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Scarlatti: Stabat Mater

Music and performers
ComposerMusic TitlePerformersDurationRecording
Domenico ScarlattiStabat MaterSCL;org:Charles Spinks;vc:Marylin Sansom;bass:Keith Majoram32min. 5sec. (detail 1)1973
Alessandro ScarlattiO magnum mysteriumSCL;org:Charles Spinks;vc:Marylin Sansom;bass:Keith Majoram6min. 16sec.1973
Alessandro ScarlattiDomine, refugium factus es nobisSCL;org:Charles Spinks;vc:Marylin Sansom;bass:Keith Majoram4min. 14sec.1973

SCL: Schütz Choir of London

*Details of timing

  1. 3:15; 5:19; 4:19; 2:22; 4:13; 3:33; 9:04
Label and CD No.
DECCA: 443-868-2 (Released in 1995 = remastered)