Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (July to August of '98)

Weekly Bunshun

Aug. 27, 1998 issue

  • Special: Taboo of the poisoned curry incident
  • The explosion of LTCB triggers the unprecedented World Depression
  • The war braved families sue the Iwanami Shoten on the alteration in a famous war memorial book
  • A dialogue between Makoto Shiina and Baku Yumemakura -- Scuffles will save children
  • A character of an executive of Mitsubishi Trading who called a JAL flight attendant old-witch
  • The race for post Nagashima of Yomiuri Giants -- Hara vs Mori
  • An apartment house where popular singer Ryoko Hirosue attends to see her boy friend
  • Film advertising staffs talk about the night life of 36 super stars
  • Kohei Nakabo talks -- How did I make "Mr Jusen" pay ¥120 million.

Aug. 13 & 20, 1998 issue

  • A simulation -- the name of 77 LDP lawmakers who would loose their seats if there were a general election right now
  • Wide special -- 20 women of unsolved incidents
  • Enquete to three thousands of readers -- who is the most intense Japanese ?
  • Which part of Miyazawa is the greatest and strongest ?
  • The annoying bad loans of salaried person's household
  • All rumors about the killing curry
  • Kunihiko Mitamura's 3 hours talk after long silence -- the decisive phrase of Mari Nakayama that made me lost words

Aug. 6, 1998 issue

  • The banks Armageddon will begin with the "slow cow" Obuchi cabinet
  • Are you sane ? Kato, Yamazaki, Mori and Nonaka, the four shameless figures who brought Obuchi to LDP president
  • The complex and mysterious "fossil business" that involved a professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology
  • An US diplomatic official warned the Japanese government that North Korea will begin marching to South
  • The New State of Education (5) -- What can parents do for their children ?
  • "Post Nagashima", the manager of Yomiuri Giants -- Horiuchi has dropped from the candidates list
  • A great counter back of the whisky lovers
  • The NHK's weekend period drama of this year cannot get popularity
  • Must read -- why "A book for eldest sons and daughters who live apart from their parents" sells so well ?
  • A big enquete on woman announcers of television
  • Anonymous information on the "cyanide-tainted curry" killing

Jul. 30, 1998 issue

  • No, Obuchi is not the right answer for the next premier !!
  • Foreign Minister Obuchi is just a unquestioning obedience of Noboru Takeshita
  • Former Secretary of Cabinet Seiroku Kajiyama shouts "Surgery of banks, right now"
  • Health Minister Junichiro Koizumi barks "This is a killing field"
  • A complete document of the LDP presidential election that can never read on newspapers
  • The X day when the merger of Japan Long Term Credit Bank and Sumitomo Credit Bank will be broken by dull Obuchi cabinet
  • The illicit sales route of "child porn" by an organization that imitates Aum Shinrikyo
  • The name of the last team that Hidetoshi Nakata has kept secret
  • A surprising scoop: An elite Keio student who appeared the University guidebook is a popular sexual video actress

Jul. 23, 1998 issue

  • The punishment from heaven to arrogant Hashimoto and his LDP -- severe defeat in Upper House election
  • Japan will be ruined by market crush if Keizo Obuchi becomes next Premier
  • Are you a salaried person to be sold in high price ?
  • Accusation III -- The protesting letter from Mother Teresa to Hogen Fukunaga, the founder of religious cult Ho-no-hana
  • Terrible gangs called "super high school students" who were involved in injury case in Kabukicho
  • The New State of Education -- How to fight with "troubled teacher"
  • Remaining four teams for Hidetoshi Nakata to be transferred
  • A manager of strong high school baseball team told "We cannot educate students without physical punishment"
  • Taichi Sakaiya's angry proposal "Bank executives, be ashamed yourself for being helped by people's tax"
  • It is time that a banker killed his customers
  • A ¥700 million swindle by a branch manager in the twice-failed Midori Bank

