Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (May to June of '97)

Weekly Bunshun

Jun. 26, 1997 issue

  • The next "bomb" of Daiichi Kangyo Bank will be the "Sea-gaia" in Miyazaki city which generates 75 billion yen deficit -- the responsibility of former president and chairman
  • The harsh ways of sokaiya racketeers to menace corporations -- sexual video tapes, badger game, drags, march of homelesses
  • The tension over the information on sakakibara, or Kobe killer's arrest
  • Revealing a lie of the police office announcement about the fabricated charge of the stimulant case
  • The 37 year-old new half won the third place at the women's triathlon race in Ishigakijima
  • The anonymous conversation session of stewardesses -- "These customers are more dangerous and annoying than who uses violence"
  • The real reason why Irabu of NY Yankees threatens Japanese press reporters
  • From "bad insurance" to "good insurance" -- the best way to reconsider your contract

Jun. 19, 1997 issue

  • This ijime on murdered Atsushi and the montage of sakakibara or "Liquor Devil Rose"
    • The new fact found by the police office's message interpretation team
    • The inspection is focused on five routes
    • What is the "three vegitables" that the criminal declared to aim at as the next victim
    • The gap between Tsutomu Miyazaki and "sakakibara seito"
  • The real wicked who sacrificed four chairman and presidents of Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank on its sokaiya racketeer scandal
  • Ozawa's uncanny next move while he is deliberating on the Japan-US defence guidelines, governmental reorganization and privatization of postal business
  • A former secret executives of the Unification Church confesses "I brought 100 million yen cash to Hong Kong, putting them around my body"
  • The utility of the gourgeous "white book on sexual life" for aged people
  • The wicked mother in Nagoya who killed her daughter by mulnutrition
  • Is the Yasuda Fire's 5.8 billion yen Van Gogh a couterfeight ?
  • The Emperor, Empress and a Japanese woman in Brazil met with tears after 20 years correspondences -- their official visit with enthusiasm and strict security

Jun. 12, 1997 issue

  • Special: This is the "Liquor Devil Rose"
    • Long years deep grudge symbolized on the decapitated head
    • The dots and lines that connect serial mystery of killed cat and pigeon
    • A man with black Blue Bird (car) and a padlock
    • An interview with the mother of a victim of another phantom killer
    • The dignity of the Police Office that called "dull" by the criminal and "fool" by neighborhood
    • Fear of residents under the tight security measure
    • Opinions by Akiyuki Nosaka and Kaoru Takamura
  • The last book of late Shuhei Fujisawa that many leaders of the business world love to read
  • The Daiichi Kangyo Bank's 33 billion yen entrusted lottery business is made the butt of an attack after the sokaiya scandal
  • The final goal of the Tokyo District Prosecution Office on Nomura-DKB scandal is the Political-breaucratic world
  • The Yomiuri's president Watanabe is very close to flare up by the poor performances of his baseball team, Giants, and soccer team, Verdi Kawasaki

Jun. 5, 1997 issue

  • Money, woman and yakuza -- the traps by which the chairman and the president of Daiichi Kangyo Bank were caught
  • The top secret document of the National Police Agency "Pandora" tells the kidnapping of a Japanese woman student in North Korea
  • The fabricated acquisition story of the listed company, Miyakoshi Trading, that was made a great fuss by the Mainichi Shimbun
  • Isn't just 100 million yen for the top prize of soccer gambling lot too cheap ?
  • How to utilize your PC to win the Japan Durby
  • Machi Tawara's new book "Chocolate Revolution" is a collection of "immoral" haiku verses
  • The top politicians met at Tokyo Disney Land
  • The "water gate battle" between Hashimoto and Kan over the Isahaya Bay

