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Norrington's Recordings List by Composer

Ralph Vaughan-Williams (1872-1958)

Sir Roger Norrington's recordings on Ralph Vaughan-Williams are followings:

Recordings List
Music TitlePerformersRecordedCD番号
Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas TallisLPO1997-12-15/16467-047-2
Symphoniy No.2 "A London Symphony"LPO1996-11-25/27467-047-2
Symphoniy No.3 'A Pastral Symphony'LPO1997-02458-357-2
Symphoniy No.4 in F minorLPO1997-02458-658-2
Symphoniy No.5 in D majorLPO1996-11458-357-2
Symphoniy No.6 in E minorLPO1997-12458-658-2
Symphony No.6 in E minor2005-04-10/11ELS04-656
Seredade to MusicLPO;sop;Lisa Milne;etc1996-06-28/07-03455-147-2
Seredade to MusicLPO;sop;Lisa Milne;etc1996-06-28/07-03467-047-2

About Ralph Vaughan-Williams

Vaughan Williams is arguably the greatest composer Britain has seen since the days of Henry Purcell. In a long and extensive career, he composed music notable for its power, nobility and expressiveness, representing, perhaps, the essence of 'Englishness'.

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