Jul. 16, 1998 issue

  • Kazuyoshi Miura acquitted -- What did Weekly Bunshun report 14 years ago ?
  • Cast a blank vote on the Upper House election, saying "No" to all politicians !
  • "I didn't say anything about permanent tax cut" -- Do not trust major newspapers nor Hashimoto
  • Several hundred thousands were spent to meet Pope by Hogen Fukunaga, the founder of religious cult Ho-no-hana
  • The New State of Education -- These parents are worse than children
  • Will Gucci disappear by Prada's hunt ?
  • 18 reasons why Cho of Yomiuri Giants is loved by Japanese people
  • Why guilty sentence to Mr Eikan Kyu for a question on the golf development in Taiwan ?
  • Princess worries about a Prince's new book with straight talk

Jul. 9, 1998 issue

  • Warning special: ¥1 trillion to save decaying bank ! Is it time to spend energy on election ?
    • Stupid tax expenditure to help Japan Long-Term Credit Bank
    • Can Sumitomo Credit Bank save JLTCB ?
    • "The essence of failure" of the popular economists of JLTCB
    • These are the reliable banks!
    • Matsunaga "inability" Minister of Finance is almost an "air"
    • Takashi Yamasaki, LDP leading lawmaker, made a slop of tongue of depression, following his scandal with 25 year-old lady
    • Unauthorized LDP candidate's wife, Makiko Tanaka's nonstop criticism on Ryutaro Hashimoto
    • Let's go election and cast a blank vote !
  • The world famous people who were deceived by Hogen Fukunaga, the founder of religious cult Ho-no-hana
  • An interview with Makoto Kondo -- "The early stomach cancer is not really a cancer"
  • An emergency report on the North Korea's submarine
  • Unexpected words of players after World Cup
  • White Paper of PC boys' crimes -- victims of ugly idol collage nude pictures are Hirosue and Moritaka
  • Mystery of ¥200 million new home of new LDP lawmaker couple, Hajime Funada and Megumi Hata
  • New State of Education -- I cannot understand my children!

Weekly Shincho

Aug. 27, 1998 issue

  • Men and women who appear to be the target of poisoned curry investigation
  • The trouble of JAL over secret relationship with sokaiya corporate extortionist
  • Pressure on Sumitomo Bank that called people's voice on its bad finance as "noise"
  • A novelist Soko Ieda who really became "a wife of a gang"
  • A shocking opinion in the Nikkeiren seminar that suggested banks to be managed by foreigners
  • Special conversation of Yoshiko Sakurai vs Mariko Hayashi -- the crisis of Japan and the crisis of men and women right here

Aug. 13 & 20, 1998 issue

  • The scandal islands of money and women:
    • The reason of unknown single life of Junichiro Koizumi
    • Mr Taku Yamasaki, how's going with your 25 year old girl friend ?
    • When Seiko Matsuda goes to blast
    • A fact on Yomiuri Giants' Kiyohara
    • Bad rumor around Kimijima brand
    • Endless separate life of Yuko Arimori and Gabriel
    • Expectation of the recovery of gray vice president of BOJ
    • Former elite MOF bureaucrat Hiroaki Taya who was finally accused criminal action
    • Narrowed target of the criminal of killing curry
  • Special report: 48 years life of actress Kiwako Taichi (1)

Aug. 6, 1998 issue

  • Unhappy nation that has super dull premier
  • An inferred figure of the criminal in the blank 20 minutes at "cyanide-tainted curry" case in Wakayama
  • The Economic Planning Agency that failed the economic forecast is just a harmful bureau
  • Over 3 million potential self-bankruptcy middle aged persons who lost their jobs by restructuring
  • Why "The conflict of Civilization" that predicts the world war is read by businessmen ?
  • The fear of 28 mental disordered people at an old-age home "Nazareth" where a murder case occurred
  • A Hidetoshi Nakata's World Cup diary where he first time talks about himself

