Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (January to February of '98)

Weekly Bunshun

Feb. 26, 1998 issue

  • Yuko Arimori -- "I'll cancel the wedding reception", the sudden unhappy change one month after the marriage registration
  • A mysterious career of an woman picture dealer who accused former Director of Bank Division of MOF
  • You don't have right to attack the wine and dine entertainment of bureaucrats -- unveiling the detailed data of "entertaining of newspaper writers"
  • I'll talk to former colleague, by the lawmaker Motohisa Furukawa, who retired from MOF after six years to run the election
  • Who is the next of Shokei Arai, the target of the prosecutors office ?
  • The applicants of Waseda University decreased by 60 thousands
  • Reading with fear, Shungiku Uchida's essay "A claim of a fucked woman"
  • The conditions of Gold Medal are "dyed hair, shaved eyebrow and passed away father"
  • The big campaign: TV is sick (1) -- there is no control on violent scene that gives significant influence over boys and girls

Feb. 19, 1998 issue

  • Mr Finance Minister Matsunaga, did you really served as a prosecutor ? -- frequent change of words, even withdrawing the re-investigation of tax-evading elite bureaucrat
  • Anonymous conversation among bureaucrats -- There is a no-pan shot bar (served by waitress without underwear), in fact
  • The bargain sale of Saison Group began -- hotel chain and Family Mart
  • What the stabbed teacher couldn't see
  • The 500 pages confession report of former police chief Hontao that frightens Prime Minister Hashimoto
  • Exclusive: "I have no regret on my Shochiku" by Kazuyoshi Okuyama
  • Round-table talk of doctors -- "Death with dignity", that is your own choice
  • A newspaper writer disclosed the name of Police executive who made a mistake on the investigation of the Director shooting case
  • Nagano Olympic -- the prediction of Japan's gold medal by foreign media
  • Scoop: the attempted rape in the Tokusu-kai's hospital
  • Actress Yoshiko Mita's nonsense argument of the "Juveniles Act" for her arrested second son

Feb. 12, 1998 issue

  • The Ito-Chu's "Workers Union Magazine" issues unprecedented special report "Will our company really be OK ?"
  • Prime Minister Hashimoto, it's you who must resign
  • MOF scandal -- What did two suicide bureaucrats hide ?
  • "Why" from Associated Press that was rejected to attend the press conference of Princess Masako
  • Police, court, please tell us the truth of the "murder" -- the round table talk of parents whose children were killed by a boy (2)
  • The final weapon of Clinton to escape from scandal
  • Is only Daiei Hawks' Kokubo bad ?
  • Nagano Olympic -- Funaki's gold depends on wind, and Ogiwara's bronze depends on fortune
  • The perplexed attendants to Tamio Kageyama's funeral
  • Mari Watanabe, former popular announce of TBS, emerges as the successor of Etsuko Komiya, newscaster of TV-Asahi's News Station
  • Emergency interview with 30 teachers "I was assaulted by students, too"

Feb. 5, 1998 issue

  • ¥800 trillion of land price clash! The banks will totally collapse in April -- Even big banks are not exceptions
  • Asking to all diet members -- If Clinton will be ruined, then what should you do with the Hashimoto's suspicion on a Chinese lady ?
  • The "ranking of beauty" of the registered temporary staff that was revealed by the leakage of the list from agency
  • We'll no more bear silently -- the round table talk of parents whose children were killed by a boy
  • Two hurdles for the "wedding" of princess Norinomiya
  • A letter from fiance Gabriel that made Yuko Arimori's parents moved to tears
  • Ichiro's annual salary of ¥320 million is to cheap -- let him go to the Major League
  • Exclusive manuscript : "I've got cancer" by actress Mitsuko Baisho
  • Scoop: The world famous Honda tries to hide its indecent party

Jan. 29, 1998 issue

  • Fuji Bank first time objected to the argument of its danger by responding 10 questions
  • The trick of the MOF's announcement of "¥76 trillion bad loans"
  • SEGA's surprising technique to purge its president
  • Bottomless squeezing connection of the cop in doubt who attempted suicide
  • Doctors appeal "The life prolonging treatment is meaningless"
  • The whys on the sudden dismissal of Shochiku's Okuyama family
  • The hell that an elite Keio Univ's associate professor saw at his home
  • The true aim of the words by Japan Soccer manager Okada "team members are all alike"
  • The inside of Tokyo Prosecutors Office which could expose Isaka only ?
  • The awful 20 hours confinement by Shoro Kawazoe, former husband of an actress Jun Fubuki

