Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (September to October of '98)

Weekly Bunshun

Oct. 1, 1998 issue

  • Takanohana's brainwashing is quite serious, analyzed by the counseling specialist
  • The invitation letter to the problematic seminar from Mr and Mrs TOSHI
  • The reason why the Asahi Shimbun and the Sankei Shimbun do not report the Akao family's ¥20 billion tax evasion
  • To live or not to live of 946 difficult companies by nationalization of LTCB
  • A party of 94 Minshuto lawmakers and their participants made a luxury tour to Taiwan
  • Insects that eat recombinant DNA food dies
  • Women sexual novelists evaluates Clinton's play on the report
  • 700 thousands cants and dogs are killed because of increasing irresponsible owners
  • The final report on the poison curry case -- the wife in doubt prepared even her husband's funeral !?

Sep. 24, 1998 issue

  • Mr Mori got angry about nonsense confusion on Yomiuri Giants manager Nagashima's continuing direction
  • Sumo stable master Futagoyama annoys about his son-champion Takanohana's unreasonable confidence on his chiropractor
  • Scoop: big suspicion of ¥20 billion tax evasion of Akao family, the owner of Ohbunsha,
  • There banks and those zenekon that will be cut off by the market
  • The Mainichi Shimbun's secret disposition of its writer who wiretapped the MOF
  • Music diva Namie Amuro's mother talks her secret story about her child rearing
  • The reason why actor Shintaro Katsu went down from late Kurosawa's film "Kagemusha"
  • Hey, Mr President, you did such things!
  • The biggest question of Wakayama poison curry incident -- did the wife in doubt put poison even her husband ?

Sep. 17, 1998 issue

  • Capturing the heart of the poison curry case ! The name of the charge on the X Day for the couple in doubt
  • The missile of North Korea aimed at Tokyo !
  • The sumo champion Takanohana was severely scolded by his master on his uneasy word about his brother-champion Wakanohana
  • The hidden figure of the new hero in troubled stock-dealing district Kabutocho who handles ¥70 billion
  • Is Naoto Kan betraying Kobe citizen ? by Yasuo Tanaka
  • "A French lover" found in an unpublished diary of late Shusaku Endo
  • A word of the wife of Yomiuri Giants manager Nagashima that determines his course of action
  • Special: Adieu Akira Kurosawa

Sep. 10, 1998 issue

  • The 4 scoops on poison curry
    1. So suspicious words of the couple in doubt -- ¥one million a night fraud mah-jongg parties in their house
    2. The husband in doubt drank poison by himself !?
    3. The mother of the wife in doubt, who died mysterious death, participated in the insurance fraud
    4. High tension fight between mass media vs the house in doubt
  • The missile of North Korea is equivalent to the declaration of war !
  • The bribed professor missed his ¥120 million in golf
  • The cresol weight-loss drug case -- the key of investigation is a flyer of the aesthetic salon
  • Will artists wives who are not good at cooking be divorced ?
  • September World Recession will come -- stock average goes under ¥12,000, Russia sinks altogether with world, Sumitomo Credit will postpone the merger of LTCB etc...

Weekly Shincho

Oct. 1, 1998 issue

  • Finally the hearing of the woman in doubt as suspect of poison curry murder begins
  • What's happening in the Imperial family that guards mass media
  • Is the adjustable inflation to escape from great depression really dangerous ?
  • The book accusing Okinawa governor Ohta published
  • The reason why Skymark, the half price airline, publishes a photo book of its stewardess with swimming costume
  • The worst player in the Wakanohana-Takanohana trouble is Futagoyama master
  • How was the book read written by the father of the victim of Kobe Boy murder

Sep. 24, 1998 issue

  • Exclusive: A wailing confession of the father of the victim of Kobe Boy murder (2)
  • The picture of the crime of Wakayama poison curry -- the woman on the investigation line
  • The list of hidden properties of former president of LTCB who still denies to return his retirement allowance
  • The Yomiuri's "make miracle" turnabout of the manager Nagashima's continuing direction
  • Urgent report by Yoshiko Sakurai -- the plot of MOF's tax commitment which makes use of foreign pressure
  • World wide scandal of president Clinton over the Internet

