Linked Data Browser


This browser will fetch RDF source from specified URI, and describe its graph as tables, where object URIs will be hyper links via this browser so that you will be able to follow your nose. See an explanation.

URI set nest level

Some Linked Data Exampels


位置情報関連データ Geo related data


さまざまなLinked Data

Other Linked Data Browsers

An explanation


"set nest level" controls how far the related resources to be put into the parent table (default is 2). RDF List is represented in one table, rather than nested rdf:rest. Tables of source URI and primary topic resources will be highlighted by different color scheme. Repeated property values will be folded (can be toggled).

Format is detected from response header. You can force format interpretation by t parameter with a value of turtle, rdfxml. jsonld or microdata. Use rt parameter if you want to force request with specific accept header.

URIs will be shown as links with this browser. button will merge new URI graph, with button if it looks non RDF. Visualization button will be provided at the bottom of each table, as long as the data size is not too big as a figure (roughly less than 300 triples).