Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (September to October of '97)

Weekly Bunshun

Oct. 30, 1997 issue

  • Protect yourself from the great depression:
    • The new apartment house is worthless unless it is life-long residence
    • The "price revolution" was just an illusion -- the situation of the prices of liquor, mens clothing, PCs, consumer electrics ...
    • The urban residents are discriminated in terms of the tax
  • The objection from the defense team of boy A to journalism that newspapers ignored
  • There was a stalker to Seiko Noda, the "madonna" of LDP
  • The murderer of the wife of a legal advisor to Yamaichi Securities and a mysterious Chinese lady
  • The very strange disappearance of the emperor of underground world, Eichu Kyo
  • Are you sane, Yomiuri Giants, that would pay 800 million for Tanishige of Yokohama Baystars ?
  • Exclusive -- the "anguished letter" of Ajinomoto
  • The life of lie of the president and the wife of enka mental songs that gave lessons of the tax evasion in entertainment world
  • Special contribution by Mariko Hayashi -- Is Mayako, the heroine of best selling Fukigen-na-kajitsu dissolute ?

Oct. 23, 1997 issue

  • Wide special: The great depression comes close:
    • The worst 10 bank leaders -- 150 trillion bad credit
    • We don't need the Economic Planning Agency -- its economic forecast has never been true for these seven years
    • "A man of inability", Mitsuzuka for Finance Minister in this critical situation
    • Sigh of 150 thousands fired securities salesperson
    • The collapse of the magnificent "zenekon", the Tobishima family
    • The only one winner, Nippon Life Insurance -- its satisfaction and anxiety
    • What ? Did you say more discrimination between riches and poors ?
    • The land price will go down still more
    • The "shadow mastermind" of the Big Bang is an elite manager of MOF
    • Our bank deposit will not be returned
  • The anger of Fuji TV -- Hitoshi Matsumoto becomes a Yasushi Yokoyama-like arrogant talent
  • Urgent interview with Health Minister Koizumi -- "The true meaning of my words about the resignation"
  • Junior high school students kill (3) -- A fifteen year boy who killed an old woman
  • Is the murder of the lawyer of Yamaichi Securities the warning ?
  • Diminishing hope of this year's World Cup soccer
  • Surprising background of a beautiful fraud hostess in Ginza who resembles to the popular actress Yuki Uchida
  • Counter back from the plastic surgery doctor who was reconciled with Etsuko Nami over her nipple trouble
  • The annoying Amway "contamination" in the MITI that is responsible for administration of the industry

Oct. 16, 1997 issue

  • The shameful hiding of property by the senior director of the Nissan Mutual Life Insurance, the symbol of dangerous life insurance company
  • The psychiatrists who tested a Kobe boy are embarrassed by the newspaper reports on their test results
  • Junior high school students kill (2) -- a fifteen years old who beaten his senior to death
  • The next target of the special investigation team of the Tokyo Prosecutors Office is the big name of former MOF executive
  • The biggest target is Kokubo of Daiei Hawks -- the tax evasion scandal of pro-baseball world
  • No regret ever, the expert authentication of diamonds
  • The offensive words are my way, Mr Tsuneo Watanabe, the president of the Yomiuri Shimbun -- from Sato scandal to debt trouble of Giants pitcher Kuwata
  • It's too late to dismiss the Japan's national soccer team manager Shu Kamo
  • The surprising double immorality by the author of "The Bridge of Madison County"

Oct. 9, 1997 issue

  • Junior high school students kill -- not only the Kobe murder, but also other cases found around Japan -- now, the question on the Juveniles Law
  • Unexpected result of the family court judgement on Kobe murder that judicial people cannot talk about
  • Daisaku Ikeda sent a signal to Kochi governor Daijiro Hashimoto on Seikyo Shimbun, the functional paper of Soka Gakkai
  • A brave death of Kirin Breweries' director in the middle of serious battle over market share
  • Why does this man, Noboru Takachi, always have a love with an attractive lady ?
  • A list of boos to Yamaichi Securities from its customers
  • Where did the girl with yellow sweater go ? -- A story of a former US war captive
  • A sad defeat by South Korea in World Cup preliminary game -- That's why we urged to replace the manager Kamo!
  • The latest list of the most dangerous banks -- top 25 in the amount of deposit outflow