Sep. 17, 1998 issue

  • Exclusive: A wailing confession of the father of the victim of Kobe Boy murder
  • The defense formation of Japan that just looked over the North Korea's "salute" missile
  • Will the money to save LTCB also help Masao Sen who is in trouble with ¥100 billion debt ?
  • An abuse of authority by a bureaucrat of Ministry of Agriculture who traveled south island with an woman
  • An objection to the pile of praise for late Akira Kurosawa
  • A girl who caused the cresol panic
  • The way for the suspected man and woman to the crime of poison curry

Sep. 10, 1998 issue

  • The barrier that prevents from arresting the man and woman who named suspicious of poison curry by mass media
  • Slow investigation of poison case in Niigata where the target is a person in the victim company
  • Going out is hell, but staying there is also hell in LTCB
  • The pitfall of "cresol panic" in the Minato Junior High under the big boom of weight-loss among kids
  • Fuji, Tokai and Asahi -- banks whose rating were cut by Moody's under this circumstance
  • A surprising greed of former professor of Nagoya University who was arrested in suspicion of huge bribe
  • The gray business of suppression of freedom of speech exposed by former Komeito president Mr Takeiri on his memoirs

Weekly Asahi

Oct. 2, 1998 issue

  • Eight wise ways to survive this crisis
  • Read and criticize "Clinton unmoral report" by Minako Saito and Yuji Kotari
  • Financial Supervise Agency hides the banks' bad loans
  • All figures of suspects on the investigation of Wakayama poison curry case
  • The trump card of Mr Ujiie who made big turnover on the continuing management of Nagashima at Yomiuri Giants
  • Why the separate traffic lights for cars and walkers not realized ?
  • Hidekazu Nakata debuts at Italian soccer team Perugia

Sep. 25, 1998 issue

  • The retired "advisors" are the ringleaders of the decline of corporations
    • Complete analysis -- the private rooms, secretaries and corporate cars for the "advisors" of top 40 companies
  • Mourning Akira Kuosawa
  • The Yomiuri's manager -- from Nagashima to Mori ....?
  • The real figure of the mysterious chiropractor who played an important role in the break off of Wakanohana and Takanohara
  • More evil deeds of the couple in doubt of Wakayama poison curry incident
  • An elegant public offsprings life of the silver aged
  • The agony of a "good student" behind the mischief of fake cresol weight-loss drug

Sep. 18, 1998 issue

  • Nonstop poison islands:
    • Five figures behind the cruel indiscriminate murder with poison tea in Nagano
    • An important testimony that connect the couple in doubt and poison of Wakayama poison curry case
  • A list of 30 listed companies that have huge stock loss
  • The Apple's grand strategy to survive with cute iMac
  • How are the super discount insurances beneficial ?
  • The flourish of restructuring support business
  • The reportage: going the border of China and North Korea (3) -- even though national people die, the Kim Jong Il regime will survive
  • The reason why there is a possibility that North Korea and the US made a secret agreement over the missile

Sep. 11, 1998 issue

  • A black junction point of Wakayama poison curry case and fraud on insurance
  • Why? The LTCB will be saved and Japan will be ruined !
  • The mother of Yokohama High School's pitcher Matsuzaka talks -- "His powerful throw is family treasure, and tough spirit is from mother"
  • The education in Hiroshima -- an interview with a father who claims his son was "killed"
  • War in LDP seeking post Obuchi
  • The reportage: going the border of China and North Korea (2) -- the center of smuggling is Japanese used cars
  • The worst bankruptcy rush -- corporations' sudden death

