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Norrington's Recordings List by Composer

Edward Elgar (1857-1934)

Sir Roger Norrington's recordings on Edward Elgar are followings:

Recordings List
Music TitlePerformersRecordedCD番号
Symphony No.1 op.55 A-DurSWR1999-10-27/2993-000
Pomp and Circumstance No.1LPO1996-06-28/07-03455-147-2
Introduction and Allegro, Op. 47SWR2010-10-04/0593-191
In the South Overture, Op. 50, "Alassio"SWR2010-09-30/10-0193-191
Serenade for String Orchestra op. 20SWR2001-06-27/2993-043

About Edward Elgar

...His greatest music was, and often is, regarded as quintessentially English... But when this has been done, there is still the paradox that appreciation of Elgar was shown in the first place by immigrants or foreigners of singular discernment...

They (the Elgars) were proud to be English; they were often concerned with the little as well as the large issues of national life; but they accepted it as axiomatic that national sentiment was valueless unless it was linked to the humane tradition of European thought...

Dr. Percy M. Young - 'Elgar O.M.'

(Purnell Book Services - 1973 edition)