Oct. 2, 1997 issue

  • The actual facts of a "moving story" -- a son of a fisherman wrote a letter that he was rescued from a wrecked ship by North Korea after 24 years and ...
  • Wide special: displeased men and women -- Kazuo Yamada (chairman of Yaohan), Naomi Kawashima (actress), Kazuko Fukuda, Kimiko Date and Kiichi Nakai ...
  • The Great Big-Bang Depression will come -- 1.5 million unemployed, stock average 15 thousands yen ....
  • Prime minister Hashimoto, it's possible even for a monkey to just regret as you did
  • There is no other way than disappearing for Doi's SDP which did not leave the alliance with LDP at the Sato scandal
  • The real figure of the leader of the movement to let Japanese wives in North Korea return home
  • "Manager Nagashima, die a calm death" -- a surprising note by a former coach of Yomiuri Giants

Sep. 25, 1997 issue

  • Koko Sato, because this man is so shameless -- The 21 years record of his untorelable words
  • A man whom Nakano-kai gangs fanatically look for -- the biggest mystery of the Yamaguchi-gumi battle
  • The ugly situation of PM Ryutaro Hashimoto with a questionable Chinese lady that he must resign if he were a political of the western world
  • The disease of today, herpes increases rapidly -- the worst pain in human history
  • Your diamond engage ring is almost worthless as garbege
  • The selling point of Nagashima's new "cabinet" in Yomiuri Giants -- Does Mr Horiuchi deserve the head coach ?
  • PCs do not sell well -- Is it the counteraction of crazy sale of Windows 95 ?
  • The realm of sexual entertainment (2) -- the virtual reality directed by girls in ime-kura, or imaginative clubs
  • The "true criminal" of the shooting of Sumitomo Bank's branch manager in Nagoya suddenly emerges by the re-arrest of a 76-year-old prisoner

Sep. 18, 1997 issue

  • Prime Minister Hashimoto's suspect on the relation between the lady in question and huge aid to China -- why big newspapers do not report this issue ?
  • An interview with Jeffrey Archer -- "Things what Diana told me about"
  • The confession of the boss of stealth photographers -- "I threw away the picture of her corpse"
  • The aim of Izui's bombshell announcement was to ruin LDP's policy chief, Taku Yamasaki
  • The embarrassment of VIPs in political and business world who were preyed on by the master of the Hoju-shu religious cult
  • Is the guarantee statement of your diamond OK ?
  • All information on the hitmen of Yamaguchi-gumi and Nakano-kai gangs
  • The Yomiuri Giants manager Nagashima is endorsed to continue his direction next season -- the names to be swept away from the Giants
  • The farce of the scoop photo of the "seecret dating" of Ichiro and beautiful woman announcer
  • The management of apartment houses will be in danger by the bancruptcy of large developpers

Sep. 11, 1997 issue

  • A sueprising whistle-blowing from the inside for prime minister -- The Hashimoto's "woman in doubt" is the intelligent agent of China
  • The horrible real face of the master of Hoju-shu religious cult that even "ad-pillar" Tatsunori Hara doesn't know
  • Eiichi Yazawa brings counterargument against the judge of Ienaga textbook trial
  • The citizens will be forced to pay the bill of the 8 trillion interest payment of the postal saving
  • Soccer World Cup final preliminary-- Replace the manager Kamo immediately
  • The Suguru Egawa, the favorite of post Nagashima for the manager of Yomiuri Giants
  • The full-scale war of Yamaguchi-gumi triggered by the shooting of its second leader Takumi
  • Special Report: Princess Diana, the most unhappy lady in the world

Sep. 4, 1997 issue

  • A weird religious cult, part 2 -- eight names of Yomiuri Giants players whom the "ad-pillar" Tatsunori Hara invited to the cult
  • Mr Katsuhito Uchihashi concluded that Hashimoto's gyoukaku, or administrative reform, is just a fraud
  • Will 200 billion yen restructuring come true ? -- Something strange on the planned "seven digits" zip code system
  • The "must read" for those who want to make money, Tokyo Keikaku Chizu (Tokyo Map for Future Development Plan) is written by anonymous group of Tokyo Metropolitan Office
  • The dangerous personal connections of Tatsuro Hirooka, who aims at the post-Nagashima manager of Yomiuri Giants
  • The hidden grudge between two pro baseball managers, Nomura of Yakult Swallows and Ohya of Yokohama Bay Stars
  • The lecture on entertainment world for you, fathers:
    • Mystery on the sudden publish of the Miho Kanno's nude-photo book
    • The Tomomi Nishimura's fool-playing words at her engage press conference
  • Sakae Maruyama, the bizarre killer wife in Osaka
  • Series (1): The realm of sexual entertainment
  • "Eighteen reasons why Korea can never catch up Japan", written by a Japanese trader, shows a record sell in Seoul