Sep. 4, 1998 issue

  • Tough guys who make profits under depression -- McDoland's, Taiso Sangyo, Booms, Book Off
  • Sad "bulk sale" of major banks that sell their bad loans even one yen
  • A rookie lawmaker Atsuo Nakamura surprised "National Diet is unlawful district"
  • The fear of poison vulnerable Japan islands
  • The reportage: going the border of China and North Korea (1) -- the hell of starvation told by an exile child
  • No wait to act against Dioxin -- a report from Germany (4) -- Should we feed contaminated mother's milk ?
  • Air bombing in Afghanistan and Sudan -- The Clinton way to clear his affair
  • High school baseball -- will the champion pitch Matsuzaka overcome Egawa and Kuwata ?

Sunday Mainichi

Oct. 4, 1998 issue

  • Is your company safe ? -- The companies that will have October crisis at their financial closing
  • Confession by the victim -- from eating the arsenic food to vomiting
  • The backside reason why Finance Minister Miyazawa insists on saving LTCB
  • The "exclusively defensive" of SDF which gives priority its amakudari over North Korea's missile
  • Reproducing ancient dinner...
  • "Super translation" of immoral report "My president is so ...."
  • Takanohana becomes independent and fights with his brother Wakanohana ?
  • Cup noodles are defeated by environmental hormone
  • Decreasing 5 million life insurance contracts
  • "Continuing Nagashima" proved that Giants is just an advertising pillar of the Yomiuri Shimbun
  • The ¥12 thousands stock average will trigger the X day when security firms will collapse

Sep. 27, 1998 issue

  • The grades of the management of 98 local banks
  • It's only these three companies who will survive in the tough merchandise industry
  • A shadow of a new man in the poison curry-insurance fraud suspicion
  • Yomiuri's Nagashima goes into charging mode for the next chance ?
  • Enter the target university from a junior college
  • A riot of Takanohana attacks the Futagoyama stable
  • Was the McGwire's 62nd home run not a new record !?
  • A dirty situation of Hayamizu Furniture that was blamed of planned bankruptcy
  • The true reason why a class leader student sent fake cresol drugs
  • The bomb of LTCB -- the list of 30 big borrowers from Japan Lease

Sep. 20, 1998 issue

  • Eleven zenekon, or general contractors, are in situation of debt excess over assets; the worst 30 regional banks
  • The poison islands:
    • The Nagano case resembles closely to the poison sweet rice soup 16 years ago
    • A new fact on the Wakayama case: a list of intercourse of the couple in doubt; they collect resources for insurance payment by mah-jongg
  • The calculation of Yomiuri president Watanabe who forced Giants manager Nagashima tell his stay-or-go by himself
  • New York Mets will take away Japanese finest pitchers
  • The credibility of the Reuter's report that Kim Jong Il is an adopted child
  • The regret of a young president who killed by an arrow
  • Shochiku protested Shibamata on the construction of a statue of Torasan, a popular film character
  • "The fault of LTCB will result in panic" is a big lie

Sep. 13, 1998 issue

  • The companies who will survive and who will not by the unreasonable rescue on LTCB
  • The exclusive 4 hours interview with a couple in doubt -- the insurance and poison curry
  • Will sharp drop of ruble trigger World Panic ?
  • Can voice recognition software accept dialect ?
  • The efficiency of the "Stop smoking department" of a big hospital
  • The father of Yokohama High School's Matsuzaka talks -- "My son, who has supported me after my company's bankruptcy"

Sep. 6, 1998 issue

  • Do you still think they need help of our tax ? The list of high salary of 146 banks
  • The trouble in late Seicho Matsumoto's family exposed on the construction of memorial house
  • The tactics of government to hide bad loans that insists safety of LTCB even just before its failure
  • Does George Soloth abandon the U.S. ?
  • The Ministry of Education warned Hiroshima University that approved too many doctoral degrees
  • Yurie Nitani went queen-like service tour with Hiromi Go ?
  • How much do you pay for the Hanshin Tigers ball club ?