Jul. 30, 1998 issue

  • Nonsense in Nagatacho that deceives voters
    • Ah, why cold pizza Obuchi is the first choice ?
    • Will the public commitment of ¥6 trillion tax cut be achieved ?
    • Always godfather Takeshita controls LDP by money and posts
    • Unlimited talks of LDP woman lawmakers
    • The danger of big breakups of LDP by the aftermath of presidential election
    • Will October dissolution make Kan primer ?
  • The fear of criminal group Kakumaru that wiretaps even mobile telephone of the Prime Minister
  • Sumo champion Akebono's play in night before wedding
  • The first victim of Viagra
  • Special report: 61 years old pro-golfer Teruo Sugihara -- Cope with both cancer and trouble shot
  • The life in medical reformatory of Kobe boy who was punished as disobedience

Jul. 23, 1998 issue

  • The Upper House election under the great depression -- Can Japan change itself ?
    • A greenhorn politician Hashimoto does not understand people's mind
    • All false forecast by major newspapers
    • Don't be arrogant, Naoto Kan, your popularity was disintegrated in midair
    • Will JCP join the coalition government ?
    • Where will permanent tax cut go ?
    • If Obuchi becomes the premier, market will crush again
  • The intention of the owner of no-pan-shabushabu who exposed the list of his customers and girls at this moment
  • Challenge 2002 World Cup by a team with all immigrant players
  • Grotesque taste of Fuji television's gourmet program that cooked even Bengal tiger
  • The crisis of Japan (final) -- The bureaucracy that decides with indecisiveness
  • Mysterious switch of the MoFA's chief of North American Bureau by the pressure of China

Jul. 16, 1998 issue

  • Return ¥2.5 billion retirement allowance of former president of Japan Long-Term Credit Bank
  • The name of anti-nationalist lawmaker who hunts the stocks of banks which will accept public fund
  • An exiled woman from North Korea revealed a prostitution as a bribe to the Party executives
  • Now started to pull down of the Oishidera temple's Shohondo, the symbol of Daisaku Ikeda
  • Inside of Television looking from a peep hole (2) -- merits and demerits of the fact that 70% of programs are made by subcontracted small productions
  • The crisis of Japan (20) -- Is major media got trusted by national people ?
  • Then, was "A shot in doubt" a false report ?

Jul. 9, 1998 issue

  • The Hashimoto Cabinet must resign in a body if the voting rate of coming Upper House election be the lowest in the history
  • Kunishige Kamamoto told: "Listen Okada and Japan team members, you cannot win with children's soccer"
  • The complete record of the confusing last shareholders' meeting of Yamaichi
  • Will Windows 98 really become a hit to boost inner consumption ?
  • A deep-seated grudge of mother and daughter who killed husband and put him into concrete
  • Inside of Television looking from a peep hole (1) -- vicissitudes of newscasters
  • The crisis of Japan (19) -- A fragile national character that forgot how to fight
  • The Japan's most well functioning company "Meitech"

Weekly Asahi

Aug. 14 & 21, 1998 issue

  • A path to the collapse of Obuchi cabinet that was suggested by the appointment of 78 year old Miyazawa as Finance Minister
  • Checking the new cabinet by Terry Ito, Kenichi Omae, Masayuki Fukuoka and Eiichiro Suganuma
  • Taichi Sakaiya, the new director of EPA, talks "I'll express all of my opinion beyond the wall of bureau"
  • An accusing e-mail by former acting executive -- Quit the rotten top of Japan Long Term Credit Bank
  • The Yomiuri group's "sell Nagashima" begins
  • No wait to act against Dioxin -- a report from Germany (2) -- Amount of discharge had decreased by one hundredth in ten years
  • Traffic accident investigation -- an incredible mistake by Urawa local prosecutors office
  • The paid old-age homes are in danger -- 30 homes may become fault within a few years
  • Killing curry in Wakayama -- Who is the criminal ? Doubts beget doubts among residents