Weekly Shincho

Oct. 30, 1997 issue

  • What the father of Kobe victim thrust to those who insist on the human rights
  • Mr Health Minister Koizumi, will the local post offices disappear by the privatization of MPT ?
  • The sexual trouble in TV-Asahi that grew the sexual harassment producer
  • The "autumn leaves" of Mr Yoichi Masuzoe who confessed his agony to care his dementia old mother
  • The anti-power of the Nobel Prize for Literature winner, Dario Fo, whose works biting the Pope, Police and the Bible
  • The names of the pro baseball players who will be exposed their tax evasion after the Japan series games
  • The special human connections of Eichu Kyo who are close with Izui, Shizuka Kamei and boss of the Takumi-gumi gang

Oct. 23, 1997 issue

  • Carry out the 4 trillion yen tax cut while Hashimoto's administrative reform fails
  • The plot of North Korea that does not disclose the real name list of the Japanese wives
  • The behavior of the Japanese girl who was killed by a 16-year-old boy in Australia
  • A strange backstage of the popular film "Kagi (key)" and "Shitsuraku-en (Paradise Lost)", by the main actress Naomi Kawashima
  • The "reason" of the murder of the wife of former vice chairman of Japan Federation of Bar Associations
  • The "kakumaru" revolutionists pretending organization that drew the parents of Kobe boy into a false charge

Oct. 16, 1997 issue

  • The urgent situation of the heavy fall in stock prices
  • Do the ethical battle outside the Diet -- question about the summons of oil merchant Izui
  • The panic of newly formed Aoba Life Insurance by large number of cancellations
  • A story of the underwear steal by the former elite bureaucrat of Ministry of Construction
  • The record of frequent violent words by Tsuneo Watanabe
  • What is revealed by the psychiatric test of the Kobe boy ?
  • Special report: the life of Sayuri Ichijo, the queen of the striptease

Oct. 9, 1997 issue

  • First time, the real facts of the dismissal of Koko Sato
  • The deception of the new Guidelines of Japan-US security cooperation that protect the constitution in exchange of the country
  • The award-winning mystery by Mr Nozawa reveals the dangerous inside situation of TV reports
  • The disaster of 60 thousands self-bankruptcy and 110 thousands runaways among middle ages
  • Kirin Breweries' director, Mr Asakawa, who suddenly died at Tokyo station
  • Miserable condition of Japanese corporations in Thailand that was revealed by a suicide of an employee of Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank
  • The preliminary actions of the crime of the Kobe boy, explained by the mother of a victim

Oct. 2, 1997 issue

  • The unrecoverable breakdown of "Hashimoto's reform" by the "dismissal" of Koko Sato, the shame of political world
  • The arrest will reach 30 people by the investigation of the last target, Nikko Securities, while the question of law for suspect Koike will be only 9 months
  • So much bitter pills from fans for the "grand reform" of spoiled Yomiuri Giants
  • The trouble over the reliability of the scandalous book on British Royal family that is published in the US as limited 1 million copies edition
  • Many injuries of wrestlers and dumping sales of box seats proved the incompetence of Sumo Association chairman Sakaigawa
  • A question over the "testimony" of the Kobe boy that hushed up the truth

Sep. 25, 1997 issue

  • Koko Sato, who was attacked his career by newspapers, his defect is "without any culture"
  • The Daisaku Ikeda's craze about decorations was accused by the Sankei Shimbun's column
  • The real image of Princess Diana written by a British woman journalist
  • The true character of a man named "Koga" who was arrested for the charge of illegal selling of the stolen Russian arts
  • The scramble for a Keio University slugger Takahashi whom all pro baseball clubs are eager to get even for a billion yen
  • Another murder by a junior high school student grew the importance the words by the new Justice Minister Shimoinaba to revise the Juveniles Law
  • The starvation scene in North Korea was the fake directed by Kim Jong Il

