Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (May to June of '98)

Weekly Bunshun

May. 28, 1998 issue

  • The first time simulation of life under deflation -- A near-future house account of a family of four with ¥7.7 million annual income
  • A big suspicion of the star of Minshuto -- The husband of the interpreter of Naoto Kan is a big name of intelligence team against Japan
  • A big lecture -- 30 questions on "environmental hormone"
  • Is the investigation over by the sudden transfer of the prosecutor's general manager Mr Kumazaki ?
  • It's sad that many prestigious women's short colleges are disappearing
  • Corporate general affairs departments lost their way to spend their budget after cut the relationship with sokaiya racketeers
  • The cursed 16 years of MOF's 1982 contemporaries
  • Manager Okada, please let Ono participate in the game !
  • An exclusive interview with the mother of Namie Amuro
  • Asking Jumbo Ozaki about the suspicion of his gray sponsor

May. 21, 1998 issue

  • The reason why I would never have the "cancer inspection"
  • Is the new cancer drug the discovery of the century ?
  • The Japanese car manufacturers which could be the next target of the merger of Benz and Chrysler
  • Makiko Tanaka's opposition against "soccer lotto" is completely right
  • No more trust in public pension -- this "pension insurance" is promising ¥460 thousands per month
  • Seven check points on foreign currency savings at Citibank
  • The surprising price of the original paint of "candy candy" that Sagawa-kyubin transporter had broken
  • Scoop: the top-secret bomb in his left wrist of Takahashi, the Yumiuri Giants rookie
  • Tetsuko Kuroyanagi sold her big house for ¥600 million, perhaps for her trouble making brother ?

Apr. 30 & May. 7, 1998 issue

  • Scoop: That Yoko Hayashiba was a love of Makoto Nakahara
  • Wide Special: The terribly shaken families -- 20 gossips of famous families, icluding Tetsuko Kuroyanagi, Kazuko Fukuda, Naomi Kawashima, etc...
  • Ten dreams of gorgeous travel
  • Special conversation of Miri Ryu and Shu Kishida, "Listen, children !"
  • Confess of the widow of late Yutaka Ozaki at the seventh anniversary of his death -- "The night when I tried double suicide with him"
  • Enquete to 102 economic specialists -- Who will be the next prime minister who can boost the stock prices ?

Weekly Shincho

May. 28, 1998 issue

  • A surprising map of the M & A battle by foreign companies
  • The rebellion of 50 diet members of LDP whose executives "surrendered" to Soka Gakkai
  • The secret of Matsumoto Kiyoshi that grew rapidly and exhibited excellent result by the strong support from high school girls
  • The honor and money of Nagano gold medalist Hiroyasu Shimizu who turned to the talent
  • This is the fin-de-ciecle -- big boom of plastic surgery and cosmetic pouch among high school boys
  • The desperate situation of Jumbo Ozaki whose sponsor was arrested
  • The crisis of Japan (13) -- Is the Japan Agricultural Cooperative the ally of farmers ?
  • It's more awful than riot -- the Japan's ¥33 trillion finance to Asia may be become a waste

May. 21, 1998 issue

  • Angry about the 80% cut of deposit of prestigious golf clubs
  • At last, the last moment arrives for Hashimoto Cabinet with its sharp drop in support
  • An interrupt from China before the public open -- Does the film "Pride -- the moment of the destiny" praise the War criminal Hideki Tojo ?
  • A private life of to-be-actress Japanese woman who was killed in New York by a man whom she had refused
  • So many cancels of World Cup France tour because of forecast that Japan will not able to win even a game
  • The crisis of Japan (12) -- Recent tendency of few children will ruin the nation
  • The slip of tongue of LDP Secretary General, Koichi Kato in the US -- Which is the bank to be collapsed next ?

Apr. 30 & May. 7, 1998 issue

  • Wide: Berserks of women:
    • Story of Prime Minister Hashimoto and that Chinese lady after the scandalous trial
    • The "marriage" of Hiromi Go and Seiko Matsuda of which scenario is written by entertainment mass media
    • A confess of a mistress in Shinjuku who was a lover of former vice minister of MHW, Okamitsu
    • The future of Yuko Arimori after her husband Gabliel moved to San Francisco
    • Yukio Hatoyama's "lover in Muroran" and the story after that
    • etc....
  • The crisis of Japan (10) -- The cause of disaster in education is in parents and the Japan Teachers Union
  • Special report: The sexual broadway of East and West (overseas version)