Aug. 7, 1998 issue

  • All about inside battle of LDP that elected its president Obuchi, whom nobody wanted to get the position
  • Kohei Obuchi, elder brother of Keizo Obuchi, told his secret story
  • We cannot rely on such an LDP !!
  • The list of ideal cabinet members that will save Japan
  • Journalist Soichiro Tahara asks Naoto Kan about his strategy to get the political power
  • The localism that killed PKO delegate Yutaka Akino had kept as his policy
  • The rebellion of teachers of Tokyo Science University whose presidential candidate was not approved
  • The theory of evolution of Nippon-ham Fighters that runs the top of pro baseball Pacific League
  • No wait to act against Dioxin -- a report from Germany (1) -- Our nursry schools do not use any vinyl chloride

Jul. 31, 1998 issue

  • The count down to LDP's foundering -- the confusing LDP president election
  • We want to change it, but it doesn't change
  • Something weird in the public education in Hiroshima (2) -- The irresponsible government made schools weaving about.
  • The master wire work family Kagiya's daughter and heir who makes debut under the summer sky
  • Where do students go in this sharp decrease of college circles
  • A reportage: The era when an woman loves an woman -- Lesbian bars increase !
  • Liver's mortgage -- making fund for you old age with your current house being mortgage

Jul. 24, 1998 issue

  • The big lie of "permanent tax cut" that put an end to Hashimoto cabinet
  • An exclusive confess by the owner of no-pan-shabushabu who was given a suspended sentence -- the back stage of the investigation and the list of VIP customers
  • Is it true that electromagnetic wave causes cancer ?
  • Something weird in the public education in Hiroshima -- Why teachers do not give lectures ?
  • The tripartite talk among Joji Abe, Inuhiko Yomota and Yoshiko Kamikura -- the ecstasy of an woman who took a picture with a man being in drag
  • The true potential of Japan soccer team that was exposed in the World Cup -- Nakata is the only player who can go to play in Europe
  • Another special technique to utilize postal saving -- wait two days to debit your expired savings
  • A surprising lecture application of aesthetic salon -- it looks like a credit contract, but the reality is consumer financial loan
  • A Fuji banker killed customer old couple -- This was another tragedy drawn from reluctance to lend money

Jul. 17, 1998 issue

  • The great fear of the big lenders from the Japan Long-Term Credit Bank
  • "My Stewardess Story" by 36 years veteran of Japan Air Lines
  • Elegant and intelligent World Cup report by Ryu Murakami (4) -- The power of will and desire
  • Argument on environmental hormone -- Is noodle-in-a-cup really dangerous?
  • A disorder of sexual identity -- children who are in trouble in telling whether being a male or female
  • The worst non-heated election -- forecasting the way of Upper House election by voting rate
  • A life of ex-extremist who became a doctor in his 60
  • An exclusive interview with Dr. Kahn, "the father of nuclear" of Pakistan
  • Miura acquitted in 1981 murder of his wife in LA

Jul. 10, 1998 issue

  • The great financial panic:
    • A bet of Sumitomo Credit Bank that decided to save the Japan Long-Term Credit Bank
    • LDP seeks 6.6 million voters by helping zenekon or general contractors
    • A pit fall of the "bridge bank" that lacks its human resources
    • The logic of capitalism that the Japanese Communists Party urges to protest to use tax for bankers
    • It's this one that comes after JLTCB
  • The problematic part of ex-prime minister Tomiichi Murayama's anthology of conversations that made Takako Doi mad
  • A cold-hearted immigration office that put an infant into jail on a suspect of helping illegal marriage of a Chinese woman
  • The human killing bacteria attacks Japan
  • The latest method to increase your money by postal saving with 6.4% interest
  • An exclusive interview with Kazuhiko Nishi who failed to become a Japanese Bill Gates
  • Special reports on the defeated World Cup match with Jamaica