Sep. 18, 1997 issue

  • Princess Diana's grand funneral spurs the abandonment of the UK Royal system
  • There is a sign of the great depression
  • Danger of Kasumigaseki elite bureaucrats in their 30's -- many of them killed themselves
  • A challenge to "a person" from the junior member of Takumi-gumi, whose boss was killed by shooting
  • Unpredictable truth of the Korean Airline shoot down case after 14 years
  • Curious tactic of the Soka Gakkai's defense team for Daisaku Ikeda's rape trial
  • The film "HANA-BI" received the grand-prix at Venetian Festival -- the director Takeshi Kitano talks -- "Call me the Maestro!"

Sep. 11, 1997 issue

  • The shocking sudden death of Prncess Diana
  • The words between the two giants in Japanese literature, Yukio Mishima and Yasunari Kawabata, on the newly found mutual letters for 26 years
  • Finaly, something inevitable happens in Japanese soccer world -- the crisis of bankruptcy of Shimizu Espals
  • The reputation of the Japan's first divorce magazine, Liz
  • The price revolution of Orix Insurance that utilizes the mail order system to realize 30% lower price
  • The shooting of the boss of Takumi-gumi -- the preparedness of yakuza families for revenge war
  • The disgusting sales battle between the Asahi Shimbun and the Yomiuri Shimbun which offer customers even air conditioner, wide rage TV set, or microwave oven...
  • The Nomura Securities (final)

Sep. 4, 1997 issue

  • The betrayal of the Grand Administrative Reform without reducing bureaucrats
  • The past record of the cruel killer wife
  • At last! All about the "bank robber" by high school girls
  • The condition and preparedness of the investigation team until the arrest of the kidnappers in Kumamoto
  • The reason why the nude-photo book of an idol actress, Miho Kanno, sold out the initial 100 thousands copies
  • The overheat around the foreign players in high school baseball
  • Series 3: The Nomura Securities
  • Series 3 (final): The truth of North Korea and Megumi Yao, who had a baby with a suspect of Yodo-go hijackers

Weekly Asahi

Oct. 31, 1997 issue

  • Starting second life by early retirement, can it be successful ? -- the survey of top 42 companies encouragement system
  • Read the judgement for "sakakibara" this way -- Ryuzo Saki analyzes the four key points
  • Accusing the fear of dioxin (2) -- the sue to stop an incinerator by the colleague of the victim
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (8) -- "Mr Hashimoto, talk about the future and dream of this nation" by Mr Moroi, the advisor of Chichibu Onoda
  • Going a secret passage in the border of Indo-China, by a moneyless journey writer, Yuji Shimokawa
  • Regret-less tax evasion contractors, even an investigator of tax office conspired
  • Unreasonable revenge of 63 year-old man who was arrested in charge of the murder of the wife of the legal advisor to Yamaichi Securities
  • Exclusive monologue by Hitoshi Matsumoto answering the criticism on his boycott of Fuji TV -- "I'm always a trouble maker"

Oct. 24, 1997 issue

  • Babies are in danger -- the fear of dioxin
  • How far are you running wild, Mr Watanabe ? -- He formed "san-san-kai", the supporter group of Yomiuri Giants with members from business and political world by himself
  • An exclusive interview with Keiko Utsumi, the partner of late popular comedian Yoshie Utsumi
  • The final threat of "postal family" in political world that blocked the privatization of postal service
  • The time bomb of Sanyo Securities that started final count down -- closing crisis in securities business
  • Dismissing manager Kamo and draw against Uzbekistan -- the reason why they cannot find the successor of new manager Okada even in this situation
  • Both sellers and buyers do not regret -- enjo-kosai, or prostitution without the sense of sin, will survive even after the Tokyo's new regulation
  • The Shocking murder in Cairns -- the pitfall in paradise for those girls escaped from urban jungle

