Date/Time Stamp

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Basic Definition

Property Name
The property indicates the date/time that the instance of the iCalendar object was created.
Value Type
Property Parameters
Non-standard property parameters can be specified on this property.
This property MUST be included in the "VEVENT", "VTODO", "VJOURNAL" or "VFREEBUSY" calendar components.


The value MUST be specified in the UTC time format.

This property is also useful to protocols such as [IMIP] that have inherent latency issues with the delivery of content. This property will assist in the proper sequencing of messages containing iCalendar objects.

This property is different than the "CREATED" and "LAST-MODIFIED" properties. These two properties are used to specify when the particular calendar data in the calendar store was created and last modified. This is different than when the iCalendar object representation of the calendar service information was created or last modified.

Format Definition

The property is defined by the following notation:

  dtstamp    = "DTSTAMP" stmparam ":" date-time CRLF

  stmparam   = *(";" xparam)