Backnumber of Headlines from Weekly Magazines

Unofficial translation of headlines from some Japanese major weelky magazines. (April to May of '96)

Weekly Bunshun

May 30, 1996 issue

  • The intrigue in Korea of "smashing out Japan" for 2002 World Cup Soccer and president Kim
  • New fact in San Diego shooting -- the house that professor Saito co-owned with former lady secretary
  • Toyoko Yamazaki talks about her best selling "Daichi-no-ko (Children of the Earth)"
  • The reason why Yumi, a junior high girl, sells her body...
  • A sequela of Hashimoto's begging Soka Gakkai just for local election
  • An assassination plot in China
  • The success stories of young exectives in Honda motors -- eleven out of 33 exectives are in their 40s

May 23, 1996 issue

  • Mr Sasaki, the king borrower from Jusen, reveals all scandals of PM Hashimoto, LDP Secretary General Kato and a TBS executive
  • Seven bullets that killed professor Saito and his daughter in San Diego
  • An interview with Mr Mieno, foremer chaiman of the Bank of Japan -- "As it turns out, I should admit to have helped the bubble economy of Japan"
  • Junior high school girls who I met at the "dating club"
  • The 2002 World Cup co-host with Korea is a dangerous pitfall -- background story of invitation race of the soccer spectacle
  • Uneasy situation of Mr Shigeru Okada, the chairman of Toei film company

May 16, 1996 issue

  • Etsuo Ono, who used to be the hero of the false charge case, now turned to be the suspect of child abuse, and a woman's head and a saw were found in his back yard! -- his comrade at the prison told about his secrets
  • The North Korean high ranked fugitive writes about the Super K, or the couterfeit dollar bills.
  • A journalst and a critic talked over the "lower part of the body" of the MOF -- mean bureaucrats will destroy the nation
  • Is the Kansai Airport plagiarism ? An Italian architect sued Mr. Piano who designed the airport and many other famous buildings around the world.

May 2 and 9, 1996 issue

  • Shoko Asahara's plan to take over Japan -- Akiko Egawa, the journalist who has traced Aum issue, writes about the idea of the guru
  • The confession of the last naropa of Aum Shinrikyo
  • Another money related suspicion against the director of news division of TBS
  • The surprising mode of life of high school and junior high school girls
  • Special conversation of two best sellers' authors, Takashi Tachibana and Yukio Noguchi -- "Super" method of study and "Super" method of readings
  • Question about "simultaneous" death of two Sumo masters who have criticized got-up affairs
  • Special report: the 17 scandalous ladies

Apr. 25, 1996 issue

  • Unbelievable wrong "scoop" of the Asahi Shimbun which reported that unpublished manuscripts of late novelist Yukio Mishima had been found -- many of them were already public and well known among scholars
  • Failed coupe d'etat of Ichiro Osawa who had aimed the turn over taking advantage of fight between Kato and Kajiyama within LDP
  • Matsuda Mortors' anxiety of a mass discharge -- the new president from Ford is famous for severe restructuring operation
  • A special report from the U.S. -- unabomber's life of rebellion

Apr. 18, 1996 issue

  • Three guilty officials at TBS who shelved the information of Hayakawa's memorandom which revealed the truth
  • A secret phone call from the office of Koichi Kato, LDP secretary general, to North Korea's Japan specialist
  • Yukio Hatoyama and Hajime Funada talked about their plan for new party -- could it be the final weapon of political restructure?
  • The Shonen Magazine (4 million copies) chases The Shonen Jump (6 million) very hard -- a dead heat among young men's comic giants

Apr. 11, 1996 issue

  • A personal note of foremer newscaster of TBS -- what do they think when it is called as "killer wave"
  • Counterfeit dollar bills that hijacker Tanaka has lavished around the world -- a connection with North Korea
  • Complete list of inheritance of late Shin Kanemaru which is said to be worth several billion yen
  • 1800 of gold bullion which were found in the mountain of Philippines -- are they the hidden treasure of the Japan Army in World Wor II?

