Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (July to August of '97)

Weekly Bunshun

Aug. 28, 1997 issue

  • A weird religious cult that aims at the patients in Keio University Hospital
  • I want to put off TV when I watch these people on screen -- Naomi Kawashima, Hroshi Sekiguchi, Shiro Tsubuyaki, Masamitsu Morita, Kiyoko Suizenji, Lady Diana, Mari Amachi, Mari Watanabe, Naoto Kan, Junichi Ishida
  • Mr Jugo Kuroiwa gets angry about the NHK report on Yamatai-koku,an ancient kingdom of Japan, related to the discovery of a bronze mirrors
  • Rotting smell in the midsummer:
  • Deposit for the welfare pension by those under the age of 31 will turn to be their loss -- MHW should tell the reality

Aug. 14 & 21, 1997 issue

  • Wide special: What happens on these women who were in trouble... The mother of former Peru Ambassador Aoki, ex-wife of Kawahara (pitcher of Yomiuri Giants), the mother of Ryuhei Kawada (HIV victim), Yoko Shimada, wife of the chairman of KKC, etc.
  • A long interview with former director of Seibu Lions, Mr Mori -- Kiyohara at the order #4 will save Yomiuri Giants
  • The secret of 5459 days escape of Kazuko Fukuda -- an important testimony that she prostituted herself at a snack bar
  • A doubt of alternation on the largest bestseller after WW II, Kike-wadatsumi-no-koe (Listen to the voices of Neptune)
  • Scoop: revealing the hidden confession record -- Did this man bring Ms Lee to North Korea ?
  • 60 books for summer reading
  • Soka-Gakkai is buying up land in central Tokyo

Aug. 7, 1997 issue

  • The evidence that tells the "Accident note of the Boy Kindaichi" is filled with plagiarizations -- shock runs among Kodansha and Nippon Television
    • An emergency contribution from the stolen writer Soji Shimada -- "This will become a civil suit"
  • The reason of the sudden increase of new presidents in their 50s
  • Japan will inevitablly be involved in the conflict between China and the US
  • Why don't you, women's weeklies, stop the bashing of actress Takako Matsu?
  • The disgusting boss of amateur baseball world who was rejected to attend the funeral of his teacher
  • The X day when Mr Egawa becomes the director and Mr Nagshima the GM at Yomiuri Giants
  • Exclusive: a memorandom of the trial over a cruel juvenile crime

Jul. 31, 1997 issue

  • A secret behind the cash cow of Kodansha -- the author of 50 million seller comic "The incident notes of the boy, Kindaichi" is a member of a religeous organization, Kofuku-no-kagaku (The science of happiness)
  • A scecret memo of the chief of the Kobe murder reporting team -- the quashed warning call that said the Boy A was suspicious
  • Is a boy really pure ? -- Something that Mr Kenjiro Haitani has hidden, by Kazuya Fukuda
  • An interview with Shinchosha's senior advisor, Mr Saito -- "Listen, the members of Shinchosha"
  • The chairman of Sumo Association, Mr Sakaigawa criticised the masters who insist the share of the right to be senior in the association
  • About Mr Greg Kawada, the "private" secretary of Giants director Nagashima, who was an advisor to the Yomiuri Giants baseball club (not to Mr Nagashima), claimed by Mr Kawada himself
  • The shooting of ashion designer Gianni Versace -- the sexual life in the house of homosexualities
  • The problematic coincidence of the Kobe murder and a novel written by a serving procecutor
  • Why newspapers do not report the important research that says "There is no significant relationship between electromagnetic wave and cancer"

