Namespace for RDF representation of NDLSH


This is a namespace to express NDLSH (Nationatl Diet Library Subject Heading) as RDF. You can search subject headings with the above form.

Some examples of Subject URI in this namespace:

The result will be returned as RDF/XML, with XHTML presentation via XSLT for Web browsers.

and CSS.
This is The Web KANZAKI . Modeling and query program ©2006-2009 by MK, base data is provided by National Diet Library of Japan. 国立国会図書館件名標目(NDLSH)2008年度版のデータに基づいて件名標目の検索、RDF/XML表現を試みています。
Status: Query program original 2006-09-12; ver. 0.86, revised 2009-06-12, Exp