Jan. 22, 1998 issue

  • A secret list of the complete rating of the danger of general constructors, prepared by a trading company
  • If you think about switching your life insurance, try this way
  • The five question about the Yomiuri Shimbun president Mr Watanabe's confession on his cancer
  • Large scale survey -- the hospitals where you may die in peace of mind
  • The seven digits new zip code system -- what will happen if you do not write the code ?
  • The specialist of the general affairs department (2) -- the method of negotiation to win over the sokaiya racketeers
  • The Orix BlueWave manager, Mr Ohgi's crazy about stock investment
  • The dangerous daily life of the 19-year-old "Thinner boy" who killed a girl in Osaka
  • Revealing the hidden injury case of popular actor Hiroshi Fuse
  • The fiance of ex-condemned-criminal Kim Hyonhi is an elite investigator of the national security office of Korea

Jan. 15, 1998 issue

  • "I have different opinions..."
    • Promote "Bubble Economy" again
    • Privatize the University of Tokyo
    • Learn from Ryotaro Shiba's "Make land public-owned"
    • Suggestion for salaried person to take advantage of final tax return
    • It's depression, let's enjoy playing
  • The nonsense fin-de-ciecle ranking
    1. A word of love that won women in their 30s
    2. Midori Miyazaki is the number one among "the talents who are favored by bureaucrats"
    3. Is the nude of Haruko Waniguchi most valuable ?
    4. After all, the strongest slugger of Japan is Matsui
    5. The best 5 of the inner trouble of companies with a lot of anonymous muckraking documents
    6. Why the law department of Keio University graduates are so much loved ?
    7. Did Seiko Matsuda overtake Kakuei Tanaka (former prime minister) ?
    8. The "best sushi-bar" in Japan where a customer attended 167 times
    9. Pikachu is the monster in the stuffed toy world
    10. Who is the worst culprit of bizarre crime ?
  • The accidents note '98 -- "Big miscalculations"
    • The demoniac world of Peru where the killed Waseda students fell
    • No compensation for the victims of the UA plane's turbulent air trouble
    • Lack of virtue of Ichiro Ozawa who formed the new party but is in short of funds
    • The first of the year against anti-prostitution was a depraved monk
  • The calculation of Seiko Matsuda at the court battle
  • Scoop: The hidden report on the Director of Police shooting incident

Jan. 1 & 8, 1998 issue

  • The real voice of the parents of The Boy A -- three hours agony talk with their friend
  • Wide special : the deserting women, and the deserted men -- Kimiko Date, Kenjiro Haitani, Michiyo Kusano, Kazuko Fukuda, Uno Kanda, Honami Suzuki, Yukio Iketani, Rumiko Koyanagi, Motoko Obayashi, etc...
  • The special interview with Japan Soccer Team manager Mr Okada -- I"'m supported by the works of Ryotaro Shiba"
  • Lee Oo Ne has returned to Japan !?
  • You are not deserved to talk about "revive of Japanese economy", Kiichi Miyazawa, Ryutaro Hashimoto, Yasushi Mieno, Masaru Yoshitomi, Keitaro Hasegawa, Hajime Karatsu....
  • These advance hints of the suicide of Mr Juzo Itami -- Film, Yakuza and an woman of 26 year-old

Weekly Shincho

Feb. 26, 1998 issue

  • Finally, Merrill Lynch enters Japanese market, aiming at our ¥120 trillion assets
  • A punch of timely exposure book "The dirty nobles of the Olympic"
  • The surprising women relations of sumo champion Akebono who just married
  • The end of the Kimijima brand which has no more magical power and closed all shops in Tokyo
  • The deal with aftermath of tragedy car crash on the Rainbow Bridge
  • The crisis of Japan (1) -- the hypertrophied medical expense that no one can stop
  • Unreported merciless story that former executives of Yamaichi Securities could get no job