Jul. 24, 1997 issue

  • Kobe murder special
    • Listen to these screams of the parents whose children were murdered by a "young boy"
    • The tough testimony of the arrested "boy A" that has changed frequently
    • 4500 fax messages from ordinary people to a wide-show TV program
    • Monsters that reside in the hearts of the Boy and the mother
    • "I want to see the Boy's picture. Am I mean ?" by Mariko Hayashi
  • The war inside Yomiuri Giants (2) -- Waseda graduates group will spoil Nagashima's Giants
  • Do not allow the 50% increase in retirement allowance for employees and 50% decrease in insurance payment for customers by Nissan Mutual Life Insurance
  • Dan Nomura, the agent of Irabu, told "Newspaper reporters are worse than a locust"
  • Full list of dangerous zene-kon, or general constructors -- may result in the worst industrial panic with 50 thousands bancruptcies and 600 thousands unemployment
  • The deep-seated grudge of sumo master's wife, Noriko Hanada, against the old man of the world exploded by the trouble over the rumor of Wakanohara's retirement

Jul. 17, 1997 issue

  • Kobe murder -- the information that this magazine found but not reported -- Is Focus magazine the only bad player ?
    • The giant newspaper that regarded the first witness of the decapitated head as the suspect
    • The reason why the father of murdered Jun Hase rejected the press conference
    • The price paid by TV stations for information -- 50 thousands yen for a picture, 20 thousands for word info
    • A picture of Boy A on the Internet that more than 150 thousands poeple browsed
    • A fearful experience of a high school student who was assaulted by the Boy A
    • The Boy A will come back to the society after two years (by the Juveniles Act)
    • "The picture and name of the boy will be reported in the US" said the Tokyo bureau chief of New York Times
    • Five warning signals from "transparent son"
    • Is this really Juvenile crime? by Akiyuki Nosaka
  • Surprising new fact of Glico-Morinaga case -- the suspected "fox-eyed" man was an agent of North Korea !?
  • Michiko Miyamoto's relationship between death and diet
  • A war of Yomiuri Giants -- the nightmare of firing director Nagashima

Jul. 10, 1997 issue

  • Arrested Kobe killer, a school boy's room of insanity -- he confesses another street murder
    • Did parents really have no idea about this case ?
    • He revenged a cat that ate his gold fish
    • His classmates told that he was excited about the horror film "Friday 13th"
    • His crazy enthusiasm about bowgun
    • He is good at Japanese and social study classes, and knows a lot of things
    • The secret investigation of child criminal by Hyogo Police Office
  • The last words of Daiichi Kangyo Bank's ex-chairman Mr Miyazaki, who commited suicide at the last stage of the investigation
  • A surprising testimony by a spy of ex-USSR -- the technology to make counterfeit dollars was offerd to North Korea by KGB
  • A great embarrassment of Emperor and Empress whose pictures are illegally used for advertising by a Brazlian newspaper
  • A dual immorarity caused a murder with a humer in Sendai
  • Unpublished letter of late Shintaro Katsu from a jail
  • The right time to raise the official bank rate -- this is the last chance to change your mortgage plan

Jul. 3, 1997 issue

  • Big money moves for shareholders meeting -- sokaiya racketeer kidnaps and rapes the daughter of a corporate president and tape the scene
  • From New York: the high risk business of Nomura America's 5 billion yen employee that Mr Ujiie, the new president of Nomura Securities, trys to hide
  • A phone call from Mr Hosokawa, who quitted Shinshinto, to Ms Akiko Sato, former powerful figure of Etsuzankai, the political organization of former prime minister Kakuei Tanaka
  • The first local referendum in Mitake-cho of Gifu prefecture said NO against the construction of industrial waste dumping facility -- an attack of mayor and 40 million yen from the developper
  • Divorce notes from wives -- Yumi Takigawa, Aki Mizusawa, Mari Amachi, Mari Nakayama
  • Don't make a fool out of insurance contractors -- nonsense proposal on failed Nissan Mutual Life Insurance
  • A doubt of illegal "spike iron" on the winner horse of Takamatsunomiya Cup race
  • On Hong Kong handover: How US will change its China policy ? -- Laughing at "Socialist" Japan's much ado about nothing -- The sign of UK's reign
  • "The last moment of his hospital room" of late Shintaro Katsu -- scenario writer Mr Ichiyama talks about his impressive words for 20 years -- homage to Katsu from many famous people

