Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (March to April of '98)

Weekly Bunshun

Apr. 23, 1998 issue

  • A new inside story novel on bankruptcy of banks by an working elite bureaucrat
  • Special contribution by Yo Tsumura -- How to live in the great depression learning from Korekiyo Takahashi
  • The complete survey of the payment cut of corporations -- Your salary will be reduced in this way
  • At last, the resignation of Ryutaro Hashimoto comes in sight
  • An witness of "public execution of a boy" in North Korea
  • Scoop: the suspect of shooting of NPA chief was lurking in a sushi restaurant in such and such city !
  • The position of "Giants's fourth batter" will spoil Matsui
  • All about the story until the catastrophe between Queen-like wife, Nitani and slave husband, Go
  • Urgent contribution by Mariko Hayashi -- It's a mean spirit, Hiromi Go

Apr. 16, 1998 issue

  • Secret information that newspapers cannot report : The next epicenter of the big bankruptcies will be zene-kon in east and local banks in west
  • Failing companies and people in trouble -- Daiichi Corporation and Suguru Egawa, Marubeni and Suharto, Asahi Corp and Ishibashi family, Yamatane Securities ad its owner family, Yamaichi Securities and its executives
  • Quit, Prime Minister Hashimoto !
  • About Kirin Brewer's special revival beer
  • Anonymous round table talk of bureaucrats -- MOF's new personnel arrangement suggests the early retirement of Wakui, Nagano and Sakakibara
  • An unprecedented trouble of a professor who accused the personality of Ryutaro Hashimoto in his final lecture
  • These veterinarians will kill your pets
  • Sympathy for Rumiko Koyanagi whose husband Kenya Osumi does not thank her help
  • An "woman trouble" of the killed father and killing son
  • The everyone-know principal of Tomogaoka Junior High School contributed some satirical verses to criticize mass media

Apr. 9, 1998 issue

  • Dear Mr Prime Minister Hashimoto, you are really just like a fart -- the worst cabinet after the World War II
  • Warning special: the stock prices will collapse in April
    • These omens that suggest a bottomless land slide of stock price -- pressure from foreign investors, failure of PKO (price keeping operation by the government)
    • Bad loans of PHS, or Pachinko, Hotel and Supermarket, will kill banks
    • A complete list of 20 real good companies -- full of mistakes in the students want-list of recruiting
    • Double shock of the Daikyo's sell out of its properties to Morgan Stanley and the discount by the Housing Corporation
    • Guilty writers of big newspapers who have just reported the government's announce
  • An exposure novel of Shonen Jump, the popular comic magazine, written by its former editor-in-chief
  • A mysterious "Religious Channel" lead by retired famous writers of the Asahi Shimbun and the Mainichi Shimbun
  • Cold eyes on Kazu Miura who was dropped from the list of the national succor team to Seoul
  • Accommodations where Showa Emperor used to stay are disappearing
  • The unreported real figure of 14-year-old bad boy who killed his friend's father
  • Dialogue between Nomura and Mori -- Nagashima's Yomiuri Giants will not win this year
  • Scoop: the latest picture of escaping Hirata who is suspected to hit the former Director of National Police Agency

Apr. 2, 1998 issue

  • A shocking scoop: The vice president of Yakult made a ¥100 billion loss by an "oracle" of "mysterious religious cult group" !!
  • It's not a reluctance, but the "end" of lending of banks -- listen to these screaming of corporate managers
  • Complete survey: Dispose "official house in the center of capital" of MOF worth ¥200 billion
  • Another story of financial scandal:
  • A popular game soft puyo-puyo company failed with Naomi Kawashima's CM without her under hair
  • Prince Hironomiya is "the Japan's best sommelier"
  • An abnormal love on homeless of the Japanese architect who was killed in Paris
  • Do not be deceived by the unusual figure of your health examination