Feb. 19, 1998 issue

  • The "March crisis" with the forecast of land slide of stock price that frightens Hashimoto government
  • The awful power of TV game "Bio-hazard" that made easily loose-temper junior high school students enthusiastic
  • The prevalence of the secret-slim-medicine, stimulant, that son of Yoshiko Mita was infected, too
  • Successive bankruptcy of famous hot spring hotels that are expensive, nasty and nagging
  • Incredible sharing of public fund at the failed Hanwa Bank
  • What is the duty of the Bank of Japan whose executives are lost deep in wine and dine ?
  • Special report: Aum Shinrikyo cult is reviving

Feb. 12, 1998 issue

  • The human rights of children and the disaster of stabbing a teacher of a junior hight school
  • Moral-decayed junior high school student -- finally assaulted a policeman
  • No power of the new Finance Minister Matsunaga who was already forsaken by the market
  • Counter strike from the husband of actress Ayako Sawada -- "I'm not a violent man"
  • The huge loan of ¥3.56 million per household after the fiesta of Nagano Olympic
  • The return match of two thousands Yamaichi employee -- the farewell party with canned beer and delivered pizza
  • 1,200 financial people who gathered around the no-pan shabushabu, or shabushabu restaurant where waitresses serve without underwear

Feb. 5, 1998 issue

  • The big plot of Hashimoto's "stock price control" for which the top secret information was leaked to the US
  • These are the next "Japanese leaders" -- the back stage of 29 selected people from political and business world
  • Many young people rush to the Takeshi Kitano's film "HANA-BI" that describes the live of married couple
  • Nonsense restriction on reporting the Nagano Olympic opening ceremony rehearsal
  • Big failure of the police department that a criminal escaped from the inspection room where visited wife attacked police with spray
  • Unexpected following story of the Japanese diplomat who was reported to engaged with an Egyptian lady
  • Special report: President Clinton who might fall from power with unprecedented scandal

Jan. 29 1998 issue

  • Finally, banks' bad loans reach ¥100 trillion, and who did take the responsibility ?
  • The last-moment henchmen of the Prime Minister Hashimoto with much bad reputation
  • Yuko Arimori's wedding, and the praise and blame around it
  • The revealed "secret stock merchant club" of diet man Shokei Arai
  • The trick to hide the big unemployment under great depression
  • The entertainment of MPD cop Hontao who was caught in a trap settled by Daiwa Securities
  • The Clinton's sex scandal and the US newspapers

Jan. 22 1998 issue

  • The only one alternative is dissolution -- the collapsing Hashimoto Cabinet
  • The pursuit of the "war criminal" of giant banks on the jusen problem
  • Anticipation of the spread of the prostate cancer that the Yomiuri Shimbun president Mr Watanabe confessed
  • The personality and character of the wife of Mr Nomura, the manager of Yakult Swallows, who beat actress Uno Kanda in Hawaii
  • Special: the truth of the 15 years disguised escape of Kazuko Fukuda (final)
  • The hesitation of "human rights" aware newspapers to report the murderer boy in Sakai
  • The exclusive interview with Pol Pot

Jan. 15 1998 issue

  • It's so unreasonable to save banks with ¥30 trillion tax
  • The background relationship of the suicide of Juzo Itami
  • A sad death of Toshiro Mifune with unhappy private situation
  • The calculation of Seiko Matsuda who did not announce the death of her father
  • Special: the truth of the 15 years disguised escape of Kazuko Fukuda (2)
  • Ichiro Ozawa talks about the confusion over disbandment -- "What is required is to change the way of thinking"

Jan. 1 & 8, 1998 issue

  • Wide: Families in trouble
    • The suicide of Mr Juzo Itami
    • Difficulty of the family of Sakakibara
    • The weak point of sokaiya Ryuichi Koike
    • Disappeared Wada family of Yaohan
    • The will of the former DKB chairman Mr Miyazaki who killed himself
    • The pro baseball slugger Kokubo who evaded income tax
    • The confession by the eldest son of Daisaku Ikeda on the hereditary issue of the Soka Gakkai
    • Missing Eichu Kyo
    • The shareholders lawsuit that targets the former Nomura president Sakamaki
    • The successive presidents of Yamaichi Securities who are scared about the request to compensate with their private properties
    • etc...
  • Special: the truth of the 15 years disguised escape of Kazuko Fukuda