Weekly Shincho

Aug. 28, 1997 issue

  • The true aim of the battle of defamatory literature that are shaking Nagatacho, the central district of Japanese political world
  • The failure of Mr. Wada, the chairman of Yao-han international supermarket chain, who was lured by the honorary citizenship of Shanghai
  • The UK newspapers that bought the picture of the Lady Diana's kissing scene at a premium of 100 million yen
  • All details about the bank van attack which was so ill-prepared to be suspected if it was a fake
  • There are still more 'me-too' phantom attackers even after the arrest of the suspect
  • Yamaichi Securities may collapse without hope of the special loan from BOJ
  • Series 2: The Nomura Securities
  • Series 2: The truth of North Korea and Megumi Yao, who had a baby with a suspect of Yodo-go hijackers

Aug. 14 & 21, 1997 issue

  • Wide: guilty and not guilty of these frequent troubles in this islands
    • Those who could and couldn't notice the disguise of Kazuko Fukuda
    • Confused investigation on Police Director shooting
    • Suspect of the murder of Tokyo Electric Power lady
    • A wife of auditor of Nihon Life Insurance who commited suicid with another man
    • The calculation of defence team of Kobe murder incident that appeals the psychiatric test of the suspected boy
    • The investigation of Nara-TsukigaseNara-Tsukigase missing case susupect Okazaki
    • The released suspect on the high school girl missing in Mie
    • Gain and loss of Rumiko Koyanagi's divorce scandal
    • Tenacious harrassment to the accuser of the rape incident by Daisaku Ikeda
  • Short series: The record of Nomura Securities
  • The truth of North Korea and Megumi Yao, who had a baby with a suspect of Yodo-go hijackers

Aug. 7, 1997 issue

  • The sin of mass medias that did not publish the truth of the Kobe murder
  • The arresting scene of the "criminal" of Nara-Tsukigase murder that led by media reporters
  • The failure of the school masters' pension and behavior of the husband of the daughter that annoys Ikenobo, the great master of flower arrangement
  • The future of Irabu whose reputation dropped sharp by his spitting against observers
  • The benefits and disadvantages of foreign insurances that are reevaluated with the bankruptcy of Nissan Mutual Life Insurance
  • The question raised by the Hashijiro Kosaka's new book The crisis of the newspaper journalism

Jul. 31, 1997 issue

  • Horrible testimony by the boy suspect of the Kobe murder
  • The judgement by the supreme court that sentenced the 18-year-old robber-murder to imprisonment for life
  • The "likely winner" of the Lady Diana's remarriage fever
  • The secret of the popularity of Gianni Versace fashion that sell 17 billion yen in Japan
  • The power of the "pillbox", or the final trump, of the former president of Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Mr Yamashita, who criticized the hereditary of Matsushita family
  • Ichiro Ozawa tald about his weary on the nation without being afraid of the danger of isolation

Jul. 24, 1997 issue

  • The Kobe murder -- Suma district residents want to show these pains of their heart to those who insist on the "human rights"
  • The rapid increase of uncontrolled juvenile crimes on which victims cannot report to the police by fear
  • Will Kim Jong Il decide to invade south after the period of mourning ?
  • The sin of child abandoning that showed the loss of mother's right rather than father's right
  • Doubtful human relationship of the Sumo Association chairman Sakaigawa that has been revealed by the trouble over the share of the right to be senior in the association
  • Absurd new Religious Organization Law that rejects the properties of Soka Gakkai to be open to public