Mar. 26, 1998 issue

  • Exclusive: A shocking "accusing document" that late Shokei Arai hide just before his suicide
  • Who is Professor Yoko Sazanami, chairman of the committee that judged the ¥1.8 trillion grant of public fund to Japanese banks ?
  • Select this agent for your life insurance in Big Bang
  • The only three months life in new house of suicide assistant manager of MOF
  • The real figure of the "strange disease" that attacked professional sumo world
  • Warning: your lovely dog will be killed by dog foods
  • A scandal of an NTV producer who molested a 20-year-old lady in a train
  • TV is sick (5) -- A pile of angry message against TBS's drama "Parade of Saints"
  • The worst 10 women announcers
  • Exclusive interview with a major yakuza boss, Taro Nakano, 200 days after shooting of Takumi-gumi gang leader

Mar. 19, 1998 issue

  • The worst hell of MOF and BOJ
    • The map of MOF faction consisting of their wives' relatives
    • More facts of sexual entertainment
    • No overtime work, no entertainment, no conversation in MOF these days...
    • Not only the assistant manager. Bigger name of MOF will come next to the BOJ elite
    • Surprising reportage on the exclusive club of MOF
    • "It's time to break Japanese structure of ruling" by Katsuhito Uchihashi
    • The root of decay lies in Taya and Nakajima
    • The chief of prosecutors, Katsuhiko Kumazaki, sees Univ of Tokyo graduates enemies
    • A doubt on "Mr. Yen" Eisuke Sakakibara
  • An anonymous round table talk -- There is the suicide point in 4the floor of MOF
  • TV is sick (4) -- special conversation: TBS's drama "Parade of Saints" treats handicapped people as a clown !
  • Disgusting behavior of lawmakers visiting China -- Koichi Kato, Yoshiro Mori, Yoshio Hayashi...
  • The shocking murder in junior high class room -- accusing conversation by five teachers
  • "The reason why I wrote about homosexual love with Yukio Mishima" by author Jiro Fukushima
  • Now its demonic March -- the latest data of dangerous banks
  • Scoop: unexpected words by victim lady noted on the appeal by Teikyo Univ's rugby players

Mar. 12, 1998 issue

  • Scoop: Crime of two "career" bureaucrats of MOF who become the target of prosecutors office
  • The top executives of banks must provide their own properties before using ¥30 trillion tax !
  • Special: the last moment of education
  • Warning report: unveiling the secret plan of the Unification Church to have "mass wedding" in Japan next June
  • A "pearl scandal" of the wife of a BOJ executive
  • Watch out unkindly expensive "wine bars"
  • The big campaign: TV is sick (3) -- handicapped people get really angry about a hypocritical TV drama "Parade of Saints"
  • The secret experience with Yukio Mishima written by an Akutagawa prize candidate novelist

Mar. 5, 1998 issue

  • Exclusive: The unpublished will of my husband, late Shokei Arai, by Mariko Arai
  • Wide Special: The badly shaken families
  • Exclusive interview with the husband of Yuko Arimori -- "My gay experience"
  • The big campaign: TV is sick (2) -- "Paradise Lost", "Duty and Play", "A Minor"... sexual scenes of TV dramas pollute junior high school students
  • Anonymous talks -- Gold medalists who played in the kyaba-kura entertainment club at Nagano
  • Hidekazu Nakata answers to the bashing by mass media
  • The average price per 3.3 sq. m of new condominium apartment has dropped to ¥209 million! -- it now becomes a "bad loan" of salaried people
  • This is the evidence of the take-offs of Daiei Hawks slugger Kokubo's earnings by his "teacher" of baseball

Weekly Shincho

Apr. 23, 1998 issue

  • The parents of Boy A appealing the false charge on the document of Kakumaru or revolutionary Marxist radical left
  • The teacher who was warned in charge of agitating students in Tokorozawa High School is a union member connected to JCP
  • Rhapsody of catastrophe that was made a fool of by a woman of spirit
    • Hiromi Go and Yurie Nitani and Seiko Matsuda
    • Kunihiko Mitamura and Mari Nakayama
    • Ryuzo Hayashi and Kazuko Aoki
    • Junichi Ishida and Chiaki Matsubara
    • Rumiko Koyanagi and Kenya Osumi
    • Kimiko Date and Kiichi Nakai and Bismarck
  • The reality of an institution to help children's independence that is different from a NHK's report as an admirable story
  • The crisis of Japan (9) -- The sin of Japan's diplomacy that is playing on the palm of China
  • The five years inner trouble of Seiji Ozawa and Saito Kinen Orchestra that drags even Empress Michiko

