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Brahms: Geistliche Chormusik

Music and performers
ComposerMusic TitlePerformersDurationRecording
Johannes BrahmsAve Maria, op.12SCL;org:Christopher Bowers-Broadbent4min. 32sec.1980
Johannes BrahmsMarienlieder, op.22SCL1min. 37sec.1980
Johannes BrahmsDer 13 Psalm "Herr, wie lange", op.27SCL;org:Christopher Bowers-Broadbent5min. 22sec.1980
Johannes BrahmsZwei Motetten, op.29SCL14min. 16sec. (6:28; 7:48)1980
Johannes BrahmsGeistliches Lied, op.30SCL;org:Christopher Bowers-Broadbent5min. 48sec.1980
Johannes BrahmsDrei geistliche Chöre, op.37SCL5min. 55sec. (1:28; 1:51; 2:36)1980
Johannes BrahmsZwei Motetten, op.74SCL16min. 22sec. (10:26; 5:56)1980
Johannes BrahmsFest- und Gedenksprüche, op.109SCL11min. 40sec. (2:27; 3:37; 5:36)1980
Johannes BrahmsDrei Motetten, op.110SCL8min. 34sec. (2:57; 2:03; 3:34)1980

SCL: Schütz Choir of London

Label and CD No.
Carus: 83-117 (Released in 1990 = remastered)