Apr. 4, 1996 issue

  • Aum scandal at TBS -- leak out of criminal investigation which Aoyama (an Aum lawyer) put on his note
    • a bad reputation of fired producer who showed the video tape to Aum
    • panic among employees -- will the company disappeat?
  • Bubbuly 50 years of foremer chairman of Cosmo Credit Union, Mr Sanpachi Taido -- money, women and religion
  • The BSE, or mad cow disease, could be the next AIDS
  • Ichiro Ozawa unveils first time his real thinking at his book "Kataru (Talking)" which will be published in late April -- he doesn't fear Soka-gakkai -- all about the secret talks between Ozawa and Takeshita, Ozawa and Hosokawa -- he cried overnight whe he read Nogiku-no-haka
  • The intention of MOF which forced president of IBJ Hiroshi Kurosawa to resign

Weekly Shincho

May 30, 1996 issue

  • An unreserved talk of Shoko Asahara at verdication against the Anti-Subversive Activities Law which made ex-believers so angry
  • Tracing human-rights lawyers who helped Etsuo Ono to be not guilty
  • Hidden life of hijackers' wives in Japan were almost free pass ....
  • Dangerous point of high rising Tokyo Stock Exchange where the organized investors do not gamble
  • Another suspect of AIDS by medicine, Dr Yuichi Shiokawa
  • The career and family of 21 women students who are employed at the cabaret in Ginza

May 23, 1996 issue

  • We must learn from New Zealand -- the nation with 240 trillion yen's bond balance should ask how they succeeded in the government restructuring
  • The trouble around the exhibition at Nagasaki's Museum of Atomic Bomb which shows the pictures and videos of Japan Army's World War II massacre in China -- many of them turned out to be sham
  • Life of nine Japanese highjackers in North Korea
  • Mystery of shooting professor Saito in San Diego
  • Chapatsu, or brown colored hair, and an accident in a joniour high school's entrance ceremony -- problems in current education systems

May 16, 1996 issue

  • Soka-gakkai's letter to the high MoFA official that requested to treat Mr Taisaku Ikeda, its honorary chairman, as the special guest for diplomacy when he visited the South East Asia.
  • It may take 20 years to complete Shoko Asahiara's trial
  • The judge who was obsessed by the "not guilty" sentence and the lawyer who claimed to be the guard of the civil rights, they left the crazy murderer Etsuo Ono do as he liked
  • A journalist reveals the truth of nine highjackers of airplane "Yodo" after 26 years
  • Professor Abe and the president of Midori Juji will be arrested for the HIV caused by medicine
  • Foreign securities gain 8% interest while pensioners suffer from super low domestic interest rates

May 2 and 9, 1996 issue

  • Wide special: rumor and truth
    • Those who were afraid of Shoko Asahiara's command from prison
    • Four sweethearts of the president of Sueno Kosan who was just arrested
    • Professor Mizoue who will take the chairman of the association to judge and predict the earthquake
    • The sensation of UK newspaper's report that warned the danger of cellular phones
    • The view that North Korea will attack South Korea in May due to its serious food shortage
    • How will TBS treat the Asahara's trial?
    • etc...

Apr. 25, 1996 issue

  • The four incompetent associates of Ichiro Osawa who made Jusen Diet so dull
  • Unexpected list of 220 invited guests to lunch with Clinton in Tokyo
  • No TV station may scorn TBS -- large number of biased reports on AUM were aired because they wanted to gain the rating
  • Benefits that Dr Abe had gained from AIDS problem
  • Surprising "no company funeral" for late chairman of Seiyu, Mr. Takaoka -- what happens in Saison group?

Apr. 18, 1996 issue

  • A wild rumor about Prince Akishino-no-miya who will skip the imperial dinner with US president Clinton due to his private visit to Thailand for research of catfish
  • A question about TV Asahi's scoop of "Yamashita Treasure", or hidden riches of Japan Imperial Army in Philippine.
  • Doubt! Fake in giant banks' announcement of their restructureing plan
  • Does Japanese government abandon Takeshima island which is occupied by Korea? -- a far right group tried to land on the mother country's territory...