Oct. 17, 1997 issue

  • The complete analysis to find out the window dressed account to hide their deficits by zene-kon, or general constructors
  • The danger of former PM Nakasone's life-long privilege to be the first desk of the LDP's list of proportional representation election -- the retaliation to his hard push on Koko Sato's scandal
  • The embarrassment of the strong supporters of Kishiro Nakamura, who was ruled guilty on his corruption
  • Series accusation reportage on car insurance (4) -- the investigator of the insurance company who trails the accident victim
  • No more such a nonsense public enterprise (9) -- local government returns the property to the national government -- Hokkaido
  • The real figure of Nigerian 419 international fraud organizations
  • Scoop reportage -- "My mother was cooked by this rice cooker" by former Japan Army in New Guinea
  • The mystery of the "friendship murder" by two housewives in Tochigi
  • The day when "loose socks" of high school girls will disappear in Shibuya
  • The hidden part of psychiatric test report on sakakibara

Oct. 10, 1997 issue

  • Finally, the October crisis will come -- the tightening finance from banks will lead a lot of bankruptcy
  • The excellent "doc", school nurse witnesses the pupils who don't attend classes and come to the school infirmary instead
  • Too late retirement of 88 years old boss of JCP, Kenji Miyamoto -- where will the communists party go ?
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (7) -- "Hobby and job can stimulate each other", by the chairman of Shiseido, Mr Yoshiharu Fukuhara
  • Inside of the hard argument between the investor George Soros and Malaysia prime minister Mahathir -- "You drove Asian economy into a corner"
  • An exclusive interview with the owner of Washington Post, Ms Katherine Graham -- the 23 years love and hate with the dead husband
  • No more such a nonsense public enterprise (8) -- 1.5 billion yen agricultural road for just one ranch
  • Series accusation reportage on car insurance (3) -- the aim of the loss insurance that accuses the victims
  • The day when the born-in-Japan PC brand, NEC's 98 model, disappears
  • Is it a dangerous gamble for Kim Jong Il to become the Secretary General ?
  • The dismissal of Waseda family instead of Nagashima in Yomiuri Giants
  • An interview with the wife of late Shoichi Yokoi, the WW II straggler who returned to Japan in 1972 after 26 yeas life in jungles

Oct. 3, 1997 issue

  • Survey on the 51 companies "annual rate" salary -- there is a 7 million yen difference in earnings for managers
  • The crisis of Hashimoto who is so dull about the Koko Sato scandal -- Takako Doi of SDP got mad, and even LDP members rose in revolt
  • The battle over Miyagi governor election -- Ozawa, Mitsuzuka and Construction Ministry allies to defeat the current governor who is eager in disclosure
  • The three defects of the Transplant Act that will go into effect on Oct. 16th
  • Series accusation reportage on car insurance (2) -- it should take care of victims at least as helpful as workmen's compensation insurance
  • The day when deregulation on speed limit will spread over the nation -- max speed goes up 10 km/h in Aichi prefecture
  • The scenario of Yamaguchi-gumi battle toward the annihilation of the heavy, Nakano-kai
  • A trouble over Shigeru Yano's sudden cancellation of his lecture in Hokkaido

Sep. 26, 1997 issue

  • The complete survey of the financial reliability of 92 golf clubs related to general constructors
  • The way to the disaster of Hashimoto's new cabinet that accepted the ex-convict Koko Sato and also is shaken by the Izui's bombshell announcement
  • The unknown real face of Prince William that has emerged by the death of Princess Diana
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (6) -- "The tao of merchant that thinks the customer absolutely important" by the honorary chairman of Ito Yokado, Masatoshi Ito
  • Restarting the accusation reportage on car insurance -- a tragedy of an insurance seller who was arrested in charge of the overturning the zero evaluation of the insurance for the dead customer
  • The battle of Yamaguchi-gumi -- a touch-and-go situation of the gangs with 2000 members in Tokyo
  • The victory of Orix Bluewave became impossible and then came out these discords
  • The Japanese film nouvelle vague that will follow Takeshi Kitano
  • The value-cahngeable insurance, that was promoted as profit guaranteed, was originally set to make loss ? -- a victim analyzed the system with a PC

Sep. 19, 1997 issue

  • 50 pages memorial special: The Diana's love has fallen in Saine
  • Battle conversation between Shizuka Kamei (former construction minister) and Soichiro Tahara (journalist) -- "Our member of ho-ho (the group seeking the aliance with Shinshinto) will never give up"
  • I decided to have a child when I noticed the re-appearance of the cancer
  • The battle of Yamagchi-gumi gangs -- the order of shooting cannot be stopped
  • The singlehanded crossing of the Pacific Ocean by a tortoise that has been trased by a satellite

