masaka as myself

Well, masaka is a foaf:nick of the author of this site, as user name in some IRCs, or Web services. Though it may be obvious why I'm masaka, here are some backgrounds.


masaka as abbreviation
  1. It is so labeled simply because my name is Masahide Kanzaki.
  2. Another reading is: Masahide is also known as masaka.
  3. According to The Cyborg Name Generator, M.A.S.A.K.A. is "Mechanical Artificial Sabotage and Accurate Killing Android"... heh ;-)
  4. AIEEE calls masaka as "Micro-Analog Structured Access Kernel Architecture".
masaka means
I like this nick also because 'masaka' means 'incredible', 'by no means' in Japanese (See online J-E dictionary entry).
masaka as id
It's natural to use masaka as an ID for an online service, such as (this is not an email address. Do not spam). But it is not always possible to choose masaka as my id since others already occupied it (See next).
(As identifilers, I use both PURI as well as urn:pin:MK705)

Some palces where I use masaka as username incude:

See micro collection for recent posts.

Other masaka related information

There are many Masaka's not only in Japan, but around the World. The author of this site, masaka, has nothing to do with following Masaka's.

In Japan

masaka by others
Some other people seem to use 'masaka' as their user/handle names, because this string appears in such common Japanese name as 'Masakazu'. Please be warned it may not be wise to conclude a masaka is me unless some other identifiers or context ensure the inference.
Masaka-ikura-nandemo Sushi
A brand of an ekiben (station lunch box) in Niigata. Masaka stands for masu (trout), sake (salmon), kani (crab) and ikura is salmon roe, thus this is a luxury sea food rich susih bento. Google search results for this bento.
Masaka Castle
The Castle Masaka was built in 1133 (at the end of Heian era) in Ibaraki. See Google search results for this castle.
Masaka Trading Co., Ltd holds this domain (seems to be taken over by other company). It's not me.
Masaka Corporation holds this domain (disappeared?). It's not me.

Around the World

masaka in Malagasy
In Malagasy (language spoken in Madagascar), 'masaka' means 'ripe', 'matured', I think. A Malagasy phrase 'Masaka ny sakafo' is 'Food is prepared' in English. See Google search results for Malagasy + masaka. Also, a poésie titled MASAKA.
Masaka, Uganda
Masaka is a town of about 70,000 people situated in Uganda about 80 miles south of Kampala. It is about 30 miles south of the Equator (masaka on MapQuest). See Masaka Organizations Online for more information.
The Malayang Samahang Magsasaka (MASAKA), a peasant organization, was established in 1964 in Philippine. It brought new life to the peasant movement in Central Luzon and in Southern Tagalog provinces.
masaka masaka
Indian pop singer Smita sings a remixed old Telugu music "masaka masaka" (released 2003). I'm not sure what the song verse means...
Masaka Designs in Jamaica holds this domain. It's not me.