Weekly Asahi

Feb. 27, 1998 issue

  • Sons' and daughters' drug contamination
    • Confession of teens "The reason why we indulge in drug"
    • Revealing the secret stimulant market in metropolitan area
    • "Accustomed" teacher's technique to distinguish and save drug abuse student
  • The story on Sumo champion Akebono's wedding as a result of wife's pregnancy
  • A disgusting "common sense" of the Industrial Bank of Japan -- all bankers are the MOF specialists
  • The Nagano Olympic's medalists
  • The former mayor of Nago city in Okinawa told "People in main lands do not understand our choice with agony"
  • "The Teikyo University that made may son kill himself"
  • Amakudari people from MOF who prey on the auditor corporation

Feb. 20, 1998 issue

  • The armed boys
    • The magazine's own survey showed that two out of five boys have knife, air gun etc.
    • Enquete to junior high school students in Saitama -- "The moment we go burst"
    • Must read for parents and teachers -- 10 articles not to let children go mad
  • Former diet member Eitaro Itoyama buys out the stocks of JAL, saying "The company should select me as the chairman"
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (4) -- Is "hot rice with raw egg" safe ?
  • The Sumo Association's chairman election -- the mystery why Kitanoumi gave the vote to Tokitsukaze
  • The ideal childbirth for aged mothers
  • Medicalnet '98 -- diabetes
  • Boom under depression -- the 25 standing bars in Tokyo and Osaka
  • The dissolved Saison Group -- the failure of Seiji Tsutsumi's "sensibility marketing" -- Sale of Intercontinental Hotels and Family Mart chains

Feb. 13, 1998 issue

  • Wide Special : The collapse of the Ministry of Finance
    • The last word of the suicide non-career bureaucrat manager
    • Fault of the timing of amakudari of the arrested Miyagawa
    • "The money and women of MOF bureaucrats" revealed by the first MOF-tan (bank staff to take care of MOF)
    • The banned word "no-pan (no underwear waitress) shabushabu"
    • The rate of grace of the last moment of finally resigned Minister Mitsuzuka and Vice Minister Komura
    • "I have warned the corruption for three years" by Ryo Takasugi
    • "The danger that inability people have power" by Taichi Sakaiya
    • "Why next Minister is said to be easy job ?" by Soichiro Tahara
    • Dirty business of OB bureaucrats
    • The secret investment firm of gray diet man Shokei Arai
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (3) -- The fear of the imported foods that is surrounded by full of agricultural chemicals
  • The true face of Linda Tripp -- the predicament and counter strike of Clinton
  • Why the 13-year-old boy exploded to kill his teacher with a knife ?

Feb. 6, 1998 issue

  • The eleven "patriots" of Shochiku who rose themselves to action
  • The crime by Teikyo University rugby students are just the tip of iceberg -- the incredible usage of karaoke box these days
  • The splendid women whom the JHPC's corrupted director Isaka have loved
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (2) -- You are eating the recombinant DNA foods without knowing it
  • Is the Matsushita Electric's new salary system with no retirement allowance favorable or not ?
  • Eichu Kyo's ¥1 billion political maneuvering and renowned people who were made a cat's-paw of
  • The real figure of smart drag that is said to make you clever
  • The reconstruction plan of Waseda University by Terry Ito

Jan. 30, 1998 issue

  • Revealing the whole picture of amakudari, or "descent from heaven", from MOF to banks
    • Full list of the names of amakudari
    • This is the ultimate back-scratching alliance! -- Descent from MOF's financial inspection division to the bank's inspection department
    • The charges of a big name banker from MOF who made the bank crashed
  • The "sweet relationship" between MPD officer and Daiwa Securities
  • The "limit" of the business-purpose entertainment which an elite MOF bureaucrat stepped over
  • The tireless rush of the foreign security houses
  • SEGA -- the inside story about the discord between the owner Okawa and president Nakayama
  • All reasons why Naoto Kan cannot be Mr Blair
  • My reunion with a women's magazine, by Keizo Saji, the chairman of Suntory
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table -- Is the fresher shellfish the more dangerous ? A mysterious small globular virus