Jul. 17, 1997 issue

  • The trouble over the picture of the boy suspect of Kobe murder -- these many voices of people that were surpressed by the loud chorus of human rights
  • Can the boy susupect be judged by the Juveniles Act ?
  • Too early death of Michiko Miyamoto famous for her diet cosmetology
  • No newspaper takes care of the Hong Kong's confusion and uneasiness one week after the handover
  • The worst in the history -- the inside of the Tokyo Metropolitan Assembly's election that was spoiled by voters
  • The herpes of Empress Michiko rose question about the health administration of the Imperial Household Agency

Jul. 10, 1997 issue

  • Shocking cruel "school boy" Kobe murder who killed weaks
    • The secret investigation to narrow the targets
    • An ordinary family and neighbours of the school boy
    • From ijime to planned killing of weaks
    • The aftereffects on Ministry of Education and residents in Suma district
    • It's beyond scope of Infant Law
  • An odd home of the chairman of a city assembly belonging to Komei who starved his wife
  • The story how the meeting between PM Hashimoto and President Fujimori was set at Hatsushima, an offshore island of Atami
  • The big sin of Pol Pot and China on the slaughter of 2 million people
  • The arrest of the president Watanabe of Azabu Building, one of the biggest borrowers of jusen money, and the regretful wedding of Mr Iue, the family of the founder of Sanyo Electronics, and Watanabe's daughter last year.
  • Why not establish a law to stop sokaiya racketeer that forced ex-chaiman of Daiichi Kangyo Bank Mr Miyazaki to kill himself ?

Jul. 3, 1997 issue

  • What will happen on the protection of bank savings and insurance contracts by Japanese Big Bang ?
  • The dark side of the Komei leader Tomio Fujiyama who are suspected on his "concessions"
  • Confusion of a fater who was coaxed to buy an apartment house for his daughter
  • Much ado about nothing on Hong Kong handover despite sharp decrease of Japanese tourists
  • Settlement of 2 billion yen debt of actor Shintaro Katsu who recently died from a cancer
  • Incurable aftereffect of Daiichi Kangyo Bank whose 28 executives forced to retire
  • Unusual relationship between Michiko Kihara and late chairman of Moss Burger

Weekly Asahi

Aug. 29, 1997 issue

  • Dangerous men in their 20s are in your neighbor -- successive phantom attacker's loans, plays and lies -- A man who killed a girl in the absence of his pregnanted wife -- a prodigal son who stabbed a beautiful piano teacher
  • The manager of customer service were killed! -- The destiny of the prestigious Yamaichi Securities
  • Wide special: the evil of these person
    • Shigeo Nagashima: the director of Yomiuri Giants who wants to gain all sluggers
    • Rumiko Koyanagi: an actress who married younger husband and are now in danger of divorce
    • Hideki Irabu: a Japanese pitcher at NY Yankees
    • Takako Matsu and Somegoro Ichikawa: Sister and brother actors from prestigious Kabuki family the Matsumotos
    • Shizuka Kamei: ultra right dietman of LDP who seeks the alliance with Ichiro Ozawa
    • Tetsuya Komuro: million seller composer-producer
    • Morihisa Aoki: former ambassador to Peru
    • Seiko Matsuda: super ex-idol singer
    • Kazuhiro Kiyohara: disappointing slugger of Yomiuri Giants
  • The contents of the "last written conversation" of late Shigeru Ekuni who had fought against cancer
  • From sommelier to enologist -- nice women pursue the tao of wine
  • No more such a nonsense public enterprise (7) -- The cheating to build a movable sluice while stooping the construction of a dam
  • The method of a man who gained a 50% interest from the Postal Saving

Aug. 15 & 22, 1997 issue

  • 15 years escape, then arrested just before the statute of limitations runs out -- The bed story between the patrons and the woman with "seven faces", Kazuko Fukuda
  • Solving 13 common questions over the Kobe murder
  • Scoop: revealing the secret bacteriological masacre in a village of China by the Japan Army's 731 force
  • Nara-Tsukigase missing: things found at the death place that suspect Okazaki confessed
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (3) -- "Enterprise is expected to be always sexy", by Makoto Iida, supreme advisor of Secom
  • A report from the dissolution meeting of Nissan Mutual Life Insurance -- Oh, such a shaky company...
  • The intersection of Japanese super animations, "Emperor of Jungle", "Mononoke-hime (A gohst princess)", and "Evangellion"
  • The best 20 historical novels to read for summer vacation
  • The critical point to distinguish the good doctors -- the big difference in treatment method of atopic dermatitis