May 29, 1997 issue

  • The big sin of two Tabuchi's about the Nomura Securities' VIP accounts -- Daiichi Kangyo Bank is also legally inspected -- huge shock among the financial business world
  • Eitaro Itoyama talks -- "I'll reveal all about the secret of Ryuichi Koike, the arrested sokaiya racketeer on Nomura scandal"
  • A portrait of the Chairman of the Bank of Japan costs 14 million yen, the twice of the market price
  • An 80 years old man was arrested against the Anti-Prostitution Law -- his magic tools are bills, vibes and an instant camera
  • The tenacity of the victim who traced a crooked plastic surgent doctor
  • A report from Korea -- all Korean people got angry about the arrest of the second son of the President
  • The perfect plan to utilize the comming 400 channnels of stellite TV programs
  • A recommendation to take a rest for Mr Nagashima, the director of "weak" Yomiuri Giants
  • The shameless foreign minister Ikeda, who survives while the Peru ambassador Aoki resigned

May 22, 1997 issue

  • Special: A suicide of Kazumi Kawai, a popular actress
  • The disappeared high school girl in Tsukigase-mura, Nara -- a suspicious red car and bloodstain
  • A shame above shame of prime minister Hashimoto's official visit to Peru
  • Thorough survery of the business ability of security firms -- Nomura's inspection, Ogawa's collapse...
  • An inner trouble around the president position in All Nippon Airways
  • The real problem of Yomiuri Giants is the director Nagashima's "kan-puter" or intuition based direction
  • Another scanal of TV talent "daemon" Kogure
  • Empress Michiko's first verse collection and her private life that we can see on the book
  • Confessions by five high school girls -- their surprising famous men hunts

May 15, 1997 issue

  • New facts on Peru crisis that MFA has hiddeen:
    • The secret request from hostages to Japanese government "Fire and replace the Ambassodor Aoki"
    • The responsibility of the Foreign Minister Ikeda whose slip of the tangue was worse than Ambassador Aoki
  • Misterious conferment of the heighest National Decoration to Nakasone
  • The dots and lines between Sekiho-tai and the Unification Church -- tenth anniversary of the attack to the Asahi Shimbun's Hanshin bureau
  • Urgent analysis: the dangerous life insurance companies that might follow Nissan Life Insurance
  • The thorough report from Taiwan about the cruel kidnapping and murder of the daughter of Ikki Kajiwara, the popular comic story writer
  • Special essays -- my first experience: Ichiro, Shimbo Minami, Issei Ogata, Yoko Yamaguchi, etc...

May 1 & 8, 1997 issue

  • The definitive proof of Miss Megumi Yokota being kidnapped by North Korea, which the government has pigeonholed
  • The all-approved new Shinkansen related bills -- the betrayal of NFP (Shinshinto) and DPJ (Minshuto) in the backstage of Okinawa discussion
  • Empress Michiko and Princess Norinomiya -- the complication of love of the mother and daughter in the royal family
  • Wide: 16 touchy questions to much talked people -- Takako Matsu, Tomoe Shinohara, Koichi Kato, Seiko Matsuda, Riona Haduki, Daisaku Ikeda, etc...
  • Special conversation between two best seller novelists: Junichi Watanabe vs Akiyuki Nosaka -- Sexual joy and sexual cruelty
  • Shuddering reportage on an enjo-kosai-gyaru, or young girl prostitution without any sense of sin, who went to hell of drug
  • 30 ways to increase your base fund of one million yen
  • A mysterious gun suicide of a member of Osaka prefectural assembly
  • Eight Japanese women who rescued from Albania are all believers of Unification Church

Weekly Shincho

Jun. 26, 1997 issue

  • The offense and defense on June 27 when unprecedented 2,308 companies have the share holders' meeting -- shorter is hell, but longer is hell, too
  • The money and direction until the decision of Aichi World Exposition that the chariman of the Toyota Motors has conducted directly
  • How hard it is -- the special repot of sex by women's magazine
  • The predicament of Softbank Corp. president Mr Son
  • The change in the popular spot of the overseas travel of single office ladies -- more than 3.5 million travels are expected this summer
  • The 67 executive members gather at Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank's board meeting where they should shout without microphones
  • The great panic of the resident of Kobe's Suma district where the murder causes uglier threat than that of the earthquake