Apr. 11, 1996 issue

  • The dangerous job of hijackers who stay in North Korea and seem to be controlled by the nation
  • The real story of trial against Dentsu which is accused to have forced its employee to work so hard that he committed suicide -- Dentsu appealed against the sentence that ordered to pay 120 million yen
  • Un-understandable silence about TBS scandal -- the president does not resign, no effective official punishment but just apology
  • The future of Aum believers who will be ejected from the association's accomodation due to the decralation of bankruptcy against it
  • Use the Internet or you will be obsolete ... is that true?

Apr. 4, 1996 issue

  • Big pressure of 80 trillion yen liquidation of "non-bank" financial firms which will follow the IBJ and Sanwa Bank's turning to deficit
  • There is more - the Aoyama's memorandom - which reveals another scandal of TBS though it just admitted the Aum leader Hayakawa's testimony
  • Akiko Egawa's acclaimed Aum report which earned grudge of the mother of murdered attorney Mr. Sakamoto.
  • The truth of anonymous insider paper which accused Midori-Juji's unsolved case

Weekly Asahi

May 31, 1996 issue

  • Exclusive: a confession of the boss of the Pachinko pre-paid card forgery group -- the dark side of the 30 trillion yen industry
  • What is the "BOOCS Diet" method at Kyushu University? -- you will get 3 kilogram less weight in three months even you eat as much as you like!
  • Suspicious action for 2002 World Cup Soccer co-host with Korea
  • Internet rhapsody in '97 recruiting front -- both companies and students advertise themselves on their homepages
  • A stupid "sermon" of Shoko Asahara from Tokyo prison -- check his verdication against the Anti-Subversive Activities Law
  • Behind the foreign money that buys Japanese stocks -- more than 8 trillion yen in last two years
  • Forecasting the price of bargaining premium class land of foremer Japan National Railway
  • A pitfall of "guaranteed" Everest tour -- a climber Ms Namba's disaster

May 24, 1996 issue

  • The four months cohabitation of Etsuo Ono, the hero of the false charge case, and the murdered woman whose corpse was found without her head
  • The Hashimoto family's method to overcome the scandal with a Chinese lady
  • "The reason why I resigned from the Asia Peace National Fund for Women", told Mutsuko Miki, the wife of late foremer PM Takeo Miki.
  • There was a civilization in Jomon era of Japan which paralleled the China's ancient civilization -- excavation in Aomori unveiled the new aspect of pre-historic Japan
  • The rebellion of shareholders terrifies Nihon Jutaku Kin-yu, the largest Jusen company
  • Questions on the train interference troubles against JR East which have happened more than 30 times in the last month

May 10 and 17, 1996 issue

  • The hell of Shoko Asahara that began with cockroach hunting
  • Wide special -- the story of Aum people since then
  • Does "personal investment club" really contribute to your profit? -- many clubs emerging because of high stock prices
  • Professor Abe's ability of fund raising that had been appreciated much more than his research of HIV
  • Noise about restructuring at Waseda University where income of professors above age 65 will be cut 30%
  • Late Ryotaro Shiba talked about Japan -- the sorrow of Soseki Natsume

May 3, 1996 issue

  • 100 million yen and post which MHW spent in order to hide its AIDS failure
  • Shoko Asahara's secret orders from prison -- how did he send his messages and did they affect his followeres?
  • Another scandal of TBS -- full of fake in its documentary-like program on ESP
  • Does the possibility of Yomiuri Giants (popular professional baseball team) victory go away ? But it's just the beginning of the season...

Apr. 26, 1996 issue

  • The X-Day of Naoto Kan, Health and Welfare Minister, who yelled for Hatoyama and Funada's new party plan.
  • Mitsubishi Motors America's unprecedented sexual harassment
  • The destiny of Matsuda Motors which was acquired by Ford
  • Languid atomosphere among TBS employee who were denounced by Soichiro Tahara, the newscaster of the rival TV station

Apr. 19, 1996 issue

  • Scoop! TBS had neglected the warning from Tokyo Prosecutors Office
  • A state of emergency in North Korea which appeares behind the hijacker and counterfeit dollar bills
  • A bog of Ministry of Health and Welfare -- more and more hidden HIV related files are found and they wouldn't disclose them
  • All about the Hatoyama - Funada meeting on March 26 -- two hopes for future PM announced the plan of new party