Sunday Mainichi

Aug. 16 & 23, 1998 issue

  • The new accounting system reveals the worst 30 zenekon or general contractors
  • A complete survey of killing curry -- There is the criminal within a 500m radius
  • Super short life Obuchi cabinet will dissolve the diet in October with JLTCB problem
  • Human wide: long sticky problems
  • The first time dialogue Hiroyuki Itsuki vs Kaoru Takamura -- The religion and soul of this time
  • Truth about Kazuko Fukuda -- Love and betray learned in hell of prostitution

Aug. 9, 1998 issue

  • With Obuchi premier, the half-killing of financial firms and general contractors are continuing
  • Scoop: the real figure of "a man in Osaka" whom Kazuko Fukuda tries to keep secret for one year after her arrest
  • The king of wining and dining of BOJ became executive after a few months of cool down
  • The new accounting system makes it clear -- The regional banks which can survive and which cannot -- Western Japan version
  • The deep-stated grudge in Tokyo Science University where a holder of the Order of Cultural Merit was rejected as its president by election
  • A top secret document says that Japan Long Term Credit Bank is almost dying as expected

Aug. 2, 1998 issue

  • The new accounting system makes it clear -- The regional banks which can survive and which cannot -- Eastern Japan version
  • Obuchi ? Kajiyama ? Nakasone ? LDP is just stupid
  • If we translate the book of Prince Akishinonomiya into words of common people, ....
  • The failure of corporate pension fund -- Is the pre-payment of retirement allowance beneficial or not ?
  • Trouble of The Fukui Shimbun newspaper by the poster with a bust
  • The bonds of family -- Children oppose the marriage of their old mother
  • The university in 21st century -- Chuo University
  • What is the old men's lodging bank ?
  • Shallow idea to promote Makihara as the relief pitcher
  • The nonsense system of the "ideal wife" that exists in one third of cities and towns

Jul. 26, 1998 issue

  • The manager Okada's timid baton in the World Cup
  • First half of 1998 -- Husbands who killed their wives, and wives who killed their husbands
  • You can measure your bad breath
  • A monster film that may describe the real North Korea
  • Deceiving bankers and killing bankers
  • The bonds of family -- the position of the father that is only realized with the company
  • The university in 21st century -- Jochi (Sofia) University leads global exchange
  • The new rival story -- Kincho vs Earth
  • The financial restructuring is a jigsaw puzzle
  • The trick of Hashimoto's tax cut plan -- the poor must pay more

Jul. 19, 1998 issue

  • An 89 years old descendant-from-heaven who governs the oil development company with heavy debt
  • An increasing salaried men looking at a gorilla
  • Regret on doctors who know only their specialized field
  • A complete analysis of athlete's foot
  • The university in 21st century -- Meiji University will establish the school of life science
  • 253 companies recruit ranking by university
  • Who will take care of your parents ?
  • The new rival story -- Seven-Eleven Japan vs Lawson
  • Why such a different rating on the same program, 4% in Tokyo area while 25% in Osaka area ?
  • Mr Kazuyoshi Miura who was released after 13 years
  • The challenge of local government -- Mie prefecture succeeded in saving ¥6.8 billion
  • How to distinguish class II untrusted corporation -- maybe your company is also listed

Jul. 12, 1998 issue

  • Why don't scrap bad banks ? -- Yen depreciation doesn't stop -- Sumitomo Credit Bank mergers JLTCB
  • The national map of disaster on a great earthquake -- 32 thousands in capital area and 20 thousands in Osaka will be dead
  • You will be fool without breakfast ?
  • Where will the manager Okada go after total defeat in the World Cup ?
  • What's wrong with Nomo ?
  • The big wave of restructuring even on the 30's employee
  • Recruit ranking by university
  • The university in 21st century -- Keio University, the relay of revolution
  • The mystery of Ministry of Health and Welfare's reconsideration on drugs