Jun. 19, 1997 issue

  • How to read the challenging letter from "sakakibara seito", the criminal of Kobe murder
  • The shame of the Education Minister Kosugi who attended the 50th anniversary convention of Japan Teachers Union
  • The magnificient aging and death on the late Shusaku Endo's last work "The Creative Diary"
  • The fear of the school luch staff on a sign of the prevalance of O-157 e-coli
  • The popularity of Citibank which challenges the super low interest situation with as high as 5.85% saving rate
  • The ugly scandal of Dai-ichi Kangyo Bank's personnel -- Banks cannot break not only with sokaiya racketeers, but also with yakuza, Japanese mafia

Jun. 12, 1997 issue

  • The six-grader murder in Kobe -- Is "Liquor, Devil, Rose, Sacred War" the ceremony to kill the weaks ?
  • A judge of Tokyo High Court who was accused of the leakage of the sentence
  • The over heat to educate young boys to play golf and baseball that is triggered by the Tiger Woods visit and Irabu's 1.5 billion yen contract with NY Yankees
  • The "divorce note" by the president of Sega who was disgusted with the no loyalty of the Bandai's employees
  • The criticism against the rule of Daisaku Ikeda from the secretary group of Komei before the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly election
  • The Nomura Securiteis "in the same boat" that could not protect the president Sakamaki

Jun. 5, 1997 issue

  • The immorality scandal of the sister of Mr Fujimori, the former chaiman of Daiichi Kangyo Bank, was held by sokaiya racketeer
  • As you might have guessed, it appeared -- the view that the autograph of Matsuo Basho's master piece Oku-no-hosomichi which found last year was a forgery
  • Forcasting the favorite of the close contest Japan Durby by the horse rase maniac college student and computer
  • Two sumo wrestlers Akebono and Mainoumi, the former cannot marry even he won the victory and the latter could marry
  • The useless Paris Japan Culture Center under the leader Naonori Isomura that opened this month but cannot attract any donnation from public
  • The real facts of the inner trouble of the All Nippon Airway around its top executives appointments

May 29, 1997 issue

  • The trace of the real name of Nomura Securities' VIP account owners that is infringed by doubtfull information
  • Hashimoto's budget reform plan is killed by jeers of zoku-giin, or dietmen with connection to special interest groups
  • The excitement of 270 thousands gallery for Tiger Woods who got angry by discriminative words
  • Ugly split among the defense team of Daisaku Ikeda's rape trial that are not unity over the tactics to claim legal prescription
  • The ranking of high tax payers that does not show the real riches
  • The trouble over the sudden fire of an woman prosecutor that raise a question about the ethics of legal section

May 22, 1997 issue

  • A painful manuscript by the former Peru ambassador Aoki who has been a hostage for 127 days -- "I was neither hero nor foolish"
  • The "patriotism" of the dietmen who landed the much argued Senkaku island for two hours and raised Japanese national flag
  • How long will it last ? -- the commercial value of Atlanta marathon silver medalist, Yuko Arimori, who is now quite popular on TV CMs
  • A personal circumstance of Kazumi Kawai who killed herself by flying from the apartment of former her love, Kawasaki, the pitcher of Yakult Swallows
  • Will Nomura Securities be destroyed by the arrest of its executives and official prohibition of the business activities ?
  • A name of the son of former prime minister was found on a notebook of the murdered elite woman of Tokyo Electric Power Co.

