About Snorql for Japan Searchについて

ジャパンサーチJPS)で提供するブラウザ用SPARQLインターフェイスSnorql for Japan Search)は、Richard CyganaikD2R用に開発し、kurtjxがGitHubで公開しているSnorqlに、Linked Data Browserの一部機能を移植して拡張したJavaScriptツールです。次のような機能を備えています。

Snorql for Japan Search (JPS) is an extended version of Snorql, which was originally developed by Richard Cyganaik for D2R, and maintained in GitHub by kurtjx. The extensions include some functions from Linked Data Browser.



Request with format json|xml are redirected to the standard endpoint. Use this standard URI from your application (except EasySPARQL query).

If you need a specific format of RDF (not HTML view), request the record URI with Accept header or URI + extension (ttl, rdf, json[ld] for Turtle, RDF/XML, JSON-LD respectively).