Apr. 16, 1998 issue

  • Mr Hashimoto Prime Minister, stock price will be up ¥2 thousands if you quit
  • Chimpei Nozue bites Tokyo Governor Aoshima's politics with huge deficit
  • The pressure from local people against a junior high school teacher who testify the failure of education at the Diet
  • Sad story of bankrupt Asahi Corporation of prestigious Ishibashi family that used to enjoy success with its rubber-soled socks
  • Abolish all unjustified allowance of local government bureaucrats such as for rainy day, sit at window, underground , etc...
  • The crisis of Japan (8) -- The distorted tax system makes Japanese unhappy
  • The pitfall of giant calls on "high return US dollar investment" with Big Bang

Apr. 9, 1998 issue

  • The big fabrication in the famous column Yurakucho of the Mainichi Shimbun that has suffered successive troubles
  • Do not haste in realizing the Emperor's visit to Korea
  • A man who was supported by an woman employee of Yamaichi who stole ¥24 million the last day of the company
  • Absurd behavior of the chairman of the Human Organ Transplant Network
  • A famous comic author Fujio Akatsuka's one-man show "I have no time to waste in treating my cancer"
  • The crisis of Japan (7) -- Objection to the Asahi Shimbun's human right reports
  • Our big dilemma on the economic recovery, whether should land price rise or drop

Apr. 2, 1998 issue

  • The inability of the new governor of BOJ, Mr Hayami, that was revealed by ex-auditor of Nissho Iwai where he used to preside
  • Objection to the Hashimoto governments' ¥1.3 trillion embellishing stock price control
  • Nobody could control the reckless drive of Yakult's ¥100 billion loss
  • Exposed "shameful private life" of former master of shogi Kunio Yonenaga
  • Why Japanese architect in Paris, Mr Akira Ojima, was killed ?
  • The crisis of Japan (6) -- A big question on the local newspapers' report on the "Okinawa issue"
  • The recommendation to retire to those people who will be encumbrances in new century

Mar. 26, 1998 issue

  • Never stop the investigation without trying another gray MOF executive, Mr Sugii
  • The artful performance of the governor of Aomori prefecture, the most mean man of the Heisei era
  • The attractiveness of a dancer's body who accused Seiko Matsuda as sexual harassment
  • Collapsing sumo with disease of both champion
  • An anger of a tailor who was extort ¥100 million by the master of the supporters organization of Mr Nagashima
  • The crisis of Japan (5) -- The big sin of newspapers' pushing sales promotion that is never reported by papers
  • These brutal actions are needed to prevent boys from using knives

Mar. 19, 1998 issue

  • A doubt on "Mr. Yen" vice finance minister Eisuke Sakakibara to help compensating the loss reported by foreign papers
  • The troubled administrative reform has gone away
  • The real figure of "the beaten Iwasaki" who settled the arrest of the pro boxer Tokashiki
  • The truth of kidnap of Megumi Yokota unveiled by North Korean intelligence
  • Is Jumbo Ozaki a dirty hero who made a team with gray sponsor ?
  • The crisis of Japan (4) -- The failure of privatization of postal service attacked by zoku-giin, or lawmakers who represent special interest group
  • Mortification of victims against the prosecutor's demand of life in prison for Aum doctor Ikuo Hayashi

Mar. 12, 1998 issue

  • Can Director of MOF's Security Office, Nagano, who bears many bad reputations, make his get-away from prosecutors investigation ?
  • The man who delivered Kobe Boy's investigation record to mass media
  • Whys about the three presidents' self-hanging with the final dinner of beef bowl
  • An odd man who presented himself to the police as the murderer of a banker after the run-out of the statute of limitations
  • The suspect of the wife of Shokei Arai who helped his force of interest
  • In order to stimulate the economy, do ¥10 trillion tax reduction rather than public enterprise
  • The crisis of Japan (3) -- Disastrous heavy debt of local governments that people do not notice