Aug. 8, 1997 issue

  • The unlimitted darkness of the Boy A who confessed God about his "murder experiments" -- What could he have done if you were the parent ? -- The complete analysis by experts
  • Japan, the overruning islands:
    • Jobless 25-year-old man's bold action and miscalculation -- A missing junior high school girl in Nara
    • Why serious technocrat failed his way ? -- Throw away of radiocatives in Osaka University
    • The devil blower appears in the daytime of Mondays -- serial phantom crimes in Saitama and Tokyo
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (2) -- The way to compromise Japanese and US ways, by Japan IBM chairman Takeo Shiina
  • No more such a nonsense public enterprise -- An airport in resort which no carrier is interested in -- Amakusa of Kumamoto pref.
  • The decline of Waseda Univ. brand which now has to try hard to find affordable applicants
  • A solitude of a 36-year-old woman who was killed and thrown away in Kan-etsu Highway
  • Booing on Irabu in New York
  • 500 youths who were deceived by the mail order of fake Nike
  • The obstacle of Vice Ministers Meeting whose power exceeds that of prime minister, and the irritation of Ryutaro Hashimoto

Aug. 1, 1997 issue

  • Rolling of Postal Deposit can generate 30% annual interest ?
  • Fear about stalkers among the Nippon Television, a mail bomb was sent to one of its announcers
  • No more such a nonsense public enterprise (5) -- There is no reason for the reclamation of the "historical shore of man-yo" in Shingu, Wakayama
  • The latest dinosaurology shown in the "Lost World" -- Is the family love of Tyrannosaur true ?
  • The liquidation of political world after Tokyo Metropolitan election (2) -- The standard of revolt against the reconciled Kan and Hatoyama by members of Minshuto
  • The danger of invisible, scentless "gas hole" around you -- the accident of SDF members in Hakkodasan mountain
  • Naoki Award winner, Jiro Asada is a man of hardship who was a former SDF officer
  • Triple sports reports: Father and daughter of Animal Hamaguchi -- The hilarious baseball of Daiei Hawks -- Sudden emerging reports about Irabu's father
  • New series: The ten matches of Koichi Hori -- I abandoned Japanese sysytems for organization structures and personnel, by Sony president Nobuyuki Idei

Jul. 25, 1997 issue

  • These are the dangerous zene-kon, or general constructors, that even "dangerous" banks let down -- aftermath of the bankruptcy of Tokai Kogyo
  • Aiko Nagayama, 50-year-old actress, married a man 16 years younger than she -- "Womman's spring begins in her 50s"
  • Were there lives in Mars ?
  • Complete analysis of Irabu's debut by Yutaka Enatsu -- while admiring his victory, "Even I gave up his vulgarness"
  • Incredible maneuver of violence bars in Kabukicho, Shinjuku
  • Inside of JCP that cannot simply celebrate the victory in Tokyo Metropolitan Election
  • Troubled popular announcer Mitsuyo Kusano told "I came to TBS because there is Mr Chikushi"
  • The real ability of "fabricated" racing hero, Katsuyuki Mori, former member of very popular singer group SMAP
  • The mystery of a pager in the kidnapping of a high school girl in Mie prefecture
  • The best 200 doctors for adult diseases chosen by readers