Weekly Asahi

May. 29, 1998 issue

  • The new series: What will happen with the Big Bang ? -- The big movement of investment trust
  • A horrible inside story of "medical laser depilation" business
  • Dual pressure of Hidekazu Nakata who missed the joint training of World Cup national team
  • New accusation series: The danger of new house (2) -- The additional attack of new house syndrome in the stricken area of Kobe
  • Hard to understand the non-prosecution result for a hit-and-run driver
  • Mystery of the serial accidents in a high school in Fukushima
  • Scoop: "the oldest characters in Japan" were found in bronze mirror of Kyushu
  • The inside story of Nissan group which ties up with Daimler-Benz

May. 8 & 15, 1998 issue

  • Scoop: Tenko Hikita has met Kim Jong Il
  • Ah! Deflation spiral of these people -- Director-general Nagano, Hiromi Go, Tokyo governor Yukio Aoshima, Japan national soccer manager Okada, Education Minister Machimura, Daiei's chairman Nakauchi, Sumo champion Takanohana, and former baseball player Kazushige Nagashima
  • Accusation: Horrible story of convenience stores
  • The new secret method to gain 10 times interest from postal savings
  • The "threat" of Japan Communists Party that stands in way of new Minshuto
  • The mastermind of the local referendum in Nago, Okinawa told the real aim to accuse former mayor
  • Anxiety of the medical examination for cancer

May. 1, 1998 issue

  • The biggest deflation attacks
    • The surprising drop rate of advanced inflation index
    • Trouble in cars and PCs market where price cut doesn't boost sales
    • Is ¥16 trillion stimulus not enough ? Foolish words of politicians who suggest to raise interest rate
  • The sunset of theme parks -- you may never see them again if you don't visit during this holiday season
  • A line of police OBs in the traffic lights maintenance company -- unexpected tactics of the president of Nihon Kotsu Knasei Gijutsu that evaded ¥2.6 billion tax
  • The count down of the collapse of Hashimoto government
  • Six straight defeat! The Orix manager Ogi's magic that could not overcome the restructuring management
  • A mystery of "inversion of gender" in CM world
  • How to choose your apartment house for life
  • The best 10 impressive comics
  • New accusation series: The danger on the table (10) -- The food that makes you easily mad and that does not

Sunday Mainichi

May. 31, 1998 issue

  • The complete analysis -- Surviving credit unions and disappearing ones -- Eastern Japan version
  • Scoop: a "wolf" associate professor went into Aoyama Gakuin University's "sheep" women students
  • It's more effective than tax cuts! Why don't lower the monthly premium of pension
  • This will be the next! Life insurance companies on sale, and foreign capital which buys them
  • You were arrested if in Korea, Mr Prime Minister who attended the summit without any economic policy
  • The fear of a trouble in chin joint
  • The new rival story -- Ultra man v.s. Masked Rider
  • Almost collapsing Indonesia
  • A report of a successful candidate of entrance exam -- how to balance study and extracurricular activity
  • Scoop: FK506, the unprecedented effective non-steroid drug for atopic dermatitis

May. 10 & 17, 1998 issue

  • The weak points of Japanese economy can be seen through a Big Mac
  • The original wide special of people -- Takanohana, Kiyohara, Naomi Kawashima...
  • The new rival story: Coke vs Pepsi
  • Lecture record of Karel van Wolfren: "Be the nation which deserves of patriotism"
  • Secret for success in entrance exam: best guide books and recommended study method
  • The reason why men in 30s and 40s go crazy about "Glass Masquerade"
  • 30 questions to Mr Shii, the Secretary of JCP -- Is the removal of ban on "hair nude" the triumph of people ?
  • The Giant Baba talks hard at his 60th birthday
  • Series: The table of the Constitution -- Article 1: The sauteed rice of the Imperial Family

May. 3, 1998 issue

  • Is this just a depression, or an unprecedented deflation ?
  • A gray career of a popular architect Dr. Kopa
  • Kitty is "an woman of Scorpion" that wipes out depression and racketeers
  • Let's begin the mountain walking in this holiday season, by Mr Rambou
  • An interview with Joh, the ace of World Cup Japan team -- "The selection system of team member is not understandable"
  • Seek the "environmental hormone man" around you
  • Women who are eager at "playing gears"
  • The score reports of Prime Ministers after the War -- What is Hoshimoto's grade ?
  • Screams of 405 construction companies at their settlements -- Western Japan version