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Norrington's Recordings List by Composer

Joseph Haydn (1732-1809)

Sir Roger Norrington's recordings on Joseph Haydn are followings:

Recordings List
Music TitlePerformersRecordedCD番号
Adasio cantabile in G for Cello and String Orchestra (from Symphony No.13:II)vc:Steven Isserlis;The Chamber Orchestra of Europe1996-026-85782-2
Die Jahreszeiten (The Seasons), Hob. XXI:3Chamber Orchestra of Europe1991-09PH07076
Die Schopfung (The Creation), Hob. XXI:2Chamber Orchestra of Europe1990-05PH07074
Overture to an English Opera ("Overture Covent Garden")LCP1993-085-55192-2
Cello Concerto in C H.VIIb:1vc:Steven Isserlis;The Chamber Orchestra of Europe1996-026-85782-2
Cello Concerto in D H.VIIb:2vc:Steven Isserlis;The Chamber Orchestra of Europe1996-026-85782-2
Symphony No.100 in G, "Military"LCP1993-085-55192-2
Symphony No.101 in D, "Clock"LCP1993-045-55111-2
Symphony No.102 in B flatLCP1993-045-55111-2
Symphony No.103 in E flat, "Drum Roll"LCP1993-115-55002-2
Symphony No.104 in D, "London"LCP1993-115-55002-2
Symphony D-Dur Hob.I/104 "London"SWR1999-09-29/10-0193-011
Symphony No.99 in E flatLCP1993-085-55192-2
Symphony No. 100 in G major, "Military"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No.101 in D Major "The Clock"SWR2008-10-23/2493-904
Symphony No. 101 in D major, "The Clock"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 102 in B flat majorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 103 in E flat major, "Drumroll"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 104 in D major, "London"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No.1 in D MajorSWR2008-10-23/2493-904
Symphony No. 93 in D majorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 94 in G major, "The Surprise"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 95 in C minorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No.96 in D Major "The Miracle"SWR2008-10-23/2493-904
Symphony No. 96 in D major, "The Miracle"SWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 97 in C majorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 98 in B flat majorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Symphony No. 99 in E flat majorSWR2009-09-07/1293-252
Sinfonia concertante in B-Flat for Violin, Cello, Oboe and Bassoonvn:Marieke Blankestijn;vc:Steven Isserlis;ob:Douglas Boyd;fg:Matthew Wilkie;The Chamber Orchestra of Europe1996-026-85782-2