Some Statistical Summary 2000

Thank you for visiting The Web KANZAKI. This site enjoys international access from about a hundred different countries, and visitors use variety of browsers.


By browser (user agent)

IE3=9%; IE4=23%; IE5=37%; NN3=1%; NN4=25%; etc. According to some 18 thousands samples in some days of February 2000, about 70% uses Internet Explorer and 25% Netscape Navigator, while someone uses Lynx, WWWC, and even "WebTV". Interesting change from the result in 1998. This might help what kind of browser you must have in mind when you write your HTML with device independent manner.


By country (top domain)

jp=54%; IP=20%; com=10%; net=6%; edu=3%; others=7% This is accumulated country by country access summary to The Web KANZAKI from Dec. 1995 to February 2000. Roughly, Japanese visitors and foreign ones are half and half. US access consists of 20%.

1995年12月から2000年2月までの累計で、約660万アクセス、約130カ国(トップドメイン)からの訪問があります。そのうち半分強は日本、2割はアメリカです(IP Onlyは204.2.10.8のようにIPアドレスのみ記録されて、ドメインが不明のもの)。