Jul. 11, 1997 issue

  • Emergency special: the fearful result that Kobe killer sakakibara is a 14-year-old school boy in neighbour
  • No more such a public enterprises (2) -- mysterious airport-on-aguricultural-road that makes deficits as planes arrive
  • Younger brother of the Prime Minister, governor Daijiro Hashimoto talks -- "The strong points of 'irritating' PM that oly I know"
  • Is even amurer (follower of popular singer Namie Amuro) outdated ? -- the backstage of unprecedented boom in 200 billion yen cosmeticks market
  • Triple topics on sports -- Irabu, Egawa and Rugby Football team of Meiji Unv.
  • My dear friend, late Shintaro Katsu's film, debt and scandals -- 30 years intimate friend, film director Yoshio Shirai talks
  • The shock of the great crisis in zene-kon, or general constructors, that will affect on 6 million peoples job -- the ranking of the degree of dependency on public enterprise of top 24 constructors

Jul. 4, 1997 issue

  • Super home finance method that can beat the Japanese Big Bang
  • "Mr Hosokawa, you have no more beginner's luck", the Yuriko Koike, ex-princess of Japan New Party, attacks former lord who walked away from Shinshinto
  • Series accusation: no more such public enterprises -- the unrealizable logic that Agricultural budget from Urguay Round will be used to construct "hot spring land"
  • The survey of office ladies: The secret of my boss that only I know -- immorality 70%, side business 30%, etc.
  • The money, man and solitude of the super models that is shown by the "attempted suicide" of Naomi
  • Sharp tongue of the top runner Swallows director Nomura, "Mr Nagashima? He would take a rest if he were an ordinary director"
  • The final scene will soon arrive ? -- Kobe killer dug his own grave with the Internet
  • The tear of the father who made his good son a murderer
  • The last three hundred days fight against his disease of late actor Shintaro Katsu
  • "Our relationship with corporations will revive after two years" -- Sokaiya raketeer tells the dark side of the shareholders meeting

Sunday Mainichi

Aug. 31, 1997 issue

  • Accusing the evil hospitals for seniors -- it's not only Yasuda Hospital
  • The danger of Japan, the nation of a faction consisting of their wives' relatives -- there are a bunch of "Jr's" in many fields
  • Survive the lingering summer heat with the Internet -- the world of nonsense homepages
  • Looking at depth of the relationship between man and woman
    • The "taste" of late Kiyoshi Atsumi
    • The emotional conflict of the criminal of arson and murder with immorality
    • A dense time of a wife of Nippon Life Insurance executive and a truck driver
  • A special technique of the "90 minutes sleeping" relaxation
  • The words of the collected poems in jail "Japan" by Norio Nagayama who was executed his death penalty
  • The guide to the college classes for adults -- the list of 146 courses from 70 universities
  • The official and private life of murdered manager of Yamaichi Securities customer service

Aug. 17 & 24, 1997 issue

  • Suspect Kazuko Fukuda's 5458 days of lie and dissipation
    • The big money wrapped by her handkerchief and a man that helped her plastic surgent
    • Tenacious memo on the desk diary that she always brings with her
    • The pros and cons over the money incentives and "TV-detectives"
  • Living until 77 years old -- simulation of the situation after the financial revolution -- no one will protect your life in your old age
  • Hunt and find these cash cow monetary products
  • Special: "I witness" these incredible behavior of a teacher at a women's college, a campaign girl, a clerk at a department store....
  • The names that can win the entrance exam -- "Yoko" for women, and ... what is for men ?
  • Series:Learn about the oriental medical science (3)
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- Yayoi people's triumphant march stopped at Ise Bay ?
  • Kobe murder -- A confession of a teacher -- the only one conscience at Tomogaoka junior high school to which sakakibara went
  • My memory of 14-year-old days, school, teacher.... by Naoto Kan, Joji Abe, Ai Iijima, Nobuhiko Ohbayashi, Kiyoko Suizenji etc.