Apr. 12, 1996 issue

  • Does Mr Isobe deserve to be the president of TBS, which finally admitted to have shown its vidotape to Aum ?
  • Another scandal of TBS -- NFP said that its top official had been concerned to LDP secretary-general Kato's suspicious donation
  • The last words of late godfather Shin Kanemaru -- a grudge against "that man".
  • The reasons why we cannot assert that Japan is safe from BSE, or mad cow disease

Apr. 5, 1996 issue

  • The deadlock of the prediction of giant earthquake -- Mr Mogi, who will quit the chairman of official association of earthquake prediction, told the disagreement with the Meteorological Agency over the prediction policy
  • The strongest bureaucrat Jiro Saito, foremer MOF vice-minister, has hard time to find next job because of national critisism on influential appointment from above.
  • Unsatisfactory "final" report on medicine-caused AIDS by MHW
  • Ask communist party about "right" politics -- only JCP makes a sound argument in the confused Japanese congress

Sunday Mainichi

May 26, 1996 issue

  • The case which the supporters of Etsuo Ono regret for
  • Abe or Shiokawa? The "intended resposibility" of two bosses of the AIDS policy
  • The young new presidents in their 50s who outran their seniors, and the beginning short term presidency
  • The marking list of directors of professional baseball teams for the first one and a half month
  • The first official standars for sexual harassment which was presented by Osaka local court

May 12 and 19, 1996 issue

  • Scoop -- the back of Shoko Asahara of which he would never speak even he died
  • Yukio Hatoyama's declaration of new party
  • Makiko Tanaka talks -- do you think Japan's bureaucracy OK?
  • Dangerous pitfall of "Diet boom"
  • How to distinguish your disease from cancer with subjective symptoms and inspection

May 5, 1996 issue

  • The new era for the Seiho, or life insurance companies by the amendments on the industry law which gives foreign companies more opportunities.
  • The basis of rumor that Funada will not run next election from NFP.
  • Disappointments of big names who could not be confered decorations because of Jusen and money without account scandals
  • A secret agreement between the Environment Agency and the Minstry of Health and Welfare on large building in central Chiyoda district of Tokyo -- does minister Kan overlook this issue?

Apr. 28, 1996 issue

  • An exclusive interview with Tetsuya Chikushi, the popular newscaster of TBS -- will you quit TBS?
  • Rice aid, counterfeit dollar bills and contraband of chemicals -- piled question on North Korea and Koich Kato, LDP secretary general's connection
  • Refutations against "wide-show" TV programs bashing from producers -- it's not a problem only for wide-shows
  • The evaluation list of 97 local banks by an analyst of foreign security firm -- which would be then next Taiheiyo Bank that went banckrupt last month?

Apr. 21, 1996 issue

  • It was not only TBS, but all "wide-show" programs of other stations were also trifled with by Aum
  • Hey TBS! Do you hear these voices from newscasters, the labor union leader and a professor?
  • Ryuhei Kawata, a young HIV victim who has lead the protesting action against MHW, talks -- the fight does not come to an end yet
  • The ranking of major banks -- half of them will be disappeared within this century

Apr. 14, 1996 issue

  • "TBS had died." -- what have TBS people thought and done during 20 days nightmare from its official announcement denying the scandal to press conference when the president admitted it
  • Just on time! -- those who claim to be deceived by TV mysterious treatment filed NTV which first revealed TBS scandal -- the deep problem of TV world
  • "Shin Kanamaru and his era" by Takao Iwami
  • Japan Soccer Association expects to invite 2001 World Cup to Japan even the team was defeated by Korean team in Olympic preliminary match

Apr. 7, 1996 issue

  • The resignation of Mogi as chaiman of earthquake prediction association unveiles the comming fear of Tokai Earthquake
  • Ozawa-Hashimoto top meeting and anticipated dissolution-general election
  • The big names who were shed the light by the ciriminal investigation on the collapsed credit unions
  • Unknown "forces" of Taiwan which challenges the superpower China
  • The (seventh) list of those who passed entrance exam of famous colleges / universities ...