molesters in JR Saikyo Line
  • Eight top officials of North Korea disappeared from the list of the Kim Jong Il's birthdasy celebration
  • What is he thinking? A consultant will establish an exclusive golf club for OB's of University of Tokyo
  • The method to control much younger husbands by Akemi Misawa and Yoko Shimada
  • The Pachinko industry's turning point when ladies stop going
  • The target of the Sokaiya that opens homepage on Internet to provide scandals on famous companies

Weekly Asahi

Apr. 25, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis of confused postal saving system:
    • The day when the myth of the "absolutely safe postal saving" will go away
    • "Postal savings will disappear after Big Bang" by Kenichi Omae
  • A tragedy of Thailander mother and child -- a phantom murder in Osaka
  • Mr Myojin, a Japanese vice chairman of Solomon Brothers who earned 31 million dollars last year
  • Find the most versatile credit card -- ranking of 28 cards by genre
  • The way to enjoy tamagocchi, a very popular miniature computer game, without buying it
  • The God in the ballpark that Yomiuri's Kuwata prays for his revival
  • How to utilize the super cost-saving long distance call
  • The watch point of the all-casted LDP Wars -- Ho-ho, or concervative-concervative aliance, Nakasone and Kajiyama v.s. Ji-Sha-Sa, or LDP-SDP-Sakigake, Kato and Yamazaki

Apr. 18, 1997 issue

  • Banks begin evaluation and classification of their customers in order to survive hard time -- how to get most of the system by being Class A customer
  • The dead angle of Yomiuri Giants -- it would not win the pennant even with reinforced "dream team"
  • The grey monetary method of Mr Nashida, the Kintetsu Buffalo's farm team director.
  • The survey of the 150 single OLs (Office Ladies): Part 2 -- their immorality, sexual life, view on marriage...
  • Late great actress Haruko Sugimura's "modesty of age"
  • Fearful mass suicide in California -- the sexual agony that made an opera singer the guru of UFO cult
  • All about the "crazy" teachers in high schools

Apr. 11, 1997 issue

  • The ranking of "uselessness" of the special purpose chartered corporations -- were they public companies, many of them may go bankruptcy
  • The inside of the purses of the 150 single OLs (Office Ladies): Part 1 -- their income, savings, lunch payment, number of overseas travels, etc...
  • Will your bank debentures become just scraps ? -- the crisis of Nippon Credit Bank
  • The inner fight between the "Orange pair" -- Momoo Tomobe, senior director of Orange Aid, and Mamoru Saito, a key person of the Orange's political maneuver
  • Personal characters that are regarded as resistant against cancer
  • The fighter in cinema world, late Rikiya Tayama's life devoted to French movie

Apr. 4, 1997 issue

  • Unreliable corporate pension -- even your retirement allowance is in danger
  • What are super rookie "college-bound" schools ? A reportage of five new big names in the entrance exam battle
  • 20 ways to save your money up to 200 thousands yen a year which compensates the rise of the consumption tax
  • Viewpoints by US sports journalists on Irabu's struggle over joining the Mjour League
  • Futaro Yamadas talks about himself -- his new book, disease etc.
  • The super popular comic author Yuji Aoki declared the termination of his job -- his plan for money and the rest of the life
  • The May crisis of Hashimoto prime minister that is triggerd by the Okinawa issue
  • The unauthorised Windows97 that was released in South East Asia before Microsoft's official announcement
  • The night face of the Tokyo Electoric Power's elite woman manager who was murdered in Shibuya's indecent district

Mar. 28, 1997 issue

  • The definitive editon: how to distinguish dangerous banks -- ex-managers of majaor banks tell check points
  • 50 top growing high schools in the entrance examination race
  • Naoto Kan's impatience and grumbling about the participation to the government that he told at a private meeting
  • The incredible low technology level of the Power Plant and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp. that caused a critical accident in Tokai nuclear plant
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- ancient China's civilization came to Japan in Jomon era.
  • The quadruple difficulties of Kiyohara at Yomiuri Giants
  • Late Kin'nosuke Ashiya's three wives and "eternal wife" in his heart
  • The gorgeous life of Ajinomoto's manager who was in charge of treating Sokaiya