Mar. 5, 1998 issue

  • The blank two hours of Shokei Arai's suicide -- why did Shizuka Kamei tell a lie ?
  • "Tell your children that you will be sentenced to death if you kill a people" -- a voice of the mother whose son was killed by five junior high students
  • The unprecedented "Olympic recession" in Nagano where the ski tourist sharply decreased
  • Awful junior high school girls who killed an old man who loved young girls
  • Something mean with Yuko Arimori who accused her husband as a gay
  • The new to-be-the-president of Saitama University whose new position was canceled by his love affair
  • The crisis of Japan (2) -- Irresponsibility of bureaucrats who run through the pension funds capital

Weekly Asahi

Apr. 24, 1998 issue

  • My plan to jack up economy
    • Retire, Mr Hashimoto! ¥6 trillion tax cut with Heisei New Deal, by Naoto Kan
    • No prosperity without children. Make "convenience" day-care centers, by Koichi Hori
    • One study per house will vitalize Japan, by Kenichi Ohmae
    • National people should bear expense cut and 20% consumption tax, by Kenji Mizutani
    • "Clone hair" will save the bald Japanese economy, by Terry Ito
  • Miserable workplaces in the great unemployment era
  • A voice of Shiro Kishibe who went self-bankruptcy and retire the host of popular TV show "Look Look"
  • An "ideal boss" of Baystars, the manager Gondo
  • Haruo Minami, a popular singer and researcher of Shotoku-Taishi tells about the "moral rule" of Ikaruga, the ancient capital of Shotoku-Taishi era
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (10) -- All wrong selection of health foods
  • Why now ? The confusion in the Tokorozawa High School over Hinomaru, the national flag
  • The divorce of Hiromi Go and Yurie Nitani -- "The reason not to be loved"

Apr. 17, 1998 issue

  • The depressing people -- Former Vice Minister of Finance Jiro Saito, ladies form Yamaichi, Naoto Kan, Kiyohara of Yomiuri Giants, actress Yoshiko Mita, top executives of JAL
  • The irresponsibleness of LDP's executives who broke their public promises
  • "You should have the intelligence to realize the justice" from former dean of Law at University of Tokyo to its graduates
  • Pile of troubles of Yokoyama Knock's Osaka government whose debt is ¥3.5 trillion
  • Complete comparison : Citibank vs Tokyo Mitsubishi Bank -- service competition under Big Bang
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (9) -- Poison of sea foods that can be a chemical weapon
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (5) -- Accusing police with the law to enforce government compensation
  • An awful truth about the junior high school student's murder of his father

Apr. 10, 1998 issue

  • The failures of the local governments
    • The worst 100 of local governments in Japan
    • Okayama prefecture is close to go bankruptcy with ¥1 trillion debt, but still moves to public enterprise
    • Tokyo metropolitan government's excess liabilities and ¥27 billion wasted tax for bay area development
    • "Public enterprises will ruin Japan" by Kenichi Ohmae
  • A story of a junior high school student who decided to kill his father
  • A swift candidate of post Hashimoto -- the "shadow prime minister" Yohei Kono
  • The world's first "sommelier machine" is introduced to fight with Naomi Kawashima, Takuro Tatsumi and Keiko Saito
  • A "good-to-buy index" of Tokyo, Nagoya and Osaka -- is it true that "it's best time to buy your new apartment house" ?
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (5) -- A bike that was brought to a court as an evidence
  • Scoop: a confidential memo about the secret fund of the Cabinet Office

Apr. 3, 1998 issue

  • Big restructuring on your salary
    • From regular pay rise and base-up to pay on ability
    • The target is inflated young employee who joined in "bubble" time
    • Examples in Olympus, Takeda Pharmaceuticals, Teijin, Kanaku Securities...
  • The wall of BOJ's pandemonium before new governor, Mr Hayami
  • Surprise! A contamination of stimulants among homosexual bureaucrats of MOF
  • Residents are escaping from Tokorozawa due to the dioxin pollution >
  • The suicide and boys' knife incidents that Hiroyuki Itsuki wrote in his new book
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (8) -- "natural does not always mean safe" in food additives
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (4) -- A tenacity of bereaved family who challenged police investigation
  • Scoop part 2: gangs and the executives of supporters' organization of Finance Minister Matsunaga