May 15, 1997 issue

  • All about the military attack by President Fujimori that solved the Peru crisis
  • The Japanese government and journalism were put to shame around the world through the Peru crisis
  • A secret document from MFA that promises the special future position for Mr Owada
  • A shock of Joyu's dangerous letter from jail that suggests the mistake of not applying the Anti Subversive Law on Aum Shinrikyo
  • The futureless struggle of 50 young men who went to the U.S. with thier hopes to join the Majour League
  • The unutilized gorgeous public facilities of Tokyo's 23 wards which are always occupied by the regular customers

May 1 & 8, 1997 issue

  • Wide special: How will Japan be in the year of 2000
    • 10% consumption tax
    • SDF doesn't work in territorial crisis
    • Ichiro Ozawa's nation saving cabinet
    • Disruption of Soka-Gakkai
    • Disaster of unforcasted Tokai Earthquake
    • etc...
  • Wide special: You born and you live hard life...
    • DNA inspection will find the criminal of the murder of Tokyo Electric Power's elite lady
    • Kimutaku or Takuya Kimura's independence and its huge influence over the entertainment world
    • Where will go 2 billion yen aid for the Russian Tunker's oil disaster?
    • Sad days of a family of a girl who was "kidnapped" by North Korea
    • The value of Kakuei Tanaka's river side land
    • A negligence of Ministry of Law that does not investigate the oppression of speech on journalist Yoshiko Sakurai
    • The forgotten scandal of prime minister Hashimoto's relation with Chinese lady
    • Shamelessness of Nomura Security's president Sakamaki
    • etc...

Weekly Asahi

Jun. 27, 1997 issue

  • Eleven ways to reconsider your contract with unreliable life insurance companies -- emergency analysis with latest data
  • The 2005 Aichi Exhibition's unpromising future that will innevitably gerenrate huge deficit -- someone say it was rather better not to be selected
  • The complete analysis -- the day when Zoku-Giin, or dietmen who represent the interest of special group, vanish -- Will the financial restructuring crown their notorious long career ?
  • Revealing the back stage of incredible retireement allowance -- Nomura's former advisor Setsuya Tabuchi got 1 billion yen, DKB's chairman Okuda 280 million, ANA's honoraly chairman Wakasa 900 million !!!
  • The "inner trouble" of prestigious Yotsuya Otsuka tells that the Big Bang of cramming schools for junior high exam arrives
  • The winner of French Open mix doubles, Rika Hiraki -- the "OL" professional tennis player always pays attention to her patner
  • An "amateur" method that made shogi genius Tanigawa revived
  • Tokyo correspondents of the US press accused the trouble over baseball umpire Di Muro
  • The "rebellion" of deputy managers in Dai-Ichi Kangyo Bank that removed 21 exectives from their position

Jun. 20, 1997 issue

  • "Seito" in the black sedan whom the police office chases with its all powers -- a crazy challenging letter form "sakakibara"
  • Naoto Kan reveals the waste of the Kasumigaseki realm -- "Hit the public enterprises, the sanctuary of the bureaucrats"
  • The executives whom the shareholders lawsuits set their aims on -- Nomura, DKB -- ask the corporate ethics
  • A gloom of Yomiuri Giants -- the name of the next director after the X day of firing Nagashima -- Hilman's unfomfortableness
  • The unknown battle between Irabu vs sports journalism
  • The "merit" of the free medical consulting on the Internet where professional doctors answer your question
  • The general managers' power of "money", "physical" and "love" -- complete survey on 62 top companies

Jun. 13, 1997 issue

  • The real face of the criminal of the horrible "liquor, devil, rose" murder in Kobe who warned its crime by cat and pigeon
  • The "next lie" of former Nomura president Sakamaki who told a lie without any sense of shame
  • The right way to understand the troubled top appointment of All Nippon Airways
  • Urgent dialogue between Konishiki and Tetsuya Chikushi -- the inside story of the recent low popularity of Sumo
  • The final war between two ho-ho (conservative-conservative alliance) powers in LDP, one with Ozawa, and the others without Ozawa
  • The divided bed room appeals two thirds of married couple
  • A wonder of then strong Seibu Lions whose owner seems to lose his enthusiasm on the baseball
  • The Hong Kong's black society will land Japan on its restoration to China
  • The Baidai's rebelion of middle managers that protected the mergr with Sega -- the name of the person who lead the fight