Jan. 23, 1998 issue

  • Wondering Mitsui Group
    • The real ability of Sakura Bank that could not save Toshoku
    • The human-resource-rich Mitsui now lacks talented people
    • The latest ratings of the group's major companies
  • The day when Hashimoto shakes hands with the long standing enemy Ozawa
  • The golf club problem (18) -- Will the rights of 70 thousands member of bankrupted Nitto Kogyo be protected ?
  • The tough spirit of the Yomiuri Giants' owner, Mr Tsuneo Watanabe, who confessed his cancer
  • The novel that accuses the corruption of executives of the Chinese Communists Party
  • The complete verification of the popular sexual tradition
  • The science about men's under wear
  • An advanced guide to the World Cup's France
  • 32 ancient mirrors found in Nara -- Is it the answer to the argument where ancient Yamataikoku did exist ?

Jan. 16, 1998 issue

  • 1998 big financial confusion:
    • "Dangerous banks" that will be revealed by the early adjustment measure
    • Personal deposits will go overseas by the amendment of the Foreign Exchange Control Law
    • Total war between domestic and foreign firms will begin with the entrance of Merrill Lynch
    • The Big Bang calendar of bank, securities and insurances
  • Nippon Regeneration Wide -- The proposals from specialists
    1. Cabinet: Step down the Dutch-roll captain Hashimoto
    2. Kasumigaseki: Bureaucrats, you should experience to earn money by yourself
    3. Depression: Introduce the new financial products that can contribute to personal properties
    4. Sumo: Widen the ring size of Professional Sumo
    5. Bad loans: Don't make them the source of fund for gangs
    6. Golf: Japanese courses have spoiled our professional players
    7. Gyokaku: Redo the failed final report of administrative reform
    8. TV: You cannot win over Fuji TV by just imitating the popular "Love Generation"
    9. Sexy: Ah, lonely men who want warms...
  • Golf course trouble (17): You don't have to pay the loans for the membership ?
  • Water in danger (4): The environmental hormone made all living creatures female
  • Big break up of Shinsinto -- The Ozawa's new Liberal Party, told by Yuriko Koike
  • The expectation of medals in Nagano Olympic games

Jan. 2 & 9, 1998 issue

  • Two big dialogues at the new year, commemorating the World Cup entry
    • Ryu Murakami vs Hidekazu Nakata -- "I'll play more self-oriented performance in the main games
    • Takeshi Okada vs Mariko Hayashi -- "When I got mad about the noise to remove Kazu Miura...."
  • The complete analysis on the job offer list for the employee of failed Yamaichi Securities -- This is the way for those in their 40s and 50s to survive
  • The accident on Poke-mon, or pocket monster mascot series
  • The futureless way of Shinshinto that was determined by the reelection of president Ozawa
  • The freezing Sapporo after Takugin's fault implies the Japan in '98
  • Commemorating the year of tiger: the historical reportage -- Found the origin of the classic "figure of raising a tiger in desperation" in Nepal
  • A guide to new year's storytellers' theaters
  • A new series: Letters from Ryotaro Shiba
  • A new series: "Finding a small journey" by Machi Tawara

Sunday Mainichi

Feb. 22, 1998 issue

  • The Great Bankruptcy Era
    • Window-dressed accounts instructed and helped by the government
    • Finally, Toho Mutual Life Insurance Co. ...
    • The last chance restructuring of Saison Group
  • Scoop: famous entertainer made a big loss by the help of Shokei Arai
  • The state of victory of Makoto Kondo ? -- Ministry of Health and Welfare stops the cancer examination
  • Popular actress Yoshiko Mita's second son arrested with a charge of taking stimulants
  • A man who has his den in Mitsubishi
  • The "next" of MOF that the Tokyo District Prosecutors Office sets the target
  • A big argument over male primipara
  • "After all, nothing was true", the testimony by former subordinate of accused Kadokawa changed again and again
  • Bureaucrats are of no help for your changing job