Mar. 27, 1998 issue

  • Accusation scoop: Finance Minister Matsunaga's suspect about tomb
  • Sumo champion Takanohana in terrible condition -- the fearful stress syndrome
  • Big name of MOF on the investigation list -- the behavior of the candidate of vice minister who is called as "king of wining and dining"
  • The moment a oppressing boy became an oppressed -- a murder in Saitama's junior high school
  • An exclusive interview with Morihiro Hosokawa "The New Democratic Party will bring fresh wind into Japanese politics"
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (7) -- the reality of medicines for animal that remain in meet
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (3) -- The police fabricated a deposition record
  • An anxious about Kawamoto's Honda that will come back to F1 car race
  • The land price will drop even more by the buyout of bad loans by foreign capital
  • The arrogant Bank of Japan -- big sin of full of wining and dining -- all list of amakudari to commercial banks

Mar. 20, 1998 issue

  • Finally, it's time of the "March Crisis"
    • LDP lawmaker Shizuka Kamei, "Hashimoto will destroy Japan"
    • Crying small companies that have generated series of suicides of presidents
    • The future of zenekon
    • Even such big company as Mitsubishi is a victim of bank's reluctance to lend money
    • etc...
  • These are the 15 ultra hard problems of the entrance exam for junior high school
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (2) -- Distorted fact of the accidents
  • Sweet rooky of Yomiuri Giants, Yoshinobu Takahashi is a tough guy
  • Psychosomatic diseases of children will destroy Japan
  • Earthquake on MOF -- a 38 year-old elite official was arrested -- the meaning of investigation of the Securities Bureau's director room

Mar. 13, 1998 issue

  • The restructure just as excuse of banks who want to utilize the ¥2 trillion public fund
    • "Why executives do not retire ?" by angry bankers
    • Still high level of bankers salary even after 20% cut
    • The list of restructuring of major banks
  • Emergency situation of Daiei group with ¥2.6 trillion debt
  • The shock of Hitachi's decision to reduce corporate pension payment, the first instance among major companies
  • Mystery on the suicide of three corporate presidents together
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (6) -- parasites that you eat together with raw fish and fresh vegetable
  • Accusing reportage III -- Is traffic accident investigated right way ? (1) -- Why is the investigation record of police not open ?
  • Already entered real race -- a surprising '98 recruit front
  • A mystery on the leak of statement record of Kobe Boy
  • Scoop: "I'm the criminal of the murder 20 years ago"

Mar. 6, 1998 issue

  • The "secrets" that were concealed by the suicide of Shokei Arai
    • Two wills written in heavy drunk
    • The failure of the double-tongued life
    • A slight weak-heart shown at the press conference the night before
  • Teaches who reject to attend school -- increasing suicide, psychotic depression and absence from work
  • The awful power of influenza that spread throughout the country
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (5) -- through water and vegetable to a human body, the danger of nitrogen fertilizer
  • The crime announcement by the man who killed his father with a handmade arrow
  • The love of family that has supported the Gold Medalist Harada
  • High tension on the Iraq bombing

Sunday Mainichi

Apr. 26, 1998 issue

  • Almost failed... screams of 405 construction companies at their settlements -- Eastern Japan version
  • A friendship class for "lonely middle aged" is full to the doors
  • The price of novelists that can be estimated by their letters -- Akutagawa, Soseki, Mishima, Tanizaki ....
  • It's a crime to induce the change of life insurance contract
  • Results of college entrance examinations from 410 private high schools
  • A journey of beautiful professional mah-jongg player
  • The sexual Big Bang of Hiromi Go
  • Save the Hanshin Tigers from extinction !
  • Trouble over the "hair-nude" picture book of actress Miho Kanno
  • MOF's public service corporations do anything as they like

Apr. 19, 1998 issue

  • A big question about Japanese major banks' ¥15 trillion finance to Asia
  • What's happen, Osaka Governor Mr Knock ?
  • Tokyo Governor Aoshima gains only 5 approval to 47 rejection from the parliament
  • It's spring now, come on, Makiko Suehiro !
  • Results of college entrance exam from 1380 high schools
  • Please tell me about the JR's new tickets examination system
  • An direct interview with rookie bureaucrat of MOF
  • A new letter of Yukio Mishima was found in the dispute over his homosexuality
  • A shadow of former prime minister Takeshita behind the soccer lottery interests