Jun. 6, 1997 issue

  • Special: How far the banks are going to get corrupted
    • The reason why sucsessive top exectives of Daiichi Kangyo Bank have paid 26 billion yen to sokaiya racketeer
    • Ex bankers talked -- so many bank scandals do not come to public yet
  • LDP's inner tactics to pass the role to kick the zoku-giin, or special interest diet members
  • The actual situation of the dirty business over cats
  • The real figure of the "trouble on their shoulders" of Yomiuri's Saito and Hilman
  • Unprecedented scandal of the police office that cooked up a dug criminal, and its grey background
  • A moment of "evil spirit" visited the mother who killed her baby in Utsunomiya
  • Who spoils the public enterprise ? -- so many lies and swindles over Isahaya Bay land reclamation

May. 30, 1997 issue

  • Detailed data reveals the hidden deficits of "dangerous life insurance companies" -- Which is the second Nissan Life Insurance ?
  • Ichiro Ozawa's escaping rocket from Shinshinto invites the great confusion in LDP -- the count down of the political reorganization begins
  • The names of tens of politician who squeezed benefits from the security firms -- a surprising list held by former dietman Mr Eitaro Itoyama
  • The class A criminals of the sharp drop in Sumo popularity
  • All about the hidden struggle of the former president of All Nippon Airways who was fired by the honorary chairman Mr Wakasa
  • Shogi champion Habu talks -- "Can computer defeat me ?"
  • The truth and demagogue about starving North Korea
  • The reason why Sony and Fuji Television are loved by Mr Murdoch
  • Series: We don't need such a useless legal car insurance -- don't rely on either police office or insurance company

May. 23, 1997 issue

  • Replay of 90 minutes dirty talks by Tokyo mayor Yukio Aoshima -- his discriminative words to Mr Akiyuki Nosaka
  • An exclusive interview with Peru ambassador Aoki, refuting to the recent critisism -- "It was only once that I got mad about hostages"
  • An emergency talk -- special team of lawyers should be formed to reveal the bad behaviors of banks
  • Why low-faired taxi does not become popular in Tokyo ?
  • Thorough research of the golf club problem (14): the members' struggle to reconstruct the bankrupt golf club
  • Monsieur Yoshida's teaching method of "weakling" Tigers with his French performance acquired in Paris
  • A route toward the northern poll by an adventurer Hyoichi Kono, who is not allowed to use his personal money at home and so called "nonsense dad"

May. 9 & 16, 1997 issue

  • Special: the challenge of Fujimori's sudden attack
    • 37 minutes battle of special forced that shot even surrendering guerrillas
    • Mahjong still served as diversion for the 127 days hostages life
    • Direction, screenplay and leading actor -- Fujimori's political show
    • The targetless anger of Hashimoto who was out of the stage
    • The samurai ambassador, Mr Aoki's reputation
  • The way public pension will go -- the effective age to receive it may be as late as 70 years old
  • The backstage of the reporters' war over the rumor of Princess Masako's pregnancy
  • Series: We don't need such a useless legal car insurance (2)
  • The X Day in '98 when a million loan payments will reach their new step of jumping interest rate
  • Hiromu Nonaka, the LDP's acting secretary, talks -- Those who want to be allied with nation ruing tyrant Ozawa, you must leave LDP
  • The surprising nonsense statement by Shoko Asahara that insists his innocence at the court
  • An woman's spite that made the wife of her immoral partner attacked

May. 2, 1997 issue

  • Scoop: the big sin of MHW that does not change its insufficient checking sysytem on O-157 e-colli
  • Are the foods produced with recombinant DNA really safe ?
  • Asking the real value of the new elite brand SFC, or Shonan-Fujisawa Campus of Keio University, which boasts its state-of-art education evironment
  • The inner trouble of Ajinomoto -- the founder's family vs old senior exectives
  • The price of Tiger Woods -- the invitation cost to Japan will become 100 million yen
  • Series: We don't need such a useless legal car insurance (1)
  • Mr Ikuo Kabashima's spiral life who became the law professor of the University of Tokyo
  • The reason why the multi-personality theory was rejected at the trial of Tsutomu Miyazaki
  • The foreign super banks look at Japanese savings -- the ratings of 40 foreign and domestic banks