Aug. 10, 1997 issue

  • Scoop : unpublished pictures of the Shoko Asahara's critical moments
  • Eight years since the magazine's accusing campaign on Aum Shinrikyo -- A mysterious person and the criminal of Police Director shooting who disappeared from an apartment in Akasaka
  • A conversation of woman presidents of venture companies -- We'll tell you the key points to understand woman that middle aged do not know
  • Decay in financial world (3) -- Warning for personal investors -- This is the way of security companies to exploit customers
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- the "Great Battle in Aichi" between Jomon people and Yayoi people that determined the rule of the country
  • Entrance exam '98 -- The Waseda's change in exam schedule will affect private collages very much
  • Stand up fathers! Your children are in their critical danger
  • Series:Learn about the oriental medical science (2)

Aug. 3, 1997 issue

  • Keio will control the 21st century of Japan -- the connection and unity of its almuni spread over all fields
  • Scoop of sakakibara case -- The scinario was found
  • Fathers don't know -- the terror, occult etc around your children
  • A scenario towards heavy tax increase in the end of the century in Japan -- even water and air will be charged
  • The irritation of Kasumigaseki -- sharp decrease in the newly graduated applicants may end up with the ruin of bureaucracy
  • Twelve articles to survive hot summer learned from Okinawa cuisine
  • The white paper of recruiting '97
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- Did the tuberbular revolution give birth to this nation?
  • The 1 trillion yen cheque of Daiichi Kangyo Bank that troubled Singapore
  • Series:Learn about the oriental medical science (1)

Jul. 27, 1997 issue

  • The decaying financial world -- give up these rotting banks -- A secret document reveals the rolling speculation of 100 billion yen deposits by a giant bank -- personal accounts go to forein banks
  • How to save money in midsummer
    • Save your electric expenses 3500 yen per month
    • Rush Shinjuku for summer bargain sale
    • Find well selling products and get them discounted -- wine, microbrewery, bento lunch box, car, digital camera, PCs...
    • Buy condominium with limited leasehold which is far economical
  • Asking the Minister of State, Mr Inagaki about his excessive issue of endorsed notes -- Isn't it the forbidden alchemy ?
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- Measles weakened the power of Jomon era people ?
  • Obasan, or powerful middle aged women, go main stream -- Manami Fuji debuts with a new sexual novel -- Aiko Nagayama married 16 years younger man...
  • Reverse searchable index of the recruiting connection -- Is there any affinity between universiteis and companies ?
  • The sakakibara case -- A "fact" that the school still tries to hide -- The conditions of the family that his parents told the police

Jul. 13, 1997 issue

  • Don't you pay too much insurance fee? -- how to restructure your life insurance according to the latest medical science
  • The era of whistle-blowing from inside
    • You are target, too -- Dramas of personnel movements at the top corporations
    • The truth revealed by an anonymous muckraking document
  • Unrealized president of ANA, Mr Yoshikawa talks about the reality of the confused inner trouble
  • The super saving method of your telephone payment
  • Universities connection to the companies -- the ranking of top 650 companies recruiting
  • The shocking story that "12-years-old is a bad year" -- good children tend to be hurt in their soul and body
  • Hong Kong special
  • The Kobe killer is a 14-year-old school boy -- the murder was an extension of killing animals

Jul. 6, 1997 issue

  • A report just before June 27th when most major corporations have their shareholders meeting -- the back of back of the corporate general affairs department -- are they same as Nomura and DKB? -- what role will the "shadow" managers of gereral affairs department, many of them are the retired police officers
  • The universities' connection with companies for recruiting
  • "Do we earn too much ? That's what our customers give us", annonymous talks of bankers who get 14 million yen in their 30s
  • An interview with popular, but allof comic author, Mr Yoshiharu Tsuge -- "Good bye upward ambition. Let's retire when you get tired"
  • Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga worries about the disappearance of ex-manager who has not paid for 1200 people's salary
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- tracking back your roots by the viruses in your body
  • Reportage on the Kobe killer sakakibara panic -- children will evacuate in a group this summer