Sep. 12, 1997 issue

  • Scoop: The super spy operation around LDP Secretary Koichi Kato in Nagatacho
  • The calculation of former prime minister Noboru Takeshita over the "final war of LDP"
  • An interview with Kunio Hatoyama who did not join the "Reform Conference"
  • From North Kushu: The benefit of tamagotchisterility treatment
  • Kobe again -- Will the shooting of the cadreman of Takumi-gumi trigger the grand split of Yamaguchi-gumi, the largest yakuza organization ?
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (5) -- "The key success factor is to do something new quickly" by Hayao Nakayama, the president of SEGA
  • The re-growing Aum shinrikyo, its horrible doctrine and funds
  • Amurers are embarrassed by Namie Amuro's bold cut of her long hair
  • The true story of the Miho Kanno's nude photo book
  • The dark side of welfare nation Sweden
  • The claim of the 25 year-old driver -- The fire just because of his dyed hair is not allowable
  • The Korean presidential election -- those who fear about the advantage of Kim Dae-jung
  • A new serious battle of digital satellite broadcasting
  • "Super Devil" Sasaki and other "nameless" players who support the triumpahnt march of Yokohama Bay Stars toward the champion flag

Sep. 5, 1997 issue

  • Seiroku Kajiyama's aim at becoming the new king maker -- good-bye Hashimoto who is absorbed by gyoukaku or administrative reform
  • Scoop: the confession by the lover of the killer wife in Osaka -- "She is a genious lier"
  • Finally, the anticipation by this magazine about the glof club problem became the reality -- the danger of the successive bankruptcy of golf courses
  • Series:The ten matches of Koichi Hori (4) -- "We have stubbornly insisted on our original" by Hideki Sakai, the president of Hirose Electric
  • The confession by the seiho-redii, or life insurance sales women -- "Your insurance payment is wasted so badly"
  • The book store battle in Ikebukuro, Tokyo -- super giant book store from Kansai joins the fight
  • The kidnapping in Kumamoto -- the pitfall of using cellular phone
  • The extremism of women's pro-wrestling that finally had a dead victim
  • What is the "regret syndrome" among young ladies that said to generate immorality, anorexia and young prostitution

Sunday Mainichi

Oct. 26, 1997 issue

  • Japanese economy crushes:
    • More and more companies' stock prices drop under 200 yen
    • The banks really dangerous
    • The general constructors that have super heavy liabilities
    • Worst in the history, the personal bankruptcy by "first low, then high interest" loan mortgage plan
  • Almost disunited J-League soccer -- chairman Kawabuchi will be the next to the dismissed manager Kamo
  • Kim Jong Il becomes the General Secretary:
    • A secret scenario to conquer South Korea in a week
    • The secret of the new leader that is seen in the will letter of his guardian
  • A pitcher of Nippon-ham Fighters Kaneishi speaks -- "This team could not win the victory because Ochiai ...."
  • An argument on the medical cost from the viewpoint of doctors
  • A confusion in the Ministry of Health and Welfare about the "special virtue medicine for cancer"

Oct. 19, 1997 issue

  • Why national bureaucrats owe less burden for medical insurance?
  • Why the visit of Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, the "starvation ambassador", suddenly canceled by the North Korea?
  • The secret order by former PR Takeshita, "Make Ichiro Ozawa be Kim Jong Il, alone and nonaided in political world"
  • Messages to the babyboomers:
    • The 40s are the target of the restructuring and curtailment
    • They're much better than 30s people
    • Five points to avoid when communicate with your staff in their 30s
  • The straight question from applicant to the university newspaper -- "Is it true that students of University of Tokyo are generally short-legged ?"
  • The right way to follow the "British boom", i.e. afternoon tea, aroma therapy, gardening ....
  • The friendship murder in Tochigi -- the moment when the dissatisfactions of wives turn to be murderous intents

Oct. 12, 1997 issue

  • Scoop: accusing the negative inheritance of prime minister Hashimoto and suspect Okamitsu -- will the government still say to raise the medical burden even with these scandalous corrupt ?
  • You babyboomers, enjoy 30 years from now on -- your money, health, sexual life, fulfillment and dream...
  • The wives who enjoy the "secret pure love"
  • Short series: The desire of girls -- why an 80-year-old man played with 60 girls ?
  • Is it just a luxury or absolute pease of mind ? -- those who rely on 14 million yen dock
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- The birth of the Japan sea culture area
  • How to protect your life under the privatization of the postal savings