Mar. 21, 1997 issue

  • The threatning scenario that Japanese banks would collapse due to the crisis in zene-kon, or general constructors
  • The complete analysis of 50 dangerous zene-kon
  • Fear of "Suginami desease" -- unreasonable disorders frequently occur in Suginami-ku, Tokyo
  • The super horse riders brother, Yutaka and Koshiro -- the secret of the Take family's super natural education method
  • Health Minister Jun-ichiro Koizumi's straight way of a sound argument -- he does not accept even the Cabinet Secretary Kajiyama's interruption
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- a satellite picture reveals the root of the civilization
  • Where goes the broadcasting right of the 2002 World Cup Soccer -- CS (commercial satellites) push up the price
  • The prevention and treatment of pollen caused uncomfortable symptoms for 12 million patients
  • Asai Germanium Laboratory and its fraud medicine Ge-132 -- MHW investigated the Lab with suspect of violation of the Medicine Law

Mar. 14, 1997 issue

  • The ranking of dangerous financial firms:Part 4 -- the complete analysis of 21 life insurance companies -- is your insurance OK ?
  • The grey cosultant who helped many pro-baseball players' tax evasions -- dirty sense of money in the baseball world
  • Another donation from Orange Mutual Aid to NFP that was revealed at the long meeting of the party's diet members
  • An incredible diabolical factory owner in Mito city who had maltreaded many mentally handicapped employees despite its high reputation for its recruiting policy to hire them
  • Who is Dr. Tomabechi, who settled the argument over the video tape of ex-police Mr Kosugi, a suspected sniper of the Police Director
  • A miserable story of easy international marriage -- "I was betrayed by a Philippine wife"
  • The miracle method to forecast the earthquake by an amateur astronomer
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- the great change of climate 5000 years ago generated the civilization
  • How to buy and sell the used apartment houses
  • The golf club problems (13) -- the degree of danger of the golf clubs with backup of banks
  • From UK: the awful future of the "clone sheep"
  • The real face of booming "parasite" diet

Mar. 7, 1997 issue

  • The ranking of dangerous financial firms:Part 3 -- the complete analysis of risky security companies -- which can survive after "Japanese Big Bang" ?
  • The unknown private life of the "last emperor" Deng Xiaoping
  • No exit for Ichiro Ozawa whose NFP can't find applicants for the Tokyo Metropolitan Parliament election in next July
  • The secrets that North Korea does not want defectioning Wang to reveal
  • The first symposium in Osaka that commemorated "Rape Bloosoms Day" of late Ryotaro Shiba
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization
  • The monetary power of managers in the top 100 companies in Japan
  • The ranking of politicians -- the opinion poll by the Weekly Asahi
  • Is it believable that Daiichi-Kangyo Bank announced to give up the very early recruiting ?

Sunday Mainichi

Apr. 27, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis of Japanese "Big Bang": part 4 -- Your company will be acquired by foreign investors
  • An interview with Yasuko Hatoyama, the mother of Minshuto's Hatoyama brothers, about recent rumor of the conflict between them
  • The tactics of an woman who has kept sending red roses to Hashimoto and Kajiyama
  • '97 entrance examination reports : part 10
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation (5) -- the two roots of Japanese found through the human bones
  • The trouble of Shiro and Taro who took part in monetary problem of UN's NGO
  • The damage of young boys' body by too hard sports training
  • Scoop: the environmental problem of the hospital that is virtually run by the Director of Environmental Agency, Michiko Ishii
  • You can have your own company with just ten thousands yen capital -- take the benifit of limited partnership company system

Apr. 20, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis of Japanese "Big Bang": part 3 -- still, your savings are in danger
    • The pitfall of postal savings
    • The time of serial bankruptcies of banks
  • The grey objective of newly established "Michelin Foundation" which is expected to rank 9600 hospitals nationwide
  • The reason why Waseda and Aoyama Univ. lost so many appkicants -- quick report of '97 college exam: part 9
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation (4) -- cows and horses tell us about our ancestors
  • Overseas travel which you can enjoy with less than 100 thousands yen in "Golden Week" holiday season
  • The analysis of the admonitory speeches by the top execs of 100 major companies
  • A change in the end of the century -- even "ko-gyaru" or little girls go to pawn shops
  • The more excellent is she, the easier may she fail...
  • Eyes of a nursery attendant :Part 2 -- a report of the contemporary parents and children

Apr. 13, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis of Japanese "Big Bang": part 2 -- those who suffer losses from the deregulation of the car insurances
  • The scenario tward the collapse of Nomura Securities
  • Unarrived notice of admission from University of Tokyo -- this magazine's report helped the forgotten applicant
  • "Counter strike" by distinguished public high schools in the entrance examination front -- quick report of '97 college exam: part 8
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation (3) -- four routes through which our ancestors arrived this land
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with the president of Mitsubishi Trading, Minoru Makihara -- Japan should encourage the market oriented economy
  • The season of transference -- how to live in Osaka for Tokyo people and vice versa
  • The back stage of the "cheating" of horse race forcasting companies
  • The wound in her heart that made Tokyo Electric Power's elite woman manager a streetwalker
  • A mystery of the murder of a little girl in Colorado