Sunday Mainichi

Jun. 29, 1997 issue

  • The Kobe murder -- All suspects of "sakakibara" that the investigation team focused on -- The criminal must be "a man of empty" with pale face and not very popular among girls
  • We'll tell you how to make most of your bonus without risk of going to the tiger's den -- A list of risk ratings of all financial products
  • The salarymen's touchy line -- even bad-mouth, scolding or sexual harassment can be a crime
  • Urgent report -- the divorce with unbearable feeling -- seven ways to anticipate your wife's real intentions
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- The Kinki area factor in Japanese revealed by the physical measurement throughout the Japan Islands
  • Pros and cons of 25 thousands yen DNA expert judgement -- the tie of father and his child might become unreliable
  • The prestigious Waseda Jitsugyo High School that is famous for its baseball team goes to coeducation system
  • Hey Irabu, are'nt you ashamed of your violence against Japanese sports reporters as a Majour League player ?
  • Scoop: Ex-police who arranged the sokaiya racketeer -- revealing the dark side of DKB scandal

Jun. 22, 1997 issue

  • The Kobe murder -- The judgement that Sakakibara Seito, or "Liquor Devil Rose Sacrid Fight", is "a man of metal bat" -- children disappear from the town
  • The attractiveness of Citibank -- its benefits reach even the housing loan as low as 1.2% interest
  • Series (3): records of confession on enjo-kosai, or young girl's prostitution without a sense of sin -- middle aged man and high school girl play the pseudo love and dependency
  • Science on Japanese: Which type is your face? -- the Jomon style Amurer (followeres of Namie Amuro) with folded eyelids and rich ears, or Yayoi style Shinorer (followeres of Tomoe Shinohara) with non-folded eyelids and small ears
  • I saw it! Report on recent behavior of parents and childres in Hakata
  • Mom, have a gum after dinner to protect the teeth -- Xylitol (a type of sugar alcohol, frequently used for sugarless products)
  • The filure of a dirty business of "Canadian Pure Water" that boasted 36% return per year
  • Urgent survey: the reality and resposibility of the executives of top companies -- not only Nomura, DKB and ANA are questionable

Jun. 15, 1997 issue

  • "Liquor, Devil, Rose, ..."-- Crazy murder of 6th grade boy in Kobe and the criminal's horrible declaration of next action
  • The revision of Foreign Exchange Law is your lucky chance -- How to make money dealing with the world
  • The "perfect job hunting" these days -- is the brand everything ?
  • Series (2): records of confession on enjo-kosai, or young girl's prostitution without a sense of sin : A man in his 50s who twisted 30 high school girls around his finger
  • Series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- The long head tribe and short head tribe in Japanese history
  • The secret of hit products that ojisan, or middle aged men, cannot understand -- woman hit makers explain about tamagotchi, pri-kura, TV dramas....
  • Tour companies expectation on the Hong Kong tour boom before its restoration seriously failed
  • The corporate DNA that defines its employees -- the thorough comparison of the corporate culture of famous companies -- the merger between Sega and Bandai was an impossible story

Jun. 8, 1997 issue

  • The condition to be the "ideal" boss -- gentleness is not always the good way -- hard time for middle ages
  • Worse than Nomura Securities, the self preservation of "disguising" Daiichi Kangyo Bank -- PM Hashimot got mad about it
  • The trick of the medical insurance reform -- why doctors dare to use expensive medicine ?
  • The "perfect wedding" these days -- the "three heigh" (high salary, high education and tall) myth is gone
  • Good news for 280 thousands atopic dermatitis patients -- a report on the latest method
  • Series: fighting against cancer -- Dr. Makoto Kondo talked about the way to preserve the breasts in case of cancer
  • Series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- pit of teeth tells your roots
  • The wits of a middle age's single life
  • Nagashima is abandoned ?
  • Series (1): records of confession on enjo-kosai, or young girl's prostitution without a sense of sin -- they did it to keep their "three sacred treasures", purikura ("print club" instant photo-seal maker), pokeberu (pager) and keitai (cellular phone)