Oct. 5, 1997 issue

  • The Dankai-sedai, or baby boom generation -- the "battle" is over
    • The real words of the middle managers of major companies
    • Let's live for yourself from now on
    • The failure of the child rearing can be traced back to their parents
    • What was the babyboomers' karuchaa, or flippant culture ?
    • The god father Taichi Sakaiya's "leaving from happiness" declaration
  • The last chance in this century to get your own apartment house -- how to select good one from properties thrown away by banks
  • Short series: The desire of girls -- A 16-year-old girl who sells herself for a stimulant
  • How far could Hashimoto anticipate ? -- The disloyalty and plot behind the resignation of Koko Sato
  • The back stage of the mass production of pretty girl talents
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- the secret of the origin of Japanese language
  • As you imagine, they are filled with the praise of Kim Jong Il -- The content of the "manuscripts" of Japanese wives in North Korea which are prepared by the authority

Sep. 28, 1997 issue

  • This is the break even point of your life insurance payment -- do not miss the movement to cancel the current insurance
  • The time of crisis of the British Royal family that was triggered by the death of Princess Diana
  • Short series: The desire of girls -- an 18 year-old girl who practiced 230 prostitution acts in a half year and was exploited 7.5 million yen
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- our "food" comes form Jomon
  • When can we see clear tomorrow ? -- the truth of the "economic recovery" that found in the city
  • The study of oriental medical science -- the cancer disappeared by kiko method
  • It's almost tele-kura, or telephone date club -- the risky introduction by the marriage meeting services
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with Hajime Funada, former director general of Economic Planning Agency
  • Medical rot (5) -- the greedy hospital that extort all properties from patient for his life

Sep. 21, 1997 issue

  • Special: the tragedy of Princess Diana
  • Shock runs in Nagatacho -- Junichi Izui, an oil wholesaler and now on trial for fraud, confessed about his fund donation method and names of the politicians
  • Dear Mr Prime Minister, this is the list of ministers for Adnimistrative Reform Cabinet which this magazine chose for you
  • Women enjoy the divorce
  • Medical rot (4) From Kobe -- the cruel treatment on the handicapped that presitegious Nisseki Hospital tried to hide
  • Short series: The desire of girls -- A 16 years old girl who revenged her customer of prosititution with yakuza gang
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- A crowrie changed the Japanese
  • Karel van Wolfren talked with Ms Shizue Kato, 100 years old former diet woman -- "The Social Democratic Party will be disappearing"

Sep. 14, 1997 issue

  • The rotting medical world (3) -- The horrible system to leave patients to their fate without help, accused by an active employee of a medical corporation
  • Where will postal savings and postal life insurance go ? -- those who get disadvantages by the privatization
  • Again, Seiko Matsuda, after the shock of Miho Kanno's nude photo book
  • The "pressure points" health method
  • Short series: The desire of girls -- A seventeen-year-old girl who brings total 6.5 million yen to an "host", or male sexual entertainer
  • Go, go! Bay Stars -- a secret step toward the miracle V after 37 years -- The study of manager Ohya's praise and encourage method
  • The tactics of giant banks to lead ordinary people to the agony of mortgage loan
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- the sufferings of Jomon people who were swept away to the mountain area
  • What was happend in Yamaguchi-gumi ? -- The economic mafia's domination of Japanese islands is revealed by the shooting of its No. 2 leader

Sep. 7, 1997 issue

  • The rotting medical world -- accusing such a terrible patients abuse
    • Neglecting patients until they are infested with maggots
    • Too much medcine makes patinets lose their senses
    • A "lonely death" in a hospital
  • The bizarre and crazy of the mononoke devil wife who killed her husband and cut his corpse into pieces
  • Now try everything related to loans -- enjoy your life with somebosy else's money
  • The science to unveil Japanese nation -- the key success factor of Yayoi people was to have a large family
  • Take a ten minutes walk this way, if you don't want to die
  • "I was deceived" -- the gray movement of a famous religious people behind the loan trouble between Yoko Shimada and Kiroku Dan
  • Complete report: discovering the cellular phone syndrome -- Why the sales of CD dropped sharply ? -- Why high school girls attempt prostitution ? -- Why salary men's psychosomatic diseases increase ?