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Brahms: Symphonies No.3/No.4

Music and performers
ComposerMusic TitlePerformersDurationRecording
Johannes BrahmsSymphoie Nr.3 F-dur, op.90LCP33min. 59sec. (11:18; 8:32; 5:42; 8:27)1995-05
Johannes BrahmsSymphoie Nr.4 e-moll, op.98LCP38min. 41sec. (12:08; 10:24; 6:19; 9:50)1995-05

LCP: The London Classical Players

The Orchestra Size (from member list)
Str:10-10-7-6-6; Fl:2; Ob:3; Cl:2; Bsn:2; Cbsn:1; Hr:6; Tp:2; Tb:3; Timp:1; Per:1
Label and CD No.
EMI: 5-56118-2 (Released in 1996)
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