Feb. 15, 1998 issue

  • The financial firms and zene-kon will collapse after the March closing -- the recovery of the stock market is just a fake
  • The truth of the withdrawal of testimony on Kadokawa's cocaine trial
  • The big battle between Daiei and Nikkei BP
  • True character of ¥3 million phimotic operation
  • The OB's of Waseda University Explores Club questioned the "patriotism" of Prime Minister Hashimoto
  • So many angry women around the city
  • Fight! Tokyo Metropolitan Prosecutors Office, don't stop the investigation on MOF
  • The way of explosion of a junior high boy who killed his teacher
  • A file of deceive -- confession of a life insurance sales lady

Feb. 8, 1998 issue

  • These are the financial institutions with bad executives, judged by MOF
  • Akina Nakamori's "Cold Moon"
  • The increasing number of medical students do not study biology
  • The entrance exam information
  • The coup d'etat in Shochiku -- "A diary of a fond parent" and "Being employee is something tough" (parody of two popular films of Shochiku)
  • A paradise for amakudari in the Japan Highway Public Corporation family
  • The mass idiots of Teikyo University and Nihon Athletic College
  • The first election in Sumo association -- from under the table negotiation to power game

Feb. 1, 1998 issue

  • The Great Bankruptcy Era -- the gossiped-about companies and the supporting power of their main banks
  • A polygraph exposed the inability of Finance Minister Mitsuzuka
  • A mirror of ancient yama-tai-koku realm was found in Kinki area, then what ?
  • Venereal diseases are silently spread among young girls
  • Voices of parents of young girls who earn money from enjo-kosai, or young prostitution without sense of sin
  • The "common sense" of Japan decided by Jun Miura, Hajime Anzai, Asato Izumi and Goro Yamada
  • The list of the rating of countries
  • The bloodstained logic of the 28-year-old murderer stalker
  • The manual to repel the banks' kashi-shiburi, or reluctance to lend money

Jan. 25, 1998 issue

  • The Great Bankruptcy Era -- the excuse of companies that are the targets of rumor
  • The Mitsubishi conquered the main territory of the Mitsui over their 100 year battle
  • Since my DNA leads me to the Paradise Lost ...
  • Now, everyone starts his/her own new political party
  • This year's swimming costumes look something odd
  • The super inexpensive foreign life insurances arrive
  • The anticipation of '98 professional baseball by lady announcers
  • Now we should learn from the "Pooh Bear"

Jan. 18, 1998 issue

  • A complete analysis: The Great Era of Bankruptcy -- The difference between those who win and those not -- Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank vs Fuji and Sakura, Shizuoka Bank vs Yokohama Bank, Nomura vs Daiwa and Nikko, Nissei and foreign firms vs ...
  • The truth of the rumor:
    • Hidekazu Nakata desired to enter the University of Tokyo
    • The Yakult manager Nomura's block sign to throw a ball at the batter
    • A man in Nerima who has panda as his pet
    • A hamburger shop whose hostesses put no underwear
    • A metal response from the hair of Namie Amuro
    • The secret VIP club in Tokyo Disney Land
    • A march of armed forces in Shiroganedai
  • The entrance exam -- get 10 more points with tofu and morning shampoo
  • Found the roots of surname Suzuki, the most popular one in Japan
  • The key of the suicide of Mr Itami is the "woman of gaishi (foreign firm)"
  • Fight! Salaried men!
    • From "a hundred men, one mind" to "a hundred men, hundred mind", by Saburo Shiroyama
    • "Everyone be the Osaka-mind merchant" by Isao Nakauchi
  • The new year letters from stars to stars

Jan. 4 & 11, 1998 issue

  • A hidden picture -- The Emperor eats a hot dog -- the beginning of the sengo or the world after the War
  • Special contribution by Taichi Sakaiya -- Make Japan a happy and joyful country
  • Figures whom the people in their 40s memorize
  • Enjo-kosai or young prostitution without sense of sin, the father of the girl and a man
  • Seiko Matsuda's international sexual harassment
  • The shock of accident of Poke-mon, or pocket monster mascot series
  • Something wrong in Japan
    • Omission of tax reaches ¥22 billion
    • Providing bonus with public fund to reconstruct the financial mechanism
    • The debt of former Japan National Railway will be repaid by the tax on tobacco
  • "Break the war time financial system" by Yukio Noguchi
  • "Stop the militarism in corporations by introducing the election of the president" by Shin Sataka
  • "Japan will be fail if it riles solely on Yen" by Imai