Apr. 12, 1998 issue

  • Battles in family -- Kimijima brothers, old bread maker Kimuraya
  • All employee's salary will go down ? -- the reasons of the "decision" of Nihon Seimei Life Insurance
  • Super hidden technique of human resource agencies that Ministry of Labor surprised with a suspicion of fraud
  • A war of news anchor women begins -- Etsuko Komiya, Yoko Sakurai, Akiko Yagi...
  • Forecast of the Japanese economy of the first half of this year
  • Woo! about money, job and love.... The Japan latinization plan
  • Be slim with a game, Teku-teku Angel
  • The real target of trouble over arrest warrant to former boxer Tokashiki was Ohta production that promotes popular Saruganseki ?
  • List of successful candidates to major universities from 400 high schools

Apr. 5, 1998 issue

  • The straight way to the "evil May" -- the latest measurement of danger of zenekon general constructors
  • It's against promise that tax will increase three times in postal pension
  • New Foreign Exchange Law will be introduced in April -- think again your savings in Yen only
  • A wining and dining relationship chart of new executives of BOJ
  • All about the "alibi providers"
  • We cannot stand these new OLs, or office ladies
  • Japanese pro baseball that cannot make real 4th batter
  • All names of those who succeeded in entrance exam of University of Tokyo, Kyoto University ... second half exam.

Mar. 29, 1998 issue

  • Arrogant BOJ which calls credit unions snots -- the list of 927 amakudari
  • All names of those who succeeded in entrance exam of Kyoto University, Hitotsubashi University and Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • Ranking of high schools in entrance exam to famous private universities
  • Let's anticipate the pro baseball victory of this season by words of Nomura and Nagashima
  • A complete analysis -- the reality of Kyoto University
  • The way in which people read a book "Drop dead, full-time housewives"
  • Objection to the compensation of the bankrupt golf club Nitto Kogyo
  • What is this, Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications, you lost ¥1.6 billion and found ¥5.2 billion ?

Mar. 22, 1998 issue

  • All names of those who succeeded in entrance exam of University of Tokyo etc...
  • Complete survey: The pros and cons of the University of Tokyo
  • The mystery of 1000 lost entrance exam answer sheets in Meiji University
  • The booming Chile wines
  • Big Bang of pro baseball -- the rating of 53 foreign players
  • Special: These local banks are in danger -- complete analysis of 128 banks -- Western Japan version
  • The real thought of banks about public fund "We don't need such a money","That doesn't help to clear the reluctance to lend money"
  • The secret of heart breaking game "Go by a train!"

Mar. 15, 1998 issue

  • Special: These local banks are in danger -- complete analysis of 128 banks -- Eastern Japan version
  • Former manager of Japan national soccer team, Kamo, talks about his dismissal -- what I promised current manager Okada
  • Bankers salary to cut for utilization of tax, but the standard is still high
  • Finally mass suicide occurs due to banks' reluctance to lend money
  • Warning report: lost sight in an eyeglass shop ?
  • The Gifu prefecture's proud "cultural heritage", the letters of ancient age are just cracks on a rock
  • The ranking of university entrance exam results by high schools

Mar. 8, 1998 issue

  • No, no, not such a few 164 people as reported to the Diet, but we know more amakudari from MOF !
  • The real figure of "Erotic Politics" that Shokei Arai had dreamed of
  • Can it save the slumping PHS industry ? -- the "where are you" function of new "Dorae-phone"
  • The ranking of university entrance exam results by high schools (3)
  • The sacrifice sales of condominiums
  • The rapidly increasing consultation from husbands about divorce
  • The shameless Iraq and arrogant US

Mar. 1, 1998 issue

  • The pitfall of the Postal Savings -- you may lose ¥3 million
  • What is the "Excuser" that becomes so prosperous with bankruptcies ?
  • The half way of late soft-porn writer Takeo Tomishima
  • A change in the job hunting front -- the financial firms began saying "please"
  • The question on Shokei Arai's stock deal -- the origin of the "account under another person's name" in Nikko Securities
  • Which phone service is most cost saving ?
  • The must know for salaried men -- the standard price of "congratulations"
  • The ranking of university entrance exam results by high schools
  • The anniversary of late Ryotaro Shiba