Jun. 1, 1997 issue

  • It's the last chance to buy your own home with the benefit of current super low interest rate -- the land price turned to rise
  • The day when prestigious "Nomura" will disappear by the scandal -- the arrest of its ex-directors makes the story more realistic
  • We can't go to a hospital any more -- the trick of the medical insurance "reform" that cut you off
  • Inter-business exchanges will make you stronger -- the list of study groups which you can join now
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with the chairman of Osaka Shosen Mitsui
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- the Jomon people were swallowed by the "men with large teeth"
  • The price of immorarity -- is it the time to enjoy a popular sexy novel "Paradise Lost" by Junich Watabnabe ?
  • Veranda garidening will treat your health
  • Eyes of an woman jounior high school teacher -- nonsense scenes of recent parents and children
  • Shameless excuse by ex-bureaucrats lawers who were manipulated by "black power" around the KKC money going to Korea

May. 25, 1997 issue

  • Get angry, the "mass" generation -- the sorrow equation of run-away pension
  • "A man in the dark" who made the KKC money returned to Korea
  • An assumption that the recent power toward average of 20 thousands yen in Tokyo Stock Exchange is just a fake
  • Exclusive: the Peru ambassador Aoki told about 127 days of hostage life
  • A spring surprise of the pro-baseball -- are the weak Giants and strong Tigers real ?
  • A belief on strange goods are spreading among young school girls
  • Health method relying on the biorythm
  • Short series: the origin of the rice crop civilization -- the rat territory tells the route of the ancient imigration in the Japan islands
  • Eyes of a nursery attendant -- the Osaka version: nonsense scenes of recent parents and children
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with the Tsutomu Hata, the leader of Taiyoto party -- We ca do together with young members in Minshuto

May. 11 & 18, 1997 issue

  • The Peru President's scrupulous strategy that made him decided the execution of the guerrilla members
  • The complete analysis of Japanese "Big Bang": part 6 -- There is no safe and certain
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with Yukio Hatoyama, the co-leader of Minshuto (DPJ) -- the movement of ho-ho-rengo, or conservative-conservative alliance, is a chance for DPJ
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation (7) -- the dots and lines of the ancient bones make clear the rout of the spreading imigrants
  • Special: I saw it! -- a fortuneteller in Nagatacho, a master of a wedding ceremony, a life insurance sales lady, a doctor in Kasumigaseki, etc....
  • The managers -- through survey of their real faces in top 82 companies
  • The owners stress influence even their pets
  • This is the face of the criminal #116, who assaulted the Asahi Shimbun's Hanshin office 10 years ago

May. 4, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis of Japanese "Big Bang": part 5 -- a serious battle between 400 thousands life insurance sales ladies vs 450 thousands loss insurance agencies
  • The ultimate method to survive at the time of restructuring
  • The Gakusei engo kai, or Student Aid Association Corp -- its one-man-ruled system is revealed by the shareholder's lawsuit
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation (6) -- Yayoi era's Japanese came from Shandong of China ?
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with Hiroshi Kato, the chairman of government's tax system survey committee -- Gaiatsu, or freign pressure, from Europe and Amerika will contribute to the progress of Japanese reform
  • The diary of the observation of a stalker
  • You spitters, your habit is not good both legally and medically
  • Scoop: the environmental problem of the hospital that is virtually run by the Director of Environmental Agency, Michiko Ishii (2)
  • Born in 1962 -- now age of 35, those core generation's "filled vacancy"