Apr. 6, 1997 issue

  • The boss has gone, and the construction bid-rigging revives !
  • Complete survey -- the comparison of customer's card of department sotres
  • A complete list of those who won the second stgage entrance exam of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and other top schools
  • Again, do they hide their trouble ? -- the responsibility and performance of the "liar" Donen, or the Power Plant and Nuclear Fuel Development Corp.
  • You can treat your trouble in the shoulder by a rubber band
  • A dancer reveals the "secret party" of Kim Jong Il
  • The popular animation "Evangelion" and vulnerability of "the age of Aum"
  • An exclusive interview with Ichiro Ozawa

Mar. 30, 1997 issue

  • The inside of the Ajinomoto's Sokaiya (company extortionist) scandal -- the real power of the arrested manager of general affairs who was a police officer
  • Good bye banks, good bye Yen -- dollar will fill the city after the amendment of the Foreign Exchange Law
  • An interview with a 18 year old jockey Koshiro Take who won the major race as the youngest rider in the history
  • The 6th quick report of the entrance exam winners by high schools
  • A new sries: the science to find where the Japanese came from
  • Four wives who loved late artist Masuo Ikeda
  • The seven clauses to manage your staff by Orix Blue Wave director Akira Ogi
  • Frequent earthquakes in Izu -- now ceased but still remains anxiety

Mar. 23, 1997 issue

  • You don't need such a non-sense insurance
  • The surprising list of borrowing of Tokyo's 60 famous Japanese restaurants
  • A complete list of those who won the entrance exam of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University and other top schools
  • Wise ways to utilize JR's 30,000 yen spring thanks tickets
  • Chapatsu (brownized hair) or white-hair dye, which is worse for your head ?
  • The Waseda University's ugly business that canceled the trial exam for judical examination
  • The kindergarten teacher's eye on the real faces of the mothers these days
  • Survey of 50 leading companies -- which PC do they use?

Mar. 16, 1997 issue

  • The awful power of the bomb by the god-father of Kansai construction bid-rigging that would reveal secrets of past deal
  • The last-minutes savings just before the rise of consumption tax
  • A report from Nagata-cho -- Will unequaled Ichiro Ozawa be dead with the fall of NFP ?
  • That's why historical novels are so interesting -- dialogue between two novelists, Aiko Kitahara and Kenzo Kitakata
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with the Sakigake leader, Masayoshi Takemura -- challenge the financial reconstruction as if we are facing another "Black Ship" from the U.S. in the end of Edo era
  • The spring term new programs of TV stations -- entertainers who laugh and who cry at the change
  • The day when cellular phones disappear because of frequent problems such as traffic accidents and medical device troubles caused by them
  • In search of the secrets of Hwang's defection -- a credible view of an international intrigue
  • The report of the '97 entrance examination results

Mar. 9, 1997 issue

  • Emergency report: The CIA circuit that connects Peruvian hostage crisis and Japan Red Army in Lebanon
  • Late Deng Xiaoping's achievements and inheritances to his family
  • All wisdom how to hold intercourse with your neighbors -- from a noise troble to "debut" in the regional park
  • Inthe dark of Orange scandal -- "Destroy the Ozawa's Shinshinto (NFP)" ordered executives of LDP to potential spin-outers
  • "Japanese companies should break out the inner society theory" said Mr Masamoto Yashiro, the Japanese representative of Citibank
  • The MHW connections of former secretary of a dietperson who acquired the prestige hospital in Tokyo
  • The report of the '97 entrance examination results

Mar. 2, 1997 issue

  • Hosokawa said "There are too many eyes here" when he met Momoo Tomobe, the accused senior director of Orange Mutual Aid
  • The LDP's far sight and deep design to push NFP into self-ruin
  • Survey of salary men's side businesses under current shrinking economy
  • Good bye "(under) hair-nude" -- the renaissance of the aethetics of a glimps of eroticism
  • An awful scenario by MOF to reorganize the bank industry -- seven of them will bankrupt by next autumn
  • Two crazy person that played important roles for KKC (Keizai Kakumei Club or Economic Revolution Club)
  • The black sciety of China that only Japanese do not notice
  • A word that defecting North Korean Secretary Hwang expressed a Japanese woman
  